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Families covered: Barry of Barrymore, Barry of Buttevant, Barry of Manorbier Castle, Barry of Olethan

BIFR1976 starts its worthy article on this family with: "This family is held to be of Norman origin and takes its name from the island of Barry off the coast of Glamorgan."
Odo de Barri of Manorbier Castle, Pembrokeshire (d c1130)
1. William de Barri or Barry of Manorbier Castle
  m. Angareth (dau of Gerald FitzWalter de Windsor by Nesta, Princess of South Wales)
  As reported on Windsor01, there is some doubt as to whether Angareth was her mother's daughter by her 1st or her 2nd marriage. We follow those sources (the majority) which show her as by the 1st marriage.
  A. Sir Robert de Barri, "Barry More" (d Lismore c1185)
  BE1883 identifies his brother Philip as Robert's successor. It is therefore presumed that he had no legitimate children. However, at least one branch of Barrys claim descent from him, as shown on Barry04.
  B. Philip de Barry of Manorbier Castle & Olethan (d 1199/1200)
  m. ?? (dau of Richard FitzTancred, castellan of Haverfordwest)
  i. Sir William de Barry of Manorbier Castle, baron of Olethan (a 1206, 2nd son)
  a. Sir David de Barry ('Barry More') of Manorbier Castle & Olethan (d Callan (Cullan) 1261)
  (1) David ('Oge') de Barry of Manorbier Castle & Olethan, 1st Lord Barry or Barrymore 'of Buttevant' (d 1278, Lord Justiciar of Ireland)
TCP reports that the early Irish Peers were not always formally appointed as such. The numberings are therefore somewhat arbitrary. We follow what is recommended by TCP and supported by BIFR1976.
  (A) John de Barry of Olethan, 2nd Lord Barry or Barrymore or Buttevant (a 1285)
  m. Beatrice (a 1287)
  (i) Matilda Barry (d by 1293)
  m. Thomas FitzMaurice (d 1297, Lord Justice of Ireland)
(ii) Anne Barry (prioress of Aconbury)
  (B) David FitzDavid de Barry of Olethan, 3rd Lord Barry or Barrymore or Buttevant (d c1291)
  m. Maud (or Joan) de Boulton of Wales (m2. McCarthy Mor)
  (i) John Barry, 4th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant (d unm c1330)
  (ii) David Barry, 5th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant, Sheriff of Cork (d 12.05.1347) - continued below
  m. Margaret (a 1355)
(iii) Sir William (Moyle) Barry of Ibawne
  m. Margaret Courcy (d 1373, dau of Miles, Lord Courcy)
  (iv) Richard Barry of Manorbier Castle (d 1335)
  m. (1320) Bearice (dau of Nicholas Carew)
  (a) Avice Barry of Manorbier Castle & Penally (d 15.08.1358)
  m. ??
  (v) Sir Robert Barry of Dungourney Castle, co. Cork (d 1345)
  m. Joan (dau of Thomas na Nappagh of Offaly, sister of 1st Earl of Desmond)
  (2)+ other issue - William, Thomas
  b. Philip ('of the Money') Barry in Inninshannon (a 1237, 4th son)
  (1) Eudo (Odo) Barry
  (A) Philip Barry
  (i) John Barry
  (a) William Barry Og of Knocksvilla (a 12.1355)
  ((1)) Philip Barry of Kinalfha
((A)) Eudo Barry
  ((i)) William Barry
  ((a)) Philip Barry
  (((1))) Thomas Barry
  ((b)) Ellis Barry
  m. David Doune Barry ('Roe')
  c.+ other issue - John, Stephen, Thomas, Eudo/Odo (a 1230)
  ii. daughter
  m. Walter Mancenell
  iii.+ other issue - Robert (dvpsp Lisburn 1185), Gerald (archdeacon of Brecon)
  C. Walter de Barry
  D. Gerald 'the Welshman' de Barry, 'Giraldus Cambrensis' (b c1146, d c1223, chaplain to King Henry II, author, chronicler)



David Barry, 5th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant, Sheriff of Cork (d 12.05.1347) - continued above
m. Margaret (a 1355)
1. David Barry of Olethan, 6th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant (d 06.09.1392)
  A. John Barry of Olethan, 7th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant, Sheriff of Cork (b c1367, d 1419-20)
  m. (before 1392) Ellice FitzGerald (dau of Gerald FitzMaurice FitzGerald, Earl of Desmond)
  i. William Barry of Olethan, 8th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant, Sheriff of Cork (d 1480)
  m. Ellen Roche (dau of Lord Roche, probably sister of 1st Viscount Roche)
  a. John 'the lame' Barry of Olethan, 9th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant (d 25.12.1486)
  m1. ??
  (1) Thomas Barry of Olethan, 10th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant (dsp after 06.1488)
m2. Sheelagh McCarthy (dau of McCarthy (MacCartie) Reagh)
  (2) William Barry of Olethan, 11th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant (d 1500)
  m. Sheelagh McCarthy (dau of Cormac MacTeig McCarthy (MacCartie) of Muskerry)
(A) John Barry of Olethan, 12th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant (dsp c1530)
  (B) Juliana Barry
  m. Edmund FitzDavid de Courcy (son of 15th Baron Kingsale)
  (3) John Barry of Olethan, 13th Lord Barrymore or Buttevant (d c1534)
  m. Ellen FitzGibbon (dau of _ FitzGibbon, the White Knight)
  (A) John Barry, 1st Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant (b 1517/8, dsp 1553)
  m1. Ellen Roche (dau of Lord Roche)
m2. _ Fitzgerald (dau of John (or Gerald FitzJohn) Fitzgerald of the Decies)
  (B) Edmond Barry, 2nd Viscount Barrymore or Buttevant (dsp c1556)
  m1. ('div') Joan Fitzgerald (d 1600, dau of James Fitzgerald, 14th Earl of Desmond)
  mm2. Sheelagh McCarthy(dau of Donal McCarthy (MacCartie) Reagh, widow of Teigh McCarthy (son of McCarthy Mor))
  (C) James Barry, 3rd Viscount Lord Barrymore or Buttevant (d 20.03.1557/8)
  A distant kinsman subsequently obtained the viscountcy, apparently forcibly.
  m1. Ellis Fitzgerald (dsp, dau of Maurice Fitzgerald of The Sean)
m2. Ellen McCarthy (dau of Teig MacCormac oge McCarthy (MacCartie) of Muskerry, m2. 3rd Lord Power & Curraghmore)
  (i) Catherine Barry
  m. Richard, 4th Lord Le Power (b c1553, d 08.08.1607)
  (4)+ other issue - David (Archdeacon of Cork & Cloyne), Edmund (dsp), 2 sons
  b. William Barry (d 1480)
  c. Ellice Barry
  m1. Thomas FitzJames FitzThomas, 7th Earl of Desmond (d 15.02.1467/8)
  m2. Maurice, 'the white knight' (a 1496)
  ii. Richard Barry of Rathcobane
  iii. David Barry of Rathbarry (aka Garranehinnefeake)
  iv. James Barry

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Barry), TCP (Barry), BE1883 (Barry of Barry's Court, Buttevant, Barrymore)
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