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Families covered: Brooke of Dodworth, Brooke of Field Head, Brooke of Newhouse

Thomas Brooke of Newhouse, Huddersfield, Yorkshire (d before 03.10.1588)
m. Janet (bur 29.07.1612)
1. Thomas Brooke of Newhouse (d 24.09.1625)
  m. Joan/Elizabeth Hirst of Greenhead (bur 03.02.1615-6)
  A. Thomas Brooke of Newhouse (b c1581, bur 17.11.1638)
  m1. (22.11.1609) Margaret Hanson (bpt 25.08.1588, bur 27.12.1615, dau/coheir of John Hanson of Woodhouse)
  i. Joshua Brooke of Newhouse (bpt 09.10.1614, bur 20.11.1652)
m. Sarah Townend of Hoyland (bur 03.09.1683)
  a. Sarah Brooke
  m. (31.01.1664-5) John Gill of Carhouse
  b. Margaret Brooke (bur 05.08.1641)
  c. Helen Brooke (bpt 09.11.1645, bur 25.05.1719)
  m. (04.08.1681) John Townley of Newhouse (bur 05.04.1704)
  (1) Helen Townley (bpt 20.07.1682)
  m. John Wilkinson of Greenhead & Newhouse
  (A) Helen Wilkinson (bpt 23.02.1708-9)
  m. Sir John Lister Kaye of Denby Grange, Bart
  (2) Catherine Townley (bpt 16.08.1683, dsp)
  m. Richard White
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - John, Bernard
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1610, d unm bur 27.07.1637), John (bpt 25.08.1612)
  m2. (09.01.1624) Dorothy Crossland (b 1594-5, d 04.03.1634, dau of Thomas Crossland of Crossland Hill)
m3. Elizabeth Clay (bur 11.10.1641, dau of _ Clay of Clay House)
  iv. Thomas Brooke (bpt 02.12.1638, d unm)
  v. Elizabeth Brooke (bpt 06.12.1636)
m. (08.11.1666) Matthew Prince of Woolley
  B. William Brooke of Dodworth in Silkstone (bpt 17.01.1584, d 19.05.1672)
  m. Judith Drake (d 17.06.1659, dau of John Drake of Pikeley)
  i. Thomas Brooke of Dodworth (bpt 04.02.1615-6, d 13.11.1687)
  m. (1641-2) Jane Beighton (a 09.1689, dau/coheir of John Beighton)
  a. William Brooke of Dodworth (b 11.11.1643 d 05.02.1680)
m. Mary Oates (b c1646, d 25.06.1712, dau of William Oates of Denby)
  (1) Thomas Brooke of Field Head & Dodworth (b 03.06.1669, d 28.04.1739, rector of Richmond)
  m. (12.06.1705) Mary Comber (dau of Thomas Comber, Dean of Durham)
  (A) William Brooke of Field Head & Dodworth (b 29.08.1706, d 24.08.1755)
  m. (10.1737) Alice Mawhood (b 17.10.1718, dau/coheir of William Mawhood of Doncaster)
  (i) William Brooke of Field Head & Dodworth (b 11.07.1742, a 1774)
m1. Elizabeth Morris of Salop (d 13.07.1776)
  (a) Jane Brooke (b 20.06.1773)
  m. _ Crowther of Gomersal or Batley
  (b) Margaret Brooke (b 28.06.1776)
  m. Buller Rolel Langford
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas (b 08.05.1775, dsp), William (b 08.06.1776, dsp), Sarah, Ann, Ann (d infant)
  m2. (31.01.1793) Elizabeth Yates (dsp 08.1808, dau of William Yates of Denby)
  (ii) Mary Brooke (b 01.04.1789)
  m. Thomas Comber
(iii) Margaret Brooke (b 29.11.1743, d 19.07.1833)
  m. (1808) Thomas Zouch of Sandal (b c1737, d 1815, rector of Scrayingham)
  (iv) Jane Brooke (b 28.11.1746, bur 11.01.1839)
  m. Richard Horton Briscoe
  (v)+ other issue - John Charles (b 27.08.1748, a 11.1790, d unm, Somerset Herald), Thomas (d infant), Alice (d infant)
  (B) Anne Brooke (b 11.11.1714)
  m. Richard Fenton of Bank Top
(C)+ other issue - Thomas (b 26.06.1720, bur 08.08.1720), Mary (b 17.01.1708, bur 03.09.1709), Alice (bpt 23.07.1711, bur 27.08.1713)
  (2) Mary Brooke (b 30.08.1671)
  m. James Smith of Manningham (brother of John of Heath)
  (3) Jane Brooke (b 07.11.1677, dsp 12.03.1746)
  m. Robert Hetherington of Holbeck
  (4)+ other issue - William (b 24.03.1675, d c02.1702, Sheiff of Stafford County in Virginia), Joshua (b 30.06.1681, d 21.02.1681-2), Ann (b 24.11.1673, d unm 10.03.1733), Elizabeth (b 06.04.1680, d 26.05.1682)
  b. Thomas Brooke of Woodhouse in Dodworth (b 21.04.1649, d 14.05.1712, 4th son)
  m1. (30.01.1678-9) Ruth Micklethwaite (dau of John Micklethwaite of Ingburchworth)
  (1)+ issue - Joshua (d unm), John of Wakefield (b 23.07.1683, d before 11.09.1751), Thomas (d young)
  m2. Frances Mawhood of Ardsley (b c1651, d 06.01.1736, widow of John Broughton of Balby)
  (4) William Brooke of Woodhouse, Mayor of Doncaster (b 1694, d 1763)
  (A) William Brooke (d young)
  (B) John Brooke of Wakefield
  m. Mary Hawksworth (dau of Timothy Hawksworth of Tickhill Friars)
(i) John Brooke (b c1749, d unm 21.10.1781)
  (C) Elizabeth Brooke (b 1727, d 1765)
  m. William Pigot of Doncaster & Southwell (son of Rev. Hollis of Doncaster)
  (i) William Pigot
  m. _ Walker of Mansfield (coheir)
  (ii)+ other issue - 2 sons (d infant), Elizabeth (a 1782)
  c. John Brooke of Field Head (b 03.01.1651, d 27.11.1725, rector of High Hoyland)
  m. Ann Oates (d 06.1728, dau of William Oates of Denby)
  d. Elizabeth Brooke (b 19.12.1646, d 19.03.1723-4)
  m1. (02.10.1666) John Crabtree
  m2. Thomas Fell of Morton & Milner Field
e.+ other issue - William (d infant), Thomas (d infant), Jane (bpt 11.10.1658, d c1676)
  ii. John Brooke of Pond, Dodworth (bpt 19.12.1622, bur 20.03.1671, 3rd son)
  m1. (14.11.1649) Ellen Bright (dau of John Bright, sister of Anthony)
  a. John Brooke of Pond (d 1694)
  m. Helen Morton (d 10.1718, dau/heir of Thomas Morton of Waldeshelf, m2. Abel Rich)
  b. Helen Brooke (d infant)
  m2. Ann Freeman of Housley Hall
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, William, Ann, Christiana, Frances
  iii. Elizabeth Brooke (bpt 06.08.1620)
  m. Anthony Bright of Brincliffe Edge
iv. Susan Brooke (b 08.11.1632)
  m. (1657) John Oates of Nether Denby
  v.+ other issue - William of London (bpt 03.05.1618, a 12.1652, haberdasher)
  C. John Brooke
  D. Jennet Brooke (d 06.10.1652)
  m. (c1600) Henry Walker of Rockley Old Hall
  E. Susan Brooke
  m. (26.01.1607) Roger Rhodes of Crofton
  F. Elizabeth Brooke
  m. (02.06.1617) Henry Potter
2. Edmund Brooke
  m. Sibil
3. Catherine Brooke (b c1548, d 02.1621)
  m. Thomas Hanson of Toothill (d 01.08.1623)

Main source(s): FMG (vol 2, MS312, Brooke)
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