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Families covered: Counts of Cleves

Arnold I, Count of Cleves (d 962)
1. Baldwin III, Count of Cleves (d 1000)
  m. Adela of Zutphen (dau of Wichman II, Count of Zutphen)
  A. Conrad, Count of Cleves (d 1041)
  m. Catharin of Saye
  i. Theodoric II, Count of Cleves (d 1085)
  m. Agnes of Schwarzburg (dau of Adolph, Count of Scwarzburg)
  a. Theodoric III, Count of Cleves (d 1114)
  b. Arnold II, Count of Cleves (d 1162)
  m. Ida (dau of Friederich Barbarossa, Emperor)
  (1) Theodoric IV, Count of Cleves (d 1200)
  m. Johanna of Brabant (dau of Godfrey Barbatus, Duke of Brabant)
  (2) Arnold III, Count of Cleves (d 1210)
  m. Adelheid of Holland (dau of Florence III, Count of Holland)
  (A) Arnold IV, Count of Cleves (d 1218)
  m. Catherine of Limburg (dau of Henry, Duke of Limburg)
  (i) Theodoric V, Count of Cleves (d 1244)
  m. Bechtild, heiress of Dynflecken
  (a) Theodoric VI, Count of Cleves (d 1261)
  m. Isabella of Brabant (dau of Henry I, Duke of Brabant)
  ((1)) Theodoric VII, Count of Cleves (d 1275)
  m. Walpergis of Luxembourg
((A)) Theodoric VIII, Count of Cleves (d 1305)
  m1. Irmingardis (dau of Otto, Count of Geldern)
  ((i)) Otto, Count of Cleves (d 1311)
  m. Adelheid von Mark (dau of Egelbert, Count of the Mark)
  ((a)) Irmingard of Cleves
  m. John of Arkel
  m2. (1290) Margaret of Habsburg (dau of Eberhard, Count of Habsburg)
  ((ii)) Theodoric IX, Count of Cleves (d 1347)
  m. Margaret of Geldern (dau of Rainald, Count of Geldern)
  ((a)) Margaret of Cleves GJ
m. (1332) Adoph II (or V), Count of the Mark (d 1347) GJ
  ((iii)) Agnes of Cleves
  m. Adoph VII, Count of the Berg (dsp 1348)
  ((B)) ? Elizabeth of Cleves J
  m. Gerhard V, Count of Julich ?? J
  ((C)) Mechtild of Cleves
  m. (1280) Henry V, Landgrave of Hesse
  ((2)) Margaret of Cleves GJ
  m. Otto III 'Claudius', Count of Geldern (d 1271) GJ

Main source(s): ROYL (table CCCXLVII)
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