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Families covered: Wylde of Astwood, Wylde of The Commandery (Commanders), Wylde of Droitwich, Wyld of the Ford, Wylde of Glasely, Wyld of Kempsey, Wylde of Worcester
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Simon Wyld of the Ford in Dodderhill,Worcerstershire
1. John Wyld of the Ford
  A. William Wyld of the Ford (d by 1576)
  i. Robert Wyld
a. John Wyld
2. Thomas Wyld of The Commanders or The Commandery in Worcester (d 1560, alderman)
  The Visitations identify the family seat as 'The Commanders' but OWC's schedule, supported by various web sites (including here), suggests that it was 'The Commandery'.
  m1. Alice Ledington (dau of Robert Ledington of Worcester)
  A. Robert Wylde of The Commanders or Commandery (b c1535, d 27.01.1607/8, of the Inner Temple)
m. Margaret Cowling or Cooling of Worcester
  i. Thomas Wylde of The Commanders or Commandery (d 1610, of the Inner Temple)
  m. Dorothy Berkley (dau of Rowland Berkley of Spetchley)
  a. Robert Wylde of The Commanders or Commandery (b c1595, d 1650, of the Middle Temple)
  m. Ann Rowland (d 1671, dau of Robert Rowland alias Steyner or Stayner of Worcestershire)
  (1) Thomas Wylde of The Commanders or Commandery (b c1622, d 1669)
  m. Mary Savage (dau of Giles Savage of Elmely Castle)
(A) Robert Wylde of The Commanders (b c1663, dsp 1683)
  m. Sarah Dennis (dau of Rev. Thomas Dennis of St. Helins, m2. William Payne)
  (2) Robert Wylde of Worcester (b c1623, a 1682, d 1689)
  m. Elizabeth Dennis (dau of Rev. Thomas Dennis of St. Helins)
  (A) Thomas Wylde of The Commanders or Commandery (b c1670, d 1740)
  Metcalfe ends with this generation. The following comes from OWC's schedule.
  m1. Katherine Throckmorton (dau of Sir Baynham Throckmorton, 3rd Bart of Tortworth, by Katherine Edgecumbe)
  (i) Robert Wylde (d 1752, Director of the South Sea Company)
  m. _ Dowdeswell (dau of Charles Dowdeswell of Forthampton Court)
  (a) Thomas Wylde
  m1. ??
  ((1)) Thomas Rous Wylde
  m. Anne Russell (dau of William Russell of Powick)
  m2. Elizabeth Browne (dau/coheir of Ralph Browne of Caughley)
  ((2)) Ralph Browne Wylde, later Browne
  (b) Charles Wylde
  m. _ Fewtrell
  m2. Anne Tracy (dau of Robert Tracy of Coscomb, widow of Charles Dowdeswell)
  (B)+ other issue (a 1682) - Edmund (b c1677), Dorothy (b c1674), Elizabeth (b c1675), Sarah (b c1678), Mary (b c1679), Ann (b c1680), Catherine (b c1681)
  (3) Samuel Wylde of London (b c1636, dsp 1676, goldsmith)
m. _ Bridges
  (4) Edward Wylde
  m1/2. ??
  (5) Ann Wylde
  m. Richard Bourne or Browne of Acton Hall
  (6) Dorothy Wylde
  m. William Solly of Worcester (brewer)
  (7) Sarah Wylde
  m. John Vernon of Markly or Martley
(8)+ other issue - Rowland, Edward, William, Anne
  b. Margaret Wylde
  m. Samuel Fell of Hall Court in Much Marcle (Dean of Christ Church, Oxford)
  c.+ other issue - Rowland (b c1625, d 03.11.1630), Thomas, Katherine, Alice
ii. Robert Wylde
  B.+ other issue - Margaret, Hester
  m2. Ellinor Wall (dau/coheir of George Wall of Droitwich)
  D. George Wylde of Droitwich, Worcestershire (Serjeant-at-law)
  m. Frances Hudleston (d 29.11.1630, dau of Sir Edmund Hudleston of Sawston)
  i. John Wylde of Droitwich (a 1634)
  m. Ann Harris (b 1608, d 1624, dau of Sir Thomas Harris, Bart, Serjeant-at-law)
  a. Anne Wylde (bur 18.05.1702/3) who married ...
  m. (25.09.1642) Charles West, 5th Lord De La Warr (b 02.1625-6, d 22.12.1687)
ii. George Wylde
  iii. Elizabeth Wylde (d 23.04.1656)
  m. (Sir) Walter Blount of Sodington
  E. Thomas Wylde of Glaseley (co Salop) & Kempsey (Bedfordshire)
  m. Elizabeth Cooke (dau/heir of Richard Cooke of Fulwell Hatch)
  i. Sir Edmond Wylde of Kempsey & Glaseley, Sheriff of Worcestershire
  m. Dorothy Clarke (dau/heir of Sir Francis Clarke of Houghton Conquest)
  a.+ issue - Edmund (b c1617, a 1634, dsp 1695), Walter (dsp)
  ii. Jane Wylde
  m. William Fortescue of Cook Hill
  iii. Elizabeth Wylde (d 1644)
  m. Sir Edward Bullock of Much Stotham
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas, Henry, George, Jane
  F. Alice Wylde
  m. George Horniold (Hornyold) of Bredon



Metcalfe adds a note under the arms of the following family, that "Mr. Wylde affirmed these to be his arms, but they are the arms of Wyld of Worcestershire to which this pedigree does not join, therefore better must be made."
John Wylde of Astwood in Doddenhill, Worcestershire
1. Thomas Wylde of Astwood (b c1554, d c1652)
  m. Anne Berecroft (dau of John Berecroft of Meregreen, half-sister of Philip)
  A. John Wylde of Astwood (b c1608, a 1682)
  m. Leriott Pagett (dau/coheir of John Pagett of Belbroughton, sister/coheir of Sir John)
  i. Thomas Wylde of Belbroughton (2nd son)
  m. Mary Hobdy (dau of John Hobdy alias Lacy of Lanehouse in Feckenham)
  a.+ issue (a 1682) - John (b c1678), Thomas (b c1679), Charles (b c1682), Mary (b c1673), Anne (b c1675)
  ii. Eleanor Wylde
m. George Vernon of Hanbury
  iii. Elizabeth Wylde
  m. William Walls (son/heir of William of the Rock)
  iv.+ other issue - John (d infant), Mary (a 1682)
  B. Thomas Wylde (Captain)
  i. Richard Wylde (d unm)
  C. Philip Wylde of Droitwich (dsps)
  m. ?? (widow of _ Watkins)
  i. Charles Wylde (b 1650, dvp?)
  D. Elizabeth Wylde
  m. _ Wheeler of Droitwich
2. Frances Wylde possibly fits here
  m. Rev. Richard Vernon of Hanbury

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Worcester, 1569, Wylde), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1634, Wyld), Visitation (Walter C. Metcalfe 1883, Worcesteshire, 1682-3, Wilde of Worcester) with a little input from a schedule kindly provided to us by a contributor (OWC, 27.04.13) based on information taken from Wikipedia, etc.
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Walter C. Metcalfe 1883, Worcestershire, 1682-3, Wilde of Belbroughton)
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