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Families covered: Buchanan of Arnprior, Buchanan of Auchentorlie, Buchanan in/of Auchlessie, Buchanan in/of Bochastel (or Mochastel), Buchanan in Cammisbarcia (Cambusmore), Buchanan of Drumpellier, Buchanan of Gartacharne (Gartacharan), Buchanan of Mount Vernon, Buchanan of Powis

Walter Buchanan in Cammisbarcia (Cambusmore) and Mills of Achlessy (Auchlessie) (a 1463)
1. John Buchanan of Petquhonorty
2. Andrew Buchanan in Cammisbarcia and Mill of Auchlessie (a 1489)
  A. Patrick Buchanan in/of Bochastel (or Mochastel)
  i. Alexander Buchanan in/of Bochastel
  a. John Buchanan in/of Bochastel (a 1576)
  (1) Robert Buchanan in Bochastel and Auchlessie
  (A) Walter (Roy) Buchanan of Auchlessie and Bochastel (d before 14.04.1637)
m. Janet Buchanan
  (i) John Buchanan of Arnprior
  m1. _ Halden (sister of John Halden of Enterkine)
  (a) Robert (Francis?) Buchanan of Arnprior
  m1. Mariota or Marion Buchanan (dau of John Buchanan in Glasgow)
  ((1)) John Buchanan (d young)
  ((2)) Marion Buchanan
  m. (mcrt 14.09.1704) John Hamilton of Bardowie
  m2. Margaret Muirhead (dau of _ Muirhead of Rashiehill)
  ((3)) Francis Buchanan of Arnprior (dsp 18.10.1746)
  m. Elizabeth Buchanan of Leny (dsp 11.02.1776, dau of Henry Buchanan, 12th of Leny)
  ((4)) Jean Buchanan
  m. John McNab of McNab
  m2. Katharine Campbell (dau of Campbell of Lawers, widow of Robert Buchanan of Leny)
  (ii) Sir Arthur Buchanan of Auchlessy
  m1. (c1659) Jean Drummond (d 1663)
  (a) James Buchanan of Auchlessie (2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Stewart
  ((1)) Duncan Buchanan of Auchlessie (3rd son)
  m. Grizel Robertson
  ((A)) John Buchanan of Auchlessie and Arnprior (d 1817, 3rd son)
  m. Murray Kynynmound (dau of Patrick Edmonstone of Newton)
  ((i)) Alexander Buchanan of Arnprior (d 1845)
  ((a)) Alexander Buchanan of Arnprior (d 1848)
  (((1))) Catherine Elizabeth Grace Buchanan of Arnprior
  m. (1869) John Baillie Baillie-Hamiton, later Buchanan-Baillie-Hamilton
  ((ii)) Thomas Buchanan of Powis
  m. Catherine Abercromby (dau of Sir Ralph Abercromby)
  ((a)) John Buchanan of Powis
  (((1))) Thomas Alexander Buchanan of Powis (b 1842)
  ((iii)) James Edmonstone Buchanan (d Talavera 1809)
  ((B))+ other issue (d unm) - Alexander (a 1744), Walter
  ((2))+ other issue - Arthur (a 1716), James (d unm)
  (b)+ other issue - John, Janet
  m2. Elizabeth Henderson (dau of Thomas Henderson, minister of Port)
  (d) Robert Buchanan in Ballintone (d 1701, 4th son)
  ((1))+ issue - John, James
  (e)+ other issue - Walter of Wester Spitteltoun, George (dsp), Alexander of Dulatur
  (iii) Anna Buchanan
  m. Alexander Graham of Drongy
  (B) Duncan Buchanan in Ardoch
(2) Archibald Buchanan ancestor of Buchanans of Torrie
  b. Walter Buchanan of Glenny
  (1) Andrew Buchanan in/of Glenny
  (A) James Buchanan in/of Glenny (d unm, Captain)
  (2) Alexander Buchanan
  (A) Andrew Buchanan of Gartacharne or Gartacharan (a 1660)
  m. ?? Buchanan (dau of George Buchanan in Gartincaber) wife of Andrew, presumed mother of ...
  (i) Alexander Buchanan of Gartacharne
  m. (1676) Margaret Buchanan (d 03.1721, dau of Walter Buchanan, 3rd of Boquhan)
  (a) Walter Buchanan of Gartacharne (d unm)
  (b) George Buchanan of Gartacharne (d before 03.08.1759)
  m. Elizabeth Buchanan
  ((1)) Alexander Buchanan of Gartacharne
  ((A)) Alexander Buchanan of Gartacharne (b c1774, d 15.08.1814)
  m. Elizabeth Weir (of Barrachan)
  ((i)) Thomas Buchanan of Gartacharne
  m. Agnes Buchanan (of Ballindore)
  ((a)) Alexander Buchanan of Gartacharne (b c1817, d 18.10.1893) had issue
  m. Mary F. McCallum (dau of Hugh McCallum of Drymen)
  ((ii))+ 2 sons (d young)
  ((2)) Agnes Buchanan
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas in Glasgow (maltman), Andrew in Glasgow (merchant tailor)
  (ii) George Buchanan in Glasgow (Deacon Convener in 1706)
  m1. (14.07.1674) Isobell Smith (dsp, dau of Thomas Smith)
  m2. (22.07.1685) Mary Maxwell (dau of Gabriel Maxwell)
  (a) George Buchanan (b 03.06.1686, d 12.09.1773, Treasurer of Glasgow)
  m1. ??
  m2. ??
  m3. Cecilia Forbes (dau of Sir John Forbes, Bart of Foveran)
  ((1)) Andrew Buchanan of Buchanan House (b 09.11.1725, d 02.09.1783)
  m1. (08.07.1755) Agnes Robertson (d 02.208.1769, dau of Arthur Robertson)
  ((A)) George Buchanan in Jamaica (b 03.07.1758, d 1826, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (02.08.1795) Jane Gorvie (d 14.08.1815)
  ((B))+ other issue - Arthur (b 13.02.1760, d 03.03.1762), Andrew (b 16.10.1765), Robertson (b 1767, d 1769), William (b 1766, dsp), Robertson (b 1769, d 1816), Bess (b 08.01.1757, d 1767), Christian (b 19.11.1763, d 1767)
  m2. Janet Niven (d 22.10.1772, dau of Hugh Niven)
  ((I)) Hugh Buchanan (b 10.11.1771)
m3. Frances Innes (dau of Alexander Innes of St. Christopher)
  ((J))+ other issue: John Oswald (b 1780), Frances (b 1775), Janet, Mary (b 1778, d 1876), Ann
  ((2)) Cecilia Buchanan
  m. John Douglas (son of William of Leith)
  ((3))+ 3 sons and 3 daughters
  (b) Andrew Buchanan of Drumpellier (b 1690, d 1759, Dean of Guild then Provost of Glasgow)
  m1. (1723) Marion Montgomerie (of Bourtrehill)
  ((1)) James Buchanan of Drumpellier (d 1786, Dean of Guild then Provost of Glasgow)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Haddington family)
  ((A)) Helen Buchanan
m. (13.09.1785) Sir George Home, 7th Bart of Blackadder (d 02.05.1803, Admiral)
  ((B))+ other issue - Andrew (d unm), other daughters
  ((2)) George Buchanan of Mountvernon (Mount Vernon, formerly Windyedge) (b 1728, d 1762)
  m. (1750) Lillias Dunlop (dau of James Dunlop of Garnkirk)
  ((A)) Andrew Buchanan of Mount Vernon (b 1755, dsp 1795)
  ((B)) David Carrick-Buchanan of Drumpellier and Mount Vernon (b 1760, d 20.05.1827)
  m. (29.05.1788) Marion Gilliam, (d 1800, dau of James Gilliam of Mount Alta, Virginia)
  ((i)) Robert Carrick-Buchanan of Drumpellier and Mount Vernon (b 31.10.1797, d 07.02.1844) had issue
  m. (16.07.1824) Sarah Maria Clotilde Hoare (d 1881, dau of Sir Joseph Wallis Hoare, 3rd Bart of Annabelle)
  ((ii)) Andrew Carrick-Buchanan (b 28.11.1799, d 12.08.1879) had issue
m. (27.03.1826) Bethia Hamilton Ramsay (d 1877, dau of William Ramsay of Gogar)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Belsches Carrick-Buchanan
  m. (29.12.1817) Robert Graham
  ((iv)) Marion Carrick-Buchanan
  m. (01.06.1818) John Hay of Morton
  ((C)) Marion Buchanan
  m. (1774) James Dunlop of Tolcross (b 1741)
((3)) Mary Buchanan
  m. (1747) William Stirling in Glasgow (b 1717, d 1777)
  ((4))+ 4 daughters
  m2. Elizabeth Binning
  (c) Archibald Buchanan of Auchentorlie or Auchintorlie (d 1761)
  m. Martha Murdoch (dau of Peter Murdoch, Provost)
  ((1)) Andrew Buchanan of Ardenconnel or Ardconnal (b 1745, d 1835, 3rd son)
  m. (1769) Jane Dennistoun (dau of James Dennistoun of Colgrain)
  ((A)) Archibald Buchanan of Auchentorlie (d 1832)
  m. Mary Dennistoun of Kelvingrove
  ((i)) Andrew Buchanan of Auchentorlie (dsp)
  m. Mary Ferguson (dau of Sir James Ferguson of Kilkerran)
  ((ii)) Richard Dennistoun Buchanan
  ((iii)) Georgina Buchanan
  m. George Ferguson (son of Sir James Ferguson of Kilkerran)
  ((B)) James Buchanan of Ardenconnel and Blair Vadick (Blairvadick) (d 21.12.1860)
m. (10.05.1805) Janet Sinclair (d 24.02.1867, dau of James Sinclair, 12th Earl of Caithness)
  ((i)) Sir Andrew Buchanan of Craigend, 1st Bart of Dunburgh (d 11.1882, Ambassador) had issue
  m1. (1839) Frances Katherine Mellish (d 1854, dau of Edward Mellish, Dean of Hereford)
  m2. (1857) Georgina Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Robert Walter Stewart, 11th Lord Blantyre)
((ii)) Jane Campbell Buchanan probably of this generation
  m. Richard Fox (b 1795, d 1864)
  ((iii))+ 4 daughters
  ((C)) Jessie Buchanan
  m. James Monteith of Craighead
  ((D)) Martha or Matilda Buchanan
  m. George Murdoch Yuille
  ((2)) Mary Buchanan (d 24.12.1818)
m. (03.03.1755) Alexander Speirs
  ((3))+ other issue (dsp) - Peter, George
  (d) Neil Buchanan of Hillington (d 13.02.1777, MP)
  m. (mcrt 18.09.1722) Anna Rae (dau of George Rae in Glasgow)
  ((1)) Ann Buchanan
  m. John Oswald, Bishop of Raphoe
  ((2)) Elizabeth Buchanan
  m. _ Bogle
  ((3)) Mary Buchanan
  m. _ Oliphant of Rossie
  ((4))+ other issue - George in London (d c1790), James (b c1733, d 16.12.1753)
  (e) Mary Buchanan
  m. (1731) George Buchanan of Moss and Auchintoshan (b 1697)
  (B) George Buchanan
  (i)+ issue - John ("went abroad"), Alexander, William in Edinburgh
  ii. daughter
  m. John Stewart (of Baldorrans family)

Main source(s):
(1) 'Strathendrick and its Inhabitants from Early Times' by John Guthrie Smith, published in Glasgow in 1896
(2) For Buchanans of Drumpelier: BLG1952 (Carrick-Buchanan of Drumpellier and Corsewall) with support from the article on Mount Vernon in 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry (1878 edition)
(3) For Buchanans of Auchentorlie: 'The Parish of Strathblane' by John Guthrie Smith, published in Glasgow in 1886
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