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Families covered: Counts and Kings of Poland, Dukes of Silesia, Dukes of Glogau & Sagan

Piastus (d 861)
1. Ziemovitus (d 892)
  A. Lescus (d913)
  GenEU starts with the following Ziemomysl, identifying him as "possibly a son of Leszek" (ie. Lescus).
  i. Ziemovisks or Ziemomysl, Count of Poland (d c963)
  a. Miecislaus or Mieszko I, Count of Poland (b 922, d 25.05.993, 3rd son)
  m1. ??
(1) son (d young)
  m2. Dobrava of Bohemia (d 977, dau of Boleslaus I, Duke of Bohemia)
  (2) Boleslaus or Boleslaw I, King of Poland, Duke of Bohemia (b 967, d 17.06.1025)
  m(3). (987) Emnilde (d 1017, dau of Dobromir, Sorb chieftain)
  (A) Miecislaus or Mieszko II, King of Poland (b 990, d 10.05.1034)
  m. Richeza of Lorraine (d 21.03.1063, dau of Ezzo, Count Palatine of Lorraine or the Rhine)
(i) Casimir I , Count of Poland (b 25.07.1016, d 28.11.1058)
  m. (1041/2) Dobronega Maria of Kiev (dau of Vladimir I, Count of Kiev)
  (a) Boleslaus or Boleslaw II, King of Poland (b 1042, d 22.03.1081)
  (b) Vladislaus or Wladislaw I, Count of Poland (b 1043, d 04.06.1102)
  m1. Judith of Bohemia (d 25.12.1086, dau of Vratislaus II, Duke/King of Bohemia)
  ((1)) Boleslaus or Boleslaw III, Count of Poland, Duke of Pomerania (b 20.08.1085, d 28.10.1138)
  m1. (1103) Sbyslava of Kiev (d by 1112, dau of Svyatopolk, Prince of Kiev)
((A)) Vladislaus or Wladislaw II, Prince of Cracow and Silesia (b 1105, d 30.05.1159) - continued below EGHJSWY
  m. (c1126) Agnes of Austria (dau of Leopold III of Austria) EGHJSWY
  ((B))+ other issue
  m2. (1115) Salome (dau of Count Heinrich von Berg-Schelkingen)
  ((C)) Miecislaus or Mieszko III, Prince of Poland, Duke of Pomerania (b 1126/7, d 13.03.1202)
The following comes from GenEU (Piast2).
  m1. Elizabeth of Hungary (d c1155, dau of Bela II, King of Hungary)
  ((i)) Ludmilla of Poland (b c1150, d 1223) GJ
  m. Frederick I, Duke of Lorraine (d 08.1206) GJ
  ((ii)) Judith of Poland S--
  m. Bernard, Count of Anhalt (b 1140, d 1212) S--
  ((iii))+ other issue
  m2. (by 1154) Yevdokia of Kiev (dau of Izyaslav II, Prince of Kiev)
  ((iv)) Anastasia of Poland S
  m. (c1177) Bogislaw I, Duke of Pomerania (d 1187/8) S
((v))+ other issue
  ((D)) Judith of Poland (d by 1175) HS
  m. (1148) Otto I, Margrave of Brandenburg (b c1127, d 07.03.1184) HS
  ((E))+ other issue
  m2. (c1089) Jutta of Germany (b 1047,d 1100, dau of Emperor Henry II)
  (c) Svatava of Poland (d 1126) GHJS
  m. (1062) Vratislaus II, Duke/King of Bohemia (d 1092) GHJS
  (ii) Ryksa of Poland GHJSWY
  m. Bela I, King of Hungary (b 1016, d 12.1063) GHJSWY
(iii) Gertrud of Poland (d 04.01.1107)
  m. (c1043) Izyaslav, Count of Turov, Count of Novgorod, Prince of Kiev (b 1024, d 03.10.1078)
  (B) daughter
  m. Svyatoslav I 'the Damned', Prince of Kiev (b 980, d 1019)
  (3) Gunhilda or Swiesoslawa of Poland
  m1. Eric VI 'the victorious', King of Sweden (d 995)
  m2. (c990, div 1000) Sveyn I 'Forkbeard', King of Denmark, Norway and England (b 965, d 02.02.1014)
  Shown by GenEU as sister of Mieszko but more often (though not necessarily more correctly) described as his daughter (though, if so, whether by his 1st or 2nd wife is unknown) was ...
  (4) Adelaide of Poland (d after 997) EGHJSWY
  m1. Michael, Duke of Hungary (d c978) EGHJSWY
  m2. (c985) Geza, King of Hungary
  m3. (c979) Oda (d 1023, dau of Dietrich von Haldesleben, Margrave of the Nordmark)



Vladislaus or Wladislaw II, Prince of Cracow and Silesia (b 1105, d 30.05.1159) - continued above
ROYL identifies Vladislaus's wife as Christina, dau of Emperor Henry V by Maud, dau of Henry I of England, but GenEU identifies her as ...
m. (c1126) Agnes of Austria (dau of Leopold III, Margrave of Austria)
1. Boleslaus or Boleslaw I, Duke of Silesia and Breslau (b 1127, d 07.12.1201)
  m(2). Adelheid (dau of Beringerus, Count of Sulzbach)
A. Henry I, Duke of Silesia, etc. (b by 1170, d 19.03.1238)
  m. (c1190) Hedwig of Andechs (dau of Bertold IV, Count of Andechs, Duke of Meranien)
  i. Henry II, Duke of Silesia, etc. (b by 1196, d 09.04.1241)
  m. Anna of Bohemia (b 1204, d 23.06.1265, dau of Premsyl I Otakar, King of Bohemia)
  a. Boleslaus or Boleslaw II, Duke of Silesia, etc (b c25.12.1278) had issue
  b. Conrad I, Duke of Glogau, Bishop of Passau (b by 1231, d 06.08.1273/4, 4th son)
  m(1). (1249) Salome of Poland (dau of Vladislav, Duke of Poland)
  (1) Henry I, Duke of Glogau and Sagan (d 11.12.1310)
  m. (03.1290) Mechtild (b 1276, d 1318, dau of Albrecht, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg)
(A) Henry II, Duke of Glogau and Sagan (b c1292, d 22.01.1342) had issue
  (B) Beatrix of Glogau (b c1292, d 24.08.1322) HS
  m. (c1309) Ludwig IV, Duke of Upper Bavaria, King of Italy, Emperor of Germany (b 1282, d 1347) HS
  (C)+ other issue
  (2)+ other issue
  c.+ other issue
  ii.+ other issue
  B.+ other issue
2. Richenza of Silesia (d 1185) EGHJSWY
  m1. (1152) Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon (b 1105, d 21.08.1157) EGHJSWY
  m2. (1161) Ramon Bereguer V, Count of Provence (d 1166) ??
  m3. Count Albrecht von Everstein
3.+ other issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : GenEU (Piast1), ROYL (table CLXXVII)
(2) For lower section : GenEU (Piast4, 7), ROYL (tables CCLXXXVI, CCXLIII)
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