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Families covered: Bullock of Aberfield (Erburghfeld), Bullock of Faulkbourn, Bullock of Loftes, Bullock of Wigborough

Osmund Bulloc of Edbergefeld, Berkshire (a 1166, 1190) probably father of ...
1. Richard Bulloc of Edbergefeld (a 1222)
  A. Gilbert Bulloc of Edbergefeld & Sunning (Sonning) (a 1250)
i. Robert Bullok of Erburghfeld (a 1331)
  a. Gilbert Bullock of Herburghfield
  m. Anne (Agnes) Nevill (dau of Thomas Nevill of Barkham)
  (1) Robert Bullock of Herburghfield, Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire (d 1405)
  m. Margaret Foxley (dau of Sir John Foxley of Bray & Bramshill by Matilda, dau of Sir John Brocas)
(A) Thomas Bullock of Aberfield (a 1464)
  m. Alice Yeading (dau of William Yeading of Yeading)
  (i) Robert Bullock of Aberfield (a 1478)
  m. Ellenor
  (a) Gilbert Bullock of Aberfield (d 1500)
m. Margaret or Mary Norris (d c1512, dau of Sir William Norris of Bray & Yettenden)
  ((1)) Thomas Bullock of Aberfield (d 1558) - continued below
  m1. Alice Kingsmill (dau of Sir John Kingsmill, judge)
  m2. Agnes
  ((2)) Christopher Bullock 'of Arberfeld, Buckinghamshire'
  m. Bridget Puttenham (dau of Sir George Puttenham of Hampshire)
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas, Anis
  ((3)) Alys Bullock
  m. William Spencer of Hampshire
  ((A))+ issue - Gilbert, Thomas, William, George
  ((4)) Anne Bullock
  m1. John Bee of Basingstoke
  m2. Olyver Oglaunder of the Isle of Wight
  ((A))+ issue - George, Edward
  ((5)) Anis Bullock
  m1. Christopher Belingham
  m2. Robert Vernty of Buckinghamshire
  ((6)) Elienor Bullock
  m. Richard Garret of Shynnyngfield, Berkshire
  (ii) John Bullock of Yeading
  m. Thomasine (a 1491)
  (iii)+ other issue
  b. Robert Bullock
  (1) Robert Bullock
  (A) Margaret Bullock shown by some sources as daughter of the above Robert by Margaret Foxley
  m. John Harington



Thomas Bullock of Aberfield (d 1558) - continued above
m1. Alice Kingsmill (dau of Sir John Kingsmill, judge)
1. Richard Bullock of Aberfield (d c1570)
  m. Alice Berrington (dau of William Berrington of Reading)
  A. Thomas Bullock of Aberfield, Sheriff of Berkshire (b 1546, d c1595)
  m. Dorothy (m2. Richard Wollascot)
  B.+ other issue - Richard, William, Edward, Robert, Elizabeth, Bridget
2. George Bullock of Uckfield, Berkshire (3rd son)
  m. Alyce Butler (dau of John Butler of Reading)
  A.+ issue - Thomas, Edward, Bridgett
3. William Bullock of Stratfield Mortimer, Berkshire (a 1565, 5th son)
  m1. Jane Alright (dau of Matthew Alright of Hurst)
  A. Thomas Bullock
  m2. Elizabeth Lane (dau of John Lane of Stratfield Mortimer)
  B. George Bullock
  m3. Elizabeth Bellet (dau of John Bellet or Bellot or Billet of Moreton by Elizabeth Moreton of Moreton)
C. John Bullock of Mulsham, Wigborough Magna, Loftes (Essex), etc. (bur 1595)
  m. Anne (d 20.01.1615)
  i. Edward Bullock of Wigborough & Loftes (d 10.02.1596)
  m1. Joan Collen (dau of John Collen of High Laver)
  a. Sir Edward Bullock of Loftes & Faulkbourn or Falkborne Hall (d 1644)
  m. Elizabeth Wyld (b c1580, d 1644, dau of Thomas Wyld of Glazely Hall & Kemsey, sister of Sir Edmund)
  (1) Edward Bullock of Faulkbourn (a 1612)
  m. Mary de Grey (d 1644, dau of Sir William de Grey of Merton)
(A) Edward Bullock of Faulkbourn (d 1671)
  m. Elizabeth Bolton (dau of William Bolton of Ullenhall)
  (i) Edward Bullock of Faulkbourn, Sheriff of Essex (b 1663, d 1705)
  m1. Elizabeth Guyon (dau of Sir Mark Guyon of Dynes Hall)
  (a) Elizabeth Bullock
  m2. Mary Child (d c1742, dau of Sir Josiah Child, Bart of Wanstead)
  (b) Joseph Bullock of Faulkbourn & London (b 03.10.1697, d 1752, 2nd son)
  m. Hannah Cooke (b c1695, d 1783, dau of Sir Thomas Cooke)
  ((1)) Edward Bullock (b 25.04.1728, d infant)
  ((2)) John Bullock of Faulkbourn, Sheriff of Essex (b 31.12.1731, dsp 28.12.1809, Lt. Col.)
  m. (1763) Elizabeth Lant (d 03.05.1793, dau of Robert Lant of Putney)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Bullock (b 01.08.1725, d 1763)
  m. Jonathan Watson of Ringshall (d 1803)
  ((A)) Jonathan Josiah Christopher Watson, later Bullock of Faulkbourn (b 03.02.1749, d 22.01.1832)
  m. Juliana Elizabeth Thomas (d 1829, dau of Anicetus Thomas of Chelsea, step-nice of Elizabeth Lant (Mrs. Bullock))
  ((i)) Jonathan Bullock of Faulkbourn or Folkborne, Sheriff of Essex (b 19.10.1773, d 29.09.1860) had issue
  m. (04.1811) Margaret Downes (dau of Rev. Andrew Downes, son of Bishop of Raphoe)
  ((ii)) John Bullock (rector of Radwinter & Falkborne)
  m. Mary Roberts Watkinson (dau of Robert Watkinson of Dedham)
  ((iii)) Charles Bullock (b 05.08.1782)
  m. Harriet Lowe (dau of Thomas Lowe of Court of Hill)
  ((iv)) Henry Robert Bullock (Major)
  m. Charlotte Hall (dau of John Hall of Weston Colvlle)
  ((v)) Juliana Elizabeth Emma Bullock
  m. Rev. William Clay
  ((vi)) Elizabeth Lant Bullock
  m. Christopher George Watson
  ((vii))+ other issue - Edward (b 1783, d 1798), St. George (d infant), Henry (d infant), Edward (d infant), Edward (d infant), Emma (b 26.01.1777, d 03.07.1813), Matilda Virginia (b 02.03.1787, d 04.03.1803), Mary Ann (b 25.03.1791, d 09.1814)
  ((B)) Christopher Watson (b 1753, d 06.1835, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Catherine Mariam
  ((C)) John Watson (d 30.11.1818, rector of Falkborne)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Watson (d 12.1830)
  m. James Wormley
  ((E)) Mary Watson
  m. _ Henley of Rendlesham
  (c)+ other issue - Edward (b 22.09.1695), John (b 25.02.1698-9), Richard (b 16.08.1701), John (b 14.06.1703), Mary (b 06.07.1694), Elizabeth (d infant), Emma
  (ii) John Bullock of Coggeshall, Essex (5th son)
  m. Rachel Guyon (dau of Sir Mark Guyon of Dynes Hall)
  (iii) Elizabeth Bullock (d 1694)
  m. Mordant Crachrode
  (iv) Barbara Bullock
  m. George Abbot (son of George of Hundell (?) & Whitwood)
  (v)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), George (dsp), William (dsp), Dorothy (a 1694)
  (B) Barbara Bullock
  m. Hamon L'Estrange of Barton Mere
  (C)+ other issue (d young) - Robert, William
  b.+ other issue
  m2. Bridget (d 1608, m2. Thomas Milborne?)
  ii. Henry Bullock of Wigborough (d 13.06.1609)
  m. Anne (m2. Edward Marsh)
  a. Henry Bullock (dsp 24.11.1628)
  D. Andrew Bullock of London (4th son of this marriage)
  The following comes from Berry and Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Bullock of Thornborough').
  m. Joan Vernon (dau of Ralph Vernon of the Peak by dau of John Ridley of Broadash)
  i. Thomas Bullock of Thorneborough, Buckinghamshire (2nd son)
  m. Agnes Symons (dau of Edmund Symons or Simeon of Pyrton)
  a. Edmond or Edward Bullock of Thorneborough had issue
  b.+ other issue - Matilda (Maud), Ann
  ii.+ other issue - Walter, Thomas, Joan, Mary, Agnes
  E.+ other issue - Robert, William, Thomas, Alice, Elianor
4. Gilbert Bullock of of Stratfield Mortimer
  m1. Philippa Eliott (dau of Thomas Elliott of Bray)
  A. Richard Bullock
  m2. Elizabeth Lame (dau of John Lame of Stratton Mortimer)
  B. George Bullock
5. Margaret Bullock
  m. John Malthowse of Bynfelde
6. Dorothy Bullock
  m. Francis Bowthe of Reading
7. Elianor Bullock
  m. _ Segre of Reading
8. Alyce Bullock
  m. Thomas Noke of Shinfield
9.+ other issue - Thomas, John, Gregory, Margery (dsp), Jane
m2. Agnes

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Parker (formerly Bullock) of Radwinter formerly of Faulkbourn'), Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1878, 'Bullock') with some support/input from Visitation (Berkshire, 1523+1566, 'Bullock of Arborfield/Arberfield')
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