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Families covered: Danzielston (Danielston or Denniston or Dennistoun) of Dennistoun, Dennistoun of Colgrain, Dennistoun of Kelvin Grove
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Commoners notes a suggestion that the Dennistouns derived from a younger branch of the (old) Earls of Lennox but reports that "it would seem ,that one Danziel, or Daniel, probably of Norman extraction, settled himself, and, calling the estate Danzielstoun, assumed therefrom his surname".
Sir Hugh de Danzielstoun (Danielston) of that ilk (a 1296)
1. Sir John de Danzielstoun (Danielston) of that ilk, Sheriff of Dumbarton (a 1371)
  m. Mary Fleming (dau of Sir Malcolm Fleming, 1st Earl of Wigtown)
  A. Sir Robert de Danzielstoun (Danielston) of that ilk
  i. Margaret de Danielston --
  m. Sir William Cunynghame of Kilmaurs (d by 12.1415) --
  ii. Elizabeth de Danielston (or Denniston) --
  m. (1402) Sir Robert Maxwell of Calderwood --
  B. Walter de Danielston, Bishop of St. Andrews (d 1393)
  C. Sir William de Danzielstoun (Danielston) of Colgrain
  BLG1886 jumps from Sir William to Robert of Colgrain (a 1618). The fact that it did not provide the connection suggests that the following, which comes from Commoners, should be viewed with some caution.
  i. ?? Danzielstoun of Colgrain (d before 1450)
  m. Margaret
a. William Danzielstoun of Colgrain
  (1) Charles Danzielstoun of Colgrain (d before 1481)
  (A) Robert Danzielstoun of Colgrain
m. Elizabeth Napier (dau of John Napier of Merchiston)
  (i) Patrick Danzielstoun of Colgrain
  m1. Giles Coquhoun
  m2. Giles Sempill of Fulwood
  m3. Matilda Cunninghame (dau of Sir Humphrey Cunninghame of Glengarnock)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (a) Robert Danzielstoun of Colgrain (d 1618) - continued below
  m. Katherine Semple (dau of David Semple of Noblestoun)
(ii) Robert Danzielstoun ancestor of Dennistouns of Ferrylands & Auchendenanrie
  (iii) Janet Danzielstoun
  m. John Darleith of that ilk
  (2) Robert Danzielstoun ancestor of Dennistouns of Dalnair & Tullichawen
  D. Janet de Danielston --
  m. Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan (d 1399, cousin) --
  E.+ other issue - Hugh, Malcolm
2. Joanna de Danzielston (Danielston) J
  m. Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan (a 1332) J



Robert Danzielstoun of Colgrain (d 1618) - continued above
m. Katherine Semple (dau of David Semple of Noblestoun by Marion, dau of Sir William Edmonston of Duntreath)
1. Robert Danzielstoun of Colgrain
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Ferguslie)
  A. James Dennistoun of Colgrain
i. Walter Dennistoun of Colgrain
  m1. Sarah Houston (dau of Sir Patrick Houston of Houston by Janet Cuninghame)
  a. John Dennistoun of Colgrain (d c1655)
  m. Jean Semple (dau of William Semple of Fulwood)
  (1) Margaret Dennistoun of Colgrain
  m. William Dennistoun @@ below
  (2) Jean Dennistoun
  (3) Janet Dennistoun
  m. William Semple of Fulwood
  b. James Dennistoun (d unm)
  m2. (1623) Grace or Grizel Brisbane (dau of John Brisbane of Brisbane)
  B. Elizabeth Dennistoun
  m. John Colquhoun of Camstradden
  C. Catherine Dennistoun
  m. John Macgregor of Ardenconnal
  D.+ other issue (dsp)
2. John Danzielstoun of Colgrain (a 1560)
  m. Euphemia Bontyne
  A. Walter Danzielstoun or Dennistoun of Colgrain (d 1618)
  i. John Dennistoun
m. Margaret Spreull (dau/heir of family of Dalchurne (Dolchurn))
  a. Archibald Dennistoun of Dalchurn (minister of Campsie)
  m1. Jane Noble (dau of Humphry Noble of Farme & Ardardan)
  (1) William Dennistoun
  m. Margaret Dennistoun of Colgrain (dau of John Dennistoun of Colgrain) @@ above
(A) John Dennistoun of Colgrain
  m. (1700) Jane Buchanan (dau of Moses Buchanan of Glins)
  (i) James Dennistoun of Colgrain (d 1796)
  m1. Janet Baird (dau of John Baird of Craigtown)
(a) James Dennistoun of Colgrain & Dennistoun (d 1816)
  m1. (1777) Margaret Donald (dau of James Donald of Geilstoun)
  ((1)) James Dennistoun of Dennistoun & Colgrain (d 01.06.1834) had issue
  m. (1801) Mary Ramsay Oswald (dau of George Oswald of Auchincruive & Scotstoun)
  m2. Margaret Dreghorn (dau of Robert (not Allan) Dreghorn of Blochairn)
  ((2)) Isabella Bryson Dennistoun
  m. Gabriel Hamilton-Dundas of Westport & Duddingstoun
((3)) Janet Baird Dennistoun
  m. (22.03.1814) Hugh Maclean of Coll
  ((4)) Elizabeth Dreghorn Dennistoun
  m. (22.02.1815) Sir Duncan Campbell, 1st Bart of Barcaldine (b 03.07.1786, d 02.04.1842)
  ((5)) Mary Lyon Dennistoun (d 17.12.1872)
m. (1815) Sir William Baillie, Bart of Polkemmet (b 25.07.1782, d 28.01.1854)
  (b) Jean Dennistoun
  m. (1769) Andrew Buchanan of Ardenconnal (b 1745, d 1835)
  m2. Mary Lyon (dau of John Lyon of Parklee)
(c) Robert Dennistoun had issue
  m. Anne Penelope Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell)
  (d) Richard Dennistoun of Kelvin Grove, Glasgow (Lanarkshire)
  m. Christian Alston (dau of James Alston of Glasgow)
  ((1)) Richard Dennistoun of Kelvin Grove, later of Pinnacle Hill (b 07.03.1797) had issue
  Commoners suggests that Richard d unm but BLG1886 reports that he married ...
  m. (21.03.1839) Frances Elizabeth Satterthwaite (dau of Thomas Rishton Satterthwaite of Lancaster)
  ((2)) William Dennistoun (d unm)
  ((3)) Isabella Hamilton Dundas Dennistoun
  m. (06.08.1806) Colin Campbell (son of Archibald of Jura)
  ((4)) Mary Dennistoun
m. Archibald Buchanan of Auchintoclie
  (e) Mary Dennistoun
  m. John Alston of Westerton (b 1762, d 1835)
  ((1)) Marianne Alston (b 1797, d 1869) probably of this generation
  m.(1815) William Kippen of Busby & Lawmuir
  (ii) Jean Danzielstoun (2nd dau) probably of this generation
  m. John Brown
  (a) Alexander Brown of Glasgow
  m. Isabella Noble (dau of John Noble of Ardardan)
  ((1)) James Dennistoun Brown
  m. Anna Isabella Noble (dau of George Noble, cousin)
  ((A)) Alexander James Dennistoun Brown of Balloch Castle
  (iii)+ "several daughters"
  (B)+ 15 children (dvp)
  m2. Katharine Stirling (dau of James Stirling of Auchyle)
  b.+ William Dennistoun of Ferrylands (minister of Glassford)
  ii.+ other issue

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 3, 'Dennistoun of Dennistou', p322+), BLG1886 ('Dennistoun of Dennistoun')
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