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Families covered: Banaster of Darwen Hall (aka Banister of Banister Hall), Banastre of Newton, Banaster of Walton-le-Dale

(1) Our investigation into this family was not made any easier by the fact that its name has been spelt in so many ways (Banaster, Banastre, Banester, Banyster, Banister, Bannister, etc.). We have seen the suggestion that the name derived from Banastre, now Beneter or Beneterie, near Etampes which is close to Paris (not in Normandy, as suggested in some sites). However, VCH reports that "The name of Banastre appears to be a corrupted form of the Italian 'balastro' (Lat. Balistarius), one who manipulates the 'balestra', or machine for hurling stones against a fortification."
(2) We have seen the suggestion that the progenitor of this family, who came into England around the time of the Conquest (1066), may have been a grandson of William 'the Warling', Count of Corbeil - there is a Corbeil not far from Etampes (close to Paris) but we do not know if that was the same Corbeil - but have seen no evidence to support that claim. We have seen also that progenitor identified as the Robert who obtained Prestayne in Flintshire. VCH reports that this was mentioned in a petition dated 1278 but adds that that petition and the inquest thereon "contain some genealogical and chronological innacuracies". VCH mentions that "the first of this family upon record" was ...
Richard de Banastre (a 1106, 1127)
1. Thurstan de Banastre
  A. Thurstan Banastre
  Some web sites show the following Margery & Maud as daughters of Thurstan son of Richard but VCH suggests that there must have been 2 generations of Thurstans.
  i. Margery Banastre (d by 1206)
  m. (before 1176) Richard FitzRoger of Woodplumpton (d 1201)
  ii. Maud (Matilda) Banastre (d 1222)
  m. (by 1168) William de Hastings (d by 1182, steward to King Henry II)
  B. Robert Banastre of Prestayne (Flintshire) then Newton in Makerfield (Lancashire) (probably d temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  i. Richard Banastre (dsp young)
  ii. Warin Banastre of Newton (a 1204, dsp)
  m. Sarah
  iii. Thurstan Banastre of Newton (b c1192, d 1219)
  m. Cecilia (m2. Richard de Monhaut)
  a. Robert Banastre of Newton (b c1217, d 1241-2)
  m. Clementia (d before 1258, probably dau of Philip de Orreby)
(1) John Banastre (d before 02.1242)
  (2) Robert Banastre of Newton, Walton-le-Dale, etc. (b c1240, d 1291)
It appears that Robert must have married (at least) three times. According to VCH (Lancashire, vol 1, Feudal Baronage) his widow was Alice Woodcock. According to VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, 'Townships: Walton-le-Dale') he married Alice de Grendon in 1269. The dates make it look very likely that his son James was by an earlier wife and make it look certain that his daughter Clementia was.
  m1. ??
  (A) James Banastre (dvp)
  m. Elena le Boteler (dau of William le Boteler of Warrington)
  (i) Alesia Banastre, heiress of Newton
  m1. John Byron (sb Byrom?) (dsp before 11.1295, son of John)
  m2. John de Langton
  (B) Clementia (Clemence) or Clarence Banastre
  m. William de Lea of Lea (d before 1273)
  m2. (1269) Alice de Grendon (dau of Robert de Grendon of Grendon & Shenstone, relict of Philip de Legh of Staffordshire)
  m3. Alice Woodcock (a 1291, dau/heir of Gilbert Woodcock)
  b.+ other issue
  C. Alard Banastre, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (a 1170)
2. Robert de Banastre
3. Godfrey de Banastre
  A. Warin de Banastre de Adburgham
  i. Robert de Adburgham or Abram (a 1212) ancestor of Abram family
  ii. Henry de Bispham ancestor of Bispham family



It is not known exactly how the following Henry connected to the above family. His descendants held Bannister Hall, which was also called Darwen Hall.
Henry Banastre in Cuerdale & Walton (a c1220)
1. Richard Banastre (a 1247)
  A. Henry Banastre
  i. Henry Banastre (a 1332)
  m. Matilda
  a. John Banastre (a 1367)
  (1) John Banastre of Walton-le-Dale (a 1377)
  (A) Richard Banastre of Altham (d by 1419)
  m. Joan (probably dau/heir of John de Altham of Altham)
  VCH reports that "The descent of the family cannot be traced with certainty during the 15th century". Probably son of John (and brother of Richard) was ...
  (B) John Banastre of Walton (a 1430) ??? possibly father/uncle of ...
  (i) John Banaster of Derwyne (a 1460) ??? possibly father/grandfather/uncle of ...
  (a) Lawrence Banastre of Darwen Hall
  ((1)) George Banastre (a 1523)
  m. Jenet Ainsworth (dau of Lawrence Ainsworth of Pleasington)
((A)) Lawrence Banastre of Darwen Hall (d 1558)
  m. Jane Hoghton (dau of Sir Richard Hoghton, sister of Alexander)
  ((i)) son (dvp)
  ((ii)) Richard Banastre or Bannister of Darwin Hall aka Banister Hall (d 1581-2)
  VCH identifies Richard's wife as Isabel, dau of Piers Farington of Farington, but it appears that she was more likely to be ...
  m. Isabel Farington (dau of Thomas Farington)
  ((a)) Thomas Banastre or Banister, last of Darwyn Hall aka Banister Hall (a 1590)
  m. Alice Stanley (dau of Peter Stanley of Bickerstaffe)
  (((1))) issue - Richard, George
  ((b))+ other issue - Lawrence, George, Henry, others
  ((B))+ other sons
  b. Ralph Banastre
  ii. William Banastre (a 1332)
  iii. Richard Banastre
  m. Alice de Preston (dau of Roger de Preston, son of Adam)
  a. ?? Banastre
  (1) ?? Banastre
VCH identifies the above Richard as ancestor of the Banastres of Preston.
  (A) ?? Banastre
  (i) ?? Banastre
  (a) ?? Banastre
  Uncertain on number of intermediary generations.
  ((1)) ?? Banastre
  ((A)) ?? Banastre
  ((i)) ?? Banastre or Banaster
  ((a)) William Banaster of Preston
  m. _ Singleton (dau/coheir of John Singleton of Shingle Hall in Whittingham)
  B. Godfrey Banastre

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : VCH (Lancashire, vol 1, Feudal Baronage: The Barony of Newton in Makerfield)
(2) For lower section : VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, Townships: Walton-le-Dale)
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