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Families covered: Dukes of Brittany (Bretagne), Counts of Richmond, Counts of Penthievre

Eudes of Brittany, Count of Penthievre, Regent of Brittany (b 999, d 07.01.1079)
m. Agnes de Cornouaille (dau of Alain Cagniart, Count of Cornouaille)
1. Geoffrey I Botterel, Count of Penthievre (d 1093)
  A. Eudes, Count of Porhoet (d 1095)
2. Etienne I, Count of Trequier and Lamballe (b c1064, d 21.04.1135/7)
  m. Hawise de Guncamp
A. Geoffrey II Botterel, Count of Penthievre (d 1148)
  i. Rivallon, Count of Penthievre (d c1162)
  a. Etienne II , Count of Penthievre (d 1164)
  b. Geoffrey III Botterel, Count of Penthievre (d 1177)
  ii. Hamon Boterel mentioned by various web sites
  B. Alan 'la Zusche' ('the Black'), Earl of Richmond (b c1095, d 15.09.1146)
  m. (1135) Berthe, heiress of Brittany (d 1158/64, dau of Conon, Duke of Brittany)
  i. Conon IV, Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond (b c1138, d 20.02.1171)
  m. (1160) Margaret of Scotland (b 1154, d 1201, dau of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon)
  a. Constance, Duchess of Brittany (b 1161, d 05.09.1201) GHSY
  m1. (1181) Geoffrey Plantagenet, Duke of Brittany (b 23.09.1158, d 1186)
  m2. (1188, div 1199) Ranulph 'Blandevil' de Meschines, 4th Earl of Chester (dsp 26.10.1232)
  m3. (1199) Guy de Thouars, Duke of Brittany (d 1213) GHSY
  ii. Brian FitzAlan of Bedale
  This connection and the following information come from TCP (FitzAlan).
  a. Alan FitzBrian of Bedale (d 12.1189)
  m. _ Haget, lady of Bainton (dau of Bertram Haget of Wighill, Bainton and Heaulaugh)
  (1) Brian FitzAlan of Bedale, Bainton, etc (a 07.1241)
  m. Alice Hansard (dau of Gilbert Hansard of Evenwood and Hurworth)
(A) Sir Alan FitzBrian of Bedale, etc (d 17.05.1267)
  m. Agnes
  (i) Sir Brian FitzAlan of Bedale, etc (d 01.06.1306)
  m1. Muriel (d before 08.11.1290)
  (a)+ issue (dvpsp before 08.11.1290) - Thomas, Robert, Theobald
  m2. (before 02.07.1297) Maud (a 04.1340)
  BLG1952 (Chetwynd-Stapylton formerly of Wighill) suggests that Agnes's mother was a daughter of John Baliol, King of Scotland. TCP (FitzAlan) identifies her only as Maud and provides no clue as to her parentage.
  (d) Agnes FitzAlan (b c1298, d before 03.11.1348)
  m1. (before 15.12.1317) Sir Gilbert de Stapelton of North Moreton (d before 23.06.1324)
  m2. Sir Thomas de Sheffield (d before 03.11.1348)
  (e) Katherine FitzAlan (b c1300, d before 07.08.1328)
  m. (before 27.12.1317) Sir John de Grey of Rotherfield (b 29.10.1300, d 01.09.1359)
  (ii) Sir Theobald FitzAlan of Stow and Quy (dsp 21.02.1307/8)
  (B) Thomas FitzBrian (a 04.1252, rector of Bedale)
  iii. Constance of Brittany (d after 23.06.1184)
  m. Alain III, Viscount de Rohan (d 1195)
  iv. Enoguen de Bretagne, Abbess of St. Sulpice (d c1187)
partner(s) unknown
  v. Reginald la Zusche
  vi.+ other issue - Robert, Brian, Stephen
  BE1883 (Zouche of Ashby) indicates that Alan la Zusche had yet another illegitimate son: Roger, founder of the Zouche families of Ashby and Haryngworth. However, TCP (Zouche) reports that that family's descent was from a daughter of Alan Fergant, Duke of Brittany, not from Alan la Zusche.
  C. Henry, Count of Treguier and Guincamp (b c1100, 1183/90) had issue
  m. (19.09.1151) Matilda de Vendome
  D. Maud de Penthievre (d 1139) --
  m. (by 1120) Walter of Gaunt (d 1138/9) --
  E. Agnes de Penthievre
  m. (1135) Olivier de Dinan
F. Olive de Penthievre Y
  m1. Henry I, Sn de Fougeres (d 1154) Y
  m2. Guillaume de Saint-Jean
  G. Theophania de Penthievre
  m. Rabel de Tancerville, Chamberlain of Normandy
3. Brien de Bretagne of Cornwall (d 1075)
4. Alan 'the Red', 1st Lord of Richmond (dsp 1089)
5. Alan 'the Black', 2nd Lord of Richmond (dsp 1093)
6.+ other issue - William, Robert, Richard
  Robert is often identified as ancestor of the Lovels of Titchmarsh but, as reported on 'Lovel2', we doubt that connection.
partner(s) unknown
9. Bardolf of Ravensworth (a 1086) --
10. Ribald of Middleham connection reported by some web sites Y

Main source(s): GenEU (Bretagne3), TCP (Richmond)
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