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Families covered: Agnew of Barmeill, Agnew of Lochnaw, Agnew of Lochryan, Agnew of Seuchan

As with so many other Scots families, the origins of this family are obscure. The family name may have derived from the Norman d'Agneux or from the Irish O'Gnimh or O'Neill. The ancestry may be traced from ...
Andrew Agnew, Constable of Lochnaw, Sheriff of Wigtoun (d 1455)
The Vans Family Archive, a Main Source for this page, shows Andrew's wife as Mary Kennedy, daughter of James Kennedy of Dunure by Princess Mary Stewart. However, that connection is not reported elsewhere. It will be investigated further in due course.
1. Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw (d 1484)
  m. ?? Macdowall (dau of Thomas Macdowall of Garthland)
A. Quentin Agnew of Lochnaw (d 1494)
  m. (1469) Mariot Vans (dau of Robert Vans of Barnbarroch)
  i. Patrick Agnew of Lochnaw (d 1514)
  m. (c1499) Katherine Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Lochinvar)
  It is not clear which generation Katherine belongs to so the link to Gordon03 cannot yet be made with sufficient security.
  a. Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m. Agnes Stewart (dau of Alexander Stewart of Garlies)
(1) Patrick Agnew of Lochnaw (d 1591)
  m. (1550) Janet Gordon (dau of Sir James Gordon of Lochinvar)
  (A) Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw (d 1616)
  m. (1577) Agnes Stewart (dau of Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies)
  (i) Sir Patrick Agnew, 1st Bart of Lochnaw (d 1661)
  m. Margaret Kennedy (dau of Sir Thomas Kennedy of Culzean)
(a) Sir Andrew Agnew, 2nd Bart of Lochnaw (d 1671)
  m. (mcrt 22.03.1625) Anne Stewart (dau of Alexander Stewart, 1st Earl of Galloway)
  ((1)) Sir Andrew Agnew, 3rd Bart of Lochnaw (bur 09.06.1702)
  m. (mcrt 24.10.1656) Jean Hay (dau of Sir Thomas Hay, Bart of Park)
  ((A)) Sir James Agnew, 4th Bart of Lochnaw (d 09.03.1735)
m. (mcrt 22.06./04.10.1683) Mary Montgomerie (d 04.1742, dau of Alexander Seton Montgomerie, 8th Earl of Eglinton)
  ((i)) Sir Andrew Agnew, 5th Bart of Lochnaw (b 21.12.1687, d 21.08.1771, Lt. Gen)
  m. (12.05.1714) Eleanor Agnew of Lochryan (d 20.05.1785, dau of Thomas Agnew) @1@ below
((a)) Andrew Agnew (dvp 1751)
  m. Elizabeth Dunbar
  ((b)) Sir Stair Agnew, 6th Bart of Lochnaw (5th son) (b 09.10.1734, d 28.06.1809)
  m1. Mary Baillie (d 09.04.1769, dau of Thomas Baillie of Polkemmet)
The dates indicate that most if not all of the children were by Sir Stair's first marriage.
  (((1))) Andrew Agnew (dvp 11.09.1792)
  m. (21.05.1792) Martha de Courcy (dau of John de Courcy, 26th Lord Kingsale)
  (((A))) Sir Andrew Agnew, 7th Bart of Lochnaw (b 21.03.1793, d 28.04.1849) had issue
m. (11.06.1816) Madeline Carnegie (d 21.01.1858, dau of Sir David Carnegie, Bart of Southesk)
  (((2))) Isabella Agnew (d 1839)
  m. (1789) Robert Hathorn Stewart of Physgill (d 07.11.1818)
  (((3)))+ other issue - James, Eleonora, Mary
  m2. (11.04.1775) Margaret Naesmyth (d 30.05.1811, dau of Thomas Naesmyth of Dumblair)
((c)) Mary Agnew
  m. (1738) Sir Michael Bruce, Bart of Stenhouse
  ((d)) Elizabeth Agnew
  m. (1752) Charles Innes of Urrell
  ((e)) Katherine Agnew
  m. (1749) James Gillon of Wallhouse
  ((f)) Wilhelmina Agnew
  m. (1758) John Campbell of Skerrington
  ((g)) Penelope Agnew
  m. Alexander Agnew of Dalreagle
  ((h))+ other issue - Thomas (dvp), James (dvp), William (dvp 1756), Eleonore, Jean, Anne, Grizel, Margaret, Susanna
((ii)) James Agnew of Bishop Auckland (major)
  m. Margaret Wilkinson (dau of Thomas Wilkinson of Kirkbrig)
  ((a)) Mary Agnew
  m. Robert Macqueen, Lord Braxfield
  ((b)) Catherine Agnew (d 1790)
  m. (11.1756, sp) Sir Richard Vanden Bempde Johnstone
((c))+ other issue - James (Brigadier), Montgomery (Lt.Gen.), William, Alexander (captain RN)
  ((iii)) George Agnew
  m. Elizabeth Dunbar (dau of Sir James Dunbar of Mochrum)
  ((iv)) Jean Agnew
  m. (1705) John Chancellor of Shieldhill
  ((v)) Margaret Agnew
  m. (1700) Andrew Agnew of Lochryan (Colonel) @2@ below
  ((vi))+ other issue - Patrick, Andrew, John, Anne
  ((B)) Grizel Agnew
  m. (1685) Sir Charles Hay, 2nd Bart of Park (b 1662, d 1733)
  ((C))+ other issue - Andrew, Thomas (d 1690)
((2)) William Agnew
  m. Elizabeth Agnew (dau of Patrick Agnew of Castlewigg) @3@ below
  ((A)) William Agnew (d unm)
  ((B)) Agnes Agnew
  m. Charles Stewart of Tonderghie
  ((3)) Grizel Agnew
  m. (1670) Hugh Cathcart of Carleton
  ((4)) Margaret Agnew
  m1. (1656) John Maxwell of Monreith (d 1668)
  m2. Walter Laurie (Rev.)
  (b) James Agnew of Auchrocher (d 1648, Colonel)
  m. ?? Kennedy (dau of ?? Kennedy of Ardmillan)
(c) Patrick Agnew of Seuchan
  m. (1638) Elizabeth Gordon (dau of William Gordon of Craichlaw)
  The following was kindly provided by a contributor (HNk 06.12.03).
  ((1)) Andrew Agnew of Seuchan
  m. (1675) Elizabeth McDowall (dau of Patrick McDowall of Logan)
  ((A)) Robert Agnew of Seuchan
  m. Margaret McDowall (dau of Patrick McDowall of Freugh)
  ((i)) Margaret Agnew
  m. John Vans, later Agnew of Barnbarroch (b 1724, d 1780)
  (d) Alexander Agnew of Whitehills (Colonel) had issue
(e) Jane Agnew
  m. (1621) Alexander Macdowall of Logan
  (f) Agnes Agnew
  m1. (1622) Uchtred Macdowall of Freugh
  (g) Elizabeth Agnew
  m. J. Baillie of Dunragit
(h) Mary Agnew
  m. Hugh Macdowall of Knockglass
  (i) Rosina Agnew (d before 1649)
  m1. |(1632) John Cathcart of Genoch
  m2. Robert Vaus of Campford
  (ii) Andrew Agnew
  m. Mary McDowall
  (iii) Jean Agnew
  m. James Kennedy of Cruggleton
(iv) Rosina Agnew
  m. William McClellan of Glenchannoch
  (v)+ other issue - Alexander of Tung, Quentin
  (B) Thomas Agnew (4th son)
(i) Patrick Agnew of Castlewigg, later of Barmeill
  m. Helen Dunbar (dau of Sir Anthony Dunbar of Machirmore)
  (a) Elizabeth Agnew
  m. William Agnew @3@ above
  (C) Katherine Agnew
  m1. (1575) Alexander McKie of Larg
  m2. (1593) Alexander Gordon of Clonyard
  (D)+ other issue - Patrick, William of Barmeill
  (2) Gilbert Agnew
  b. Katherine Agnew
  m. Ninian Adair of Kinhilt
  c. Margaret Agnew
  m. William Cairns of Orchardtoun (d 1555)
  d. Christian Agnew
  m. Blaise McGhie
  ii. Michael Agnew
  B. William Agnew of Croach of Lochryan (d c1507)
  i. Nevin Agnew
  a. Gilbert Agnew
  m. Margaret Mure
(1) Gilbert (?) Agnew MGH names him Alexander
  (A) William Agnew of Lochryan
  m. Mary Macdowall (dau of John Macdowall of Logan)
  (i) Alexander Agnew of Lochryan (d 1680)
  m. Sarah Elizabeth Dunbar (dau of Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum)
  (a) Andrew Agnew of Lochryan (d c1730, Colonel)
  m1. (1700) Margaret Agnew (dau of Sir James Agnew, 4th Bart of Lochnaw) @2@ above
  ((1)) Thomas Agnew of Lochryan )d unm 1736)
  m2. (1708) Agnes Kennedy (b 1684, d 1760, dau of Sir Thomas Kennedy of Kirkhill, etc)
  ((2)) Eleonora Agnew (d 19.08.1761)
  m. (1725) Sir Thomas Wallace, 5th Bart of Craigie (b 16.02.1702, d 08.1770)
  ((3))+ other issue (d young) - Grisel, Anne
  (b) Thomas Agnew
  ((1)) Eleanor Agnew of Lochryan (d 20.05.1785)
  m. Sir Andrew Agnew, 5th Bart of Lochnaw (b 21.12.1687, d 21.08.1771, Lt. Gen) @1@ above
  (c) Helen Agnew
  m. (after 1684-5) John Shaw of Ballytweedy, Sheriff of co. Antrim (d 1729)
  C. daughter
  m. Robert Abannay of Sorby

Main source(s):
(1) For Agnew of Lochnaw: BP1934 (Agnew of Lochnaw).
(2) For Agnew of Lochryan: the Vans Family Archive at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~vfarch/, MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), 'Agnew of Lochryan, co. Wigton', p5)
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