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Families covered: Early Counts/Dukes of Julich

(1) Information on this family was first uploaded into this database in 2002 using 2 pages, 'Julich1' for information sourced from 'Royal Genealogies' (abbreviated below to 'ROYL') and 'Julich2' for information sourced from 'GenEU'. The pages were entered separately to serve as examples of how different sources gave conflicting information, although it was made clear that GenEU was viewed as more reliable than ROYL. In 2004 it was decided that this complication was not only unnecessary but also potentially confusing so, on 03.11.04, the earlier pages were combined into this one. As can be seen, there are several areas of significant difference between the 2 sources. We generally follow GenEU and highlight where information coming from ROYL is not supported by GenEU.
(2) 'Royal Genealogies' (ROYL) starts with the following Gerhard but GenEU starts 2 generations later so, combined with other matters, they differ on the numberings. Where they differ we show the numbering used by GenEU first and that used by ROYL second. Cross-references from other pages may use either number.
Gerhard -/I, Count of Julich (a 913)
1. William -/I, Count of Julich (a 940)
  A. Gerhard I/II, Count of Julich (d after 02.06.1029)
  ROYL show Gerhard as having 2 sons - Walram and Count William II (a 1050), the latter being father of Count Gerhard III. GenEu shows the next Count as ...
  i. Gerhard II/-, Count of Julich (a 1070)
  a. Gerhard III, Count of Julich (d after 1126)
  m. "a Countess of Sayne" mentioned by ROYL only
  (1) Gerhard IV/-, Count of Julich (a 1143) omitted by ROYL
  (A) William I/III, Count of Julich (a 1176)
  m. (1138)_ of Hesse mentioned by ROYL only
ROYL reports 2 sons for William (III): Gerhard IV (d 1218) and William. With other major differences over the next couple of generations, in particular concerning the passing of the title through an heiress (which is not shown by ROYL), it is not clear exactly where the misinterpretations were (presumed to have been by ROYL).
  (i) William II/- 'der Grosse', Count of Julich (d 1207)
  m. (before 24.05.1177) Alveradis von Saffenberg, heiress of Maubach (d after 07.03.1216)
  (a) Wilhelm of Julich (d young)
  (ii) Gerhard of Judith (a 1198)
This may be the Gerhard, possibly confused by ROYL with Count Wilhelm (d 1218, shown below), who is shown by ROYL as having married ...
  m. "a lady of Schauenberg"
  (iii) Jutta, heiress of Julich (d after 1190) GJ
  m. Eberhard II von Hengebach (d after 1217) @@ below GJ
  (iv) Margaret of Julich mentioned by ROYL only
  m. Adoph V, Count of Berg
  (B)+ other issue - Gerhard, Dietrich
  (2) Alexander of Julich, Bishop of Liege (d 1135)
  (3) Richardis of Julich mentioned by ROYL only
  m. Otto II, Count of Geldern
  (4) Margaret of Julich mentioned by ROYL only GJ
  m. Eberhard I, Count of the Mark (d 1180) GJ
  b. Gerlach



ROYL does not show the County of Julich passing through the heiress Jutta into another family but instead shows the County passing down the male line of the earlier Counts from William III to Gerhard IV (d 1218) to William IV (d 1247) to William V (d 1278). We follow GenEU.
Eberhard II von Hengebach (d after 1217)
m. Jutta, heiress of Julich (d after 1190) @@ above
1. William III/-, Count of Julich (d Damiette 1218)
  This may be the Count identified by ROYL as Gerhard IV (d 1218) who, by "a lady of Schaunberg", was father of Count William IV (see note just below), a son Gerhard, and the daughter Margaret shown below as daughter of this William.
  m. Matilda of Limburg (d after 01.04.1234)
  ROYL inserts here an additional generation in Count William IV (d 1247) who, by a Countess of Loss, was father of ...
A. William IV/V, Count of Julich (d 16.03.1278)
  ROYL shows a daughter of Waleramus, Duke of Limburg, as wife rather than mother of this Count William.
  m1. (c1237) Margaret of Geldern (d before 1251, dau of Gerard, Count of Geldern)
  i. William of Julich (d 1278)
  ROYL mentions this William but reports that is was his brother Walram (d 1300) who married Mary (dau of Guido, Count of Flanders) and was father of a William who dsp 1304.
  m. Marie of Flanders (d 1297, dau of Guy de Dampierre, Count of Flanders)
  a. ? William of Julich, Archbishop of Cologne (d 1304)
  ii. Walram, Count of Julich (d 1297)
  m. Marie of Brabant-Arschott
a. William of Julich (a 1308)
  iii. Gerhard V, Count of Julich (b c1241, d 1328)
  ROYL shows Gerhard as having had one wife, Elizabeth of Cleves (dau of Theodoric VIII, Count of Cleves).
  m1. _ von Kessel
a. William, V Count, 1 Duke of Julich (d 26.02.1362)
  m. (1324/34) Joanna of Holland (b c1315, d 1374, dau of Willem III d'Avesnes, Count of Hainault and Holland)
  (1) Gerhard VI, Duke of Julich, Count of Berg and Ravensberg (dvp 1360)
  m. Margaret, heiress of Ravensberg and Berg (d 1389, dau of Otto, Count of Ravensberg)
  (A) Wilhelm VII, Duke of Julich and Berg (b 1338, d 25.06.1408) had issue
  m. (1363) Anna of the Rhein (b 1346, d 30.11.1415, dau of Rupert II of the Rhein)
(B) Margaret of Julich (d 1425) GJ
  m. (1369) Adolf, Count of Cleves (d 1394) GJ
  (C) Elisabeth of Julich (d after 1388)
  m. (before 16.12.1363) Heinrich, Count of Waldeck (d 1397)
  (2) Wilhelm II, Duke of Julich and Geldern (d 1393)
  m. Mary of Geldern (d 1405, dau of Rainald II, Duke of Geldern)
(A) Wilhelm III, Duke of Geldern and Julich (b 1364, d 1402)
  m. (1379) Catherine of Bavaria (b 1360, d 1400)
  (B) Reinald, Duke of Geldern and Julich (dspl 1423)
  m. (1405) Mary, Countess of Harcourt
  (C) Joanna, heiress of Julich
  m. Johann von Arkel (d 1428)
  (i) Mary of Arckelm GJ
  m. (1409) Jan II von Egmond, Regent of Geldern (b c1385, d 04.01.1451) GJ
(3) Richardis of Julich (b 1314, d 1360)
  Shown by ROYL as daughter of Gerhard V. We follow GenEU in showing her here.
  m1. (1330) Otto IV, Duke of Lower Bavaria (b 1307, d 1334)
  m2. (before 11.10.1354) Engelbert II, Count von der Mark (d 1391)
  (4) Elisabeth of Julich (d 06.06.1411)
  m1. (c1352) John Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Kent, Baron Wake of Liddell (b 07.04.1330, dsp 26.12.1352)
  m2. (29.09.1360) Eustach d'Aubrechincourt (Sir Eustace d'Aubrecicourt)
  (5)+ other issue - Reinold, Philippa, Joanna
  m2. (1304) Elizabeth of Brabant-Arschott (d 1349-55, dau of Godfrey of Brabant, lord of Aerschot)
  b. Godfrey, Herr von Bergheim (d 1335)
  m. Elisabeth of Cleves (d 1347)
  (1) Yolande von Bergheim (d 1387)
  m. (before 03.11.1348) Friederich, Count of Leiningen
  c. Richarde of Julich
  m. Konrad van Dyck
  d. Marie of Julich
  m1. (c1327) Heinrich, Count of Virneburg (d 1338)
  m2. (1340) Dietrich VIII, Count of Cleves (d 1347)
  m3. Konrad von Saffenberg
  e. Elisabeth of Julich
  m1. Johann II, Count of Sayn (d after 1360)
  m2. Gottfried von Hatzfeld
  f.+ other issue - Walram (d 1349, Archishop of Cologne), Henry (priest, John
  iv.+ other issue - Otto (priest), Matilda, Margaret, Richarde, Blancheflor, Pironetta, Catherine, Mechtild
  m2. (before 26.01.1260) Richardis of Geldern
  B. Margaret of Julich (d 1278 )mentioned by ROYL only, possibly of this generation
  m. Adoph V, Count of Berg
  C.+ other issue - Walram, Dietrich
2.+ other issue - Hermann (priest), Dietrich, Eberhard, Arnold, Jutta, Udalhild, Aldheidis

Main source(s): GenEU (Cleves6, 7), 'Royal Genealogies' ("ROYL")
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