Page last updated 26.12.17 - Up to and including SINCLAIR16.

The following identifies most but not all of the branches covered by the Families Database so far. For more details, see the 'S' sub-index page.

Sinclair01 Roslin-1, Orkney, Caithness-1, Lords-1
Sinclair02 Lords-2
Sinclair07 Roslin-2
Sinclair03 Caithness-2, Ratter, Caithness-4 & Forss
Sinclair14(2) Stirkoke
Sinclair15 Murchil (Murkle), Caithness-3, Assery & Lybster (in Latheron)
Sinclair04 Ulbster
Sinclair05 Canisbay, Mey, Caithness-5 & Durran
Sinclair06 Dunbeath-2 & Stemster-2
Sinclair14(3) Lybster (in Reay)
Sinclair16(1) Dun & Southdun
Sinclair16(2) Forss (Forse)
Sinclair14(1) Dunbeath-1 & Stemster-1
Spence2 Spence family in Shetland
Sinclair08 Longformacus

Separate: Sinclair09 Hermandston, Lords-3
Separate: Sinclair10 Shetlands-1 (Brew & Brugh)
Separate: Sinclair11 Shetlands-2 (Bullister, Goat & Swining)
Separate: Sinclair12 Shetlands-3 (Houss & Scalloway)
Separate: Sinclair13 Shetlands-4 (Quendale & Toft)

PCBG note on The 2017 Review
This was the last of my 2017 reviews. The main new source used was 'Caithness Family History' by John Henderson, 1884.