Page last updated 15.04.15 - Up to and including Leslie17 - See notes below

The following identifies most but not all of the branches covered by the Families Database so far. For more details, see the 'L' sub-index page.

Leslie01 'of that ilk'-1, Leslie-1 & Rothes-1
- Leslie02 Rothes-2 & Lindores-1
- Leslie10(1) Findrassie
- Leslie10(2) Newton & Lindores-2
- Leslie07 Antrim
- Leslie09(1) 'of that ilk'-3, Leslie-3 & Pitnamoon
- Leslie09(2) Aikenway
- Leslie03 Balquhain-1 & Kininvie-1
- Leslie06 Balquhain-2, Counts in Germany
- Leslie13 Kincraigie
- Leslie04 Wardis
- Leslie12(1) Glashough
- Leslie08 Tarbert

- Leslie11 Warthill
- Leslie12(2) Bucharn & Clisson
- Leslie14(1) New Leslie
- Leslie14(2) Kininvie-2
- Leslie15(1) Edenville
- Leslie15(2) Leven-1
- Leslie15(3) Rudderie
- Leslie16(1) Pitcaple
- Leslie16(2) Crichie & Iden
- Leslie17(1) 'of that ilk'-2, Leslie-2
- Leslie17(2) Cults

Shown separately: LZmisc09 Shetlands

Descended from the Hamilton family: Leslie05 Rothes-3
Descended from the Duguid family: Duguid1 Balquhain-3
The Leslie-Melville family: Melville02 Leven-2

PCBG note on The 2015 Review
On 30.03.15 I completed my review of the Leslie family (though since then I have added a section for some Shetlands-based Leslies on LZmisc09). I had completed my consideration of all 3 volumes of 'LeslieRecords' (see below), having used that source both to review all existing pages (Leslie01-Leslie08) and to create 9 new pages (Leslie09-Leslie17). I then looked through various of the other sources that I had at hand but found that there was nothing to add. Any comments on the Review would be welcome as would any suggestions for other Leslie families to consider but please ensure that all suggestions comply with the requirements set out on the Latest pages released page.

Notes on the sources
At the beginning of March 2015 we obtained our own copies of 'Historical Records of the Family of Leslie from 1067 to 1868-9' by Colonel Leslie of Balquhain which was published in 3 volumes in 1869. Within the Leslie pages we refer to those works as 'LeslieRecords'. Finding them led us to include the Leslies within our 2015 series of Reviews. We view them as probably the best 'Leslie source' we have yet come across but we have noted that, whilst well-respected later sources such as TSP often refer to Colonel Leslie's work, it is sometimes with a correction.