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Families covered: Barry of Carrigtwohill, Barry of Cork, Barry of Curraheen, Barry of Dundullerick, Barry of Rathanisky, Barry of Robertstown Castle, Barry of Rockville

David Downe Barry of Ibawne
m. Ellis Barry (dau of William Barry Oge)
1. David Oge Barry of Rathanisky, co. Cork (d c1579, 3rd son)
  m. _ Barry (dau of McAdam Barry of Lemlara)
  A. Richard Oge Barry of Rathanisky & Robertstown Castle (d 20.08.1614)
  m. Katherine FitzGerald (d 10.11.1637, dau of Thomas FitzGerald, m2. Owen MacTeige MacCarthy of Drisane)
  i. David Barry of Rathanisky & Robertstown Castle (b 1583, d 04.12.1627)
  m. Katherine Hurley (dau of Maurice Hurley of Knocklongy, m2. Mortagh O'Brien of Annagh)
  a. David Oge Barry of Rathanisky & Robertstown Castle (d 1643)
  m. (1627) Honora FitzGerald (dau of Edmond FitzGerald of Castle Martyr)
  (1) Richard Barry of Rathanisky & Robertstown Castle (dsp 1662)
  (2) Edmond Barry of Robertstown Castle (dsp c1710, 3rd son)
  (3) other issue - David, Ellen/Helen
  b.+ other issue - Richard of Mitchelstown (a 1627), Lawrence, Philip
  ii. daughter
  m. Daniel O'Keefe
  iii. Ellen Barry
  m. Richard Nagle of Moneanimney
  iv.+ other issue - Garret of Ballyedmond, John, Philip, James, Andrew, William
  B. Redmond ('Buidhe') Barry of Kilcor & Killhacyrra (b c1550, a 1615)
  m. Honora O'Brien (dau of _ O'Brien of Kilcor)
  i. James Barry of Dundullerick, co. Cork (d c1617)
  m. _ Roche
  a. Edmund Barry of Dundullerick (d 1660-5)
  m. Jane Egan
(1) Thomas Barry of Dundullerick (a 1684)
  m. _ O'Cahill (dau of Ludovick O'Cahill of Ballyvodock Castle)
  (A) Garrett Barry of Dundullerick (b c1680, d 1760)
  m1. Dorinda McCarthy (dau of Capt. Teige McOwen McDonal McCarthy of East Ballyneading)
  (i) Edmond Barry of Rockville & Dundullerick East (b c1712, d 1784)
  m. (1737) Johanna Copinger (dau of John Copinger of Granacloyne, nephew of Luke)
  (a) Garrett Barry of Curraheen & Carrigtwohill, co. Cork
  m. Ellen Power of Snowhill
  ((1)) Edmund Barry of Curraheen
  m. Julia McCarthy (dau of Timothy McCarthy of Kilfadimore)
  ((A)) Garrett Barry of Cork (dsp c1870)
  m. _ O'Sullivan of Sunnagh (widow of _ McCarthy)
  ((B)) daughter
  m. _ Osbourne of Cork
  ((C)) daughter (dsp)
  m1. _ Shanshan
  m2. _ O'Connor
  ((2))+ other issue - Johanna, Ellen
  (b) Thomas Barry
  m. _ Bernard
  ((1)) daughter (d young)
  (c) Edmond Barry of Cork
  m1. _ Goold
  ((1)) daughter
  m. _ Goold
  m2. Catherine Conlon of Limerick
  ((2)) Edmond Barry of Cork had issue (daughters)
  m. _ McNamara
  ((3)) Richard Barry of Cork (dsp 14.11.1869)
  m1. _ Galwey of Goula Spurra
  m2. _ Mahony
  ((4))+ other issue (d unm) - Michael of Cork, Dora, Henrietta
  (d) David Barry of Dundullerick (d 20.08.1820)
  m. Emma Taylor (d 1800, dau of Joseph Taylor of Dunkarron)
  ((1)) Edmond Barry of Dundullerick & Dunkarron Castle (b 09.10.1794, d 17.06.1862) had issue
  m. (30.11.1836) Sarah Isabella Creagh (d 18.06.1861, dau of Pierce Creah of Rockforest Lodge)
  ((2)) Joseph Barry of Midleton Lodge, Glanbeg (b 08.11.1796, dsp 18.09.1860)
  m. (18520 Ellen Power (dau of Sir John Power, 1st Bart of Edernine)
  ((3)) Emma Barry (b 28.09.1798)
m. Edward Davy
  (e) William Barry of Rockville (b 1757, d 24.01.1824)
  m. Margaret Barry (dau of James Barry of Desert)
  ((1)) James Barry of Dundullerick (b 1782, d 1846, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Barry (dau of Edward Barry of Kilbolane)
  ((2)) David Barry of Barry's Lodge, co. Cork had issue
  m. Julia Geran (dau of Concillor _ Geran of Mitchelstown)
  ((3)) Richard Barry 'of Barry's Lodge' of Greenville (5th son) had issue
  m. Catherine Galwey (dau of John Galwey of Rocklodge & Doon, son of John of West Court)
  ((4)) Thomas Barry of Rockville (7th son) had issue
  m. (15.11.1829) Julia Murphy (dau of Stephen Murphy of Cork)
  ((5)) Patrick Barry of Cork (d 1861, 9th son) had issue
  m. Anne Murphy (dau of Stephen Murphy of Cork)
  ((6)) John Barry of Carrigtwohill (d 12.1874) had issue
  m. Ellen Kearney (dau of David Kearney of Newcastle)
  ((7)) Henry Barry of Ballyadam (dsp 16.12.1868)
  m. Mary Lynch
  ((8)) Ellen Barry
  m. James FitzGerald of Castle Lyons
  ((9))+ other issue (d unm) - Edmund (d young), Edmund, William, Garrett of Greenville, Johanna (b 01.07.1784, d 1873), Mary
  (f) James Barry of Birch Hill & Ahanisk (b 1759, d 06.07.1830)
  m. (1784) Abigail Barry (d 1833, dau of James Barry of Desert, widow of James Cotter of Castle Lyons)
  ((1)) Edmond Barry of Birch Hill & Midleton (b 07.05.1790, d 10.1853) had issue
  m. Mary Anne Murphy (d 03.02.1880, dau of Maurice John Murphy of Clontead)
  ((2)) James Barry of Ahanisk, later of Glendore & Skibbereen (b c1792, dsp 1863)
  m. Sarah Curtain (dau of James Curtain of Carrigoon)
  ((3)) Johanna Barry
m. Richard FitzGerald of Tallow (grandson of Richard of Castle Richard)
  ((4)) Mary Anne Barry (dsp 12.1879)
  m. (29.11.1829) Thomas Dwyer of Midleton (d 1839)
  ((5)) Albina Barry (dsp)
  m. Con O'neill
  ((6))+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (d young), Ellen, Dora
  (g) Richard Barry of Barry's Lodge, co. Cork
  m. Honora Barry (dau of Garret FitzThomas Barry)
  (h) Dora (Dorinda) Barry
  m. Thomas Coppinger of Barry's Court & Rossmore
  (i) Mary Ann Barry
  m. (c1784) Philip Barry of Ballinahina
  (ii) Garrett Barry of Ballyedmond & Dundullerick West
  m. (1762) Catherine Morrough of Castle Martyr
  (a) Anne Barry
  m. _ O'Flynn of Cork
  (b) Bridget Barry (dsp)
  m. _ Noonan
(c) Mary Barry (d unm)
  (iii) Abigail Barry
  m. (1762) James FitzGerald of Ballymartin (grandson of Sir William of Glenane)
  (iv) Mary Barry
  m. Maurice Murphy of Lismeelcunnin
  (v) Ellinor Barry
  m. (1737) Thomas Barry of Cork
  m2. (1730) Elizabeth Coppinger (dau of Luke Coppinger, son of William of Ballyvolane)
  (vi) Bridget Barry
m. Maurice Hannigan of Castle Lyons
  (B) Thomas Barry
  m. _ Davis
  (i) Thomas Barry of Machers, Castle Lyons
  m. Grace Power (sister of Pierce Power of Clonmult)
  (a) David Barry of Fermoy
  m. Mary Peacock Cooke-Collis (dau of Zachary Cooke-Collis of Castle Cooke, archdeacon of Cloyne)
  ((1)) Thomas Barry
  m. Jeannett Smith (dau/heir of Capt. _ Smith of Pwllinegen)
  ((A)) Garrett James Barry (2nd son)
  ((i))+ 4 daughters
  ((B)) Thomas Davis Collis Barry (Surgeon Captain)
  ((i))+ issue - Thomas, Denis
  ((C)) Jeannette Barry
  m. _ Linton
  ((D))+ other issue - Edmund H.W. (d unm, Rev.), Alice Mary, Edith Collis
  ((2)) William Barry (d young)
  ((3)) David T. Barry (rector of Fishley in Norfolk)
  m. Anne McKee (dau of Surg.-Capt McKee)
  ((A)) William Russell Barry (judge in India)
  ((B)) David Barry had issue
  m. Mary Downton
  ((C)) George Barry (Rev.)
  m. _ Reid (dau of Cmdr. _ Reid)
  ((i)) son
  ((4)) Zachary Barry (Rev.)
  m. Elizabeth Robertson (dau of Caleb Robertson)
  ((A))+ issue - Collis, Caleb Robertson, Frederick (d unm), Arthur Edmund, Hugh
  (b) Penelope Barry
  m. James Cotter of Castle Lyons & Carrigtwohill
  (c) Mary Barry
  m. _ Lane of Cloyne
  (d) Grace Barry
  m. _ Riordan
  (e) Anne Barry
  m. William FizGerald
  (f) Elizabeth Barry
  m. William Power of Clonmult
  (g)+ other issue - Thomas, Pierce, Garrett, Edmond, Margaret, Nano
  (ii) Edmond Barry (apothecary, 3rd son)
  m. _ Geran (sister of Dr. _ Geran of Kilworth)
  (a)+ issue - David (had issue), John, Garrett, Matthew, Anne, Mary
  (iii)+ other issue - Garrett (had issue (who dsps?)), James (d unm)
  C. David Barry (a 1584)
  i. Philip Barry of Muckross (d after 1638) had issue
  m. Kate
  D. Thomas Barry (a 1584)
  E. Ellis Barry probably of this generation
  m. William Gogane of Bearnahealy
2. Ellis (?) Barry
  m. _ na Bre in Ibawne
3.+ other issue - Redmond (dsp), Richard (dsp), John (dsp), Eileen
partner(s) unknown
7.+ other issue - Thomas in Fuenterrabia (Spain), Katherine

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Barry)
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