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The top section of this page would be part of the 'Ancient & Mythical' section of the database were it not more convenient to show it here. In other words, it should be viewed with caution. In various cases, noting that we are reporting hand-written notes taken from an old book that was often difficult to decipher, the spelling may be wrong.
Cracus (d 709)
1. Premislaus 1 of Bohemia (d 745)
  m. Libussa (d 734)
A. Nezanislaus of Bohemia (d 783)
  m. Strzezyflora
  i. Vogenus (d 831)
  a. Gufinus (?)
  (1) Krzesomyskus of Bohemia (d 851)
  (A) Neclan (d 873)
  m. Poriflava
  (i) Hostivitius (d 890)
  m. Miloflava
  (a) Borivorius 1, Duke of Bohemia (d 894/910) - continued below EGHJSWY
  m. St. Ludmila EGHJSWY



Borivorius 1, Duke of Bohemia (d 894/910) - continued above
m. St. Ludmila (d 927, dau of Slavibor ze Psova)
1. Spitignev 1, Duke of Bohemia (d 905/15)
2. Vratislaus 1, Duke of Bohemia (d 921)
  m. Drahomira
  A. Vaclav or Wenceslas I, 'Good King Wenceslas', Duke of Bohemia (d 929 or 935)
  B. Boleslaus 1, Duke of Bohemia (b c909, d 967 or 973/6)
  m. Bozena or Biagota
  i. Boleslaus 1I, Duke of Bohemia (d 999)
  m. Hemma of Saxony (d 1006)
  a. Boleslaus 1II, Duke of Bohemia (d 1003)
  b. Jaromir, Duke of Bohemia (d 1004/35)
  c. Oldrich, Duke of Bohemia (d 1034)
ROYL shows Jaromir as father of Bretislaus but GenEU shows Oldrich.
  (1) Bretislaus or Bretislav I, Duke of Bohemia (d 1055)
  m. Judith of Schweinfurt (d 1058)
  (A) Spitignev 1I, Duke of Bohemia (d 1061)
  (B) Vratislaus 1I, Duke/King of Bohemia (d 1092)
  m1. Maria or Arbara (dsp)
  m2. Adelaide of Hungary (d 1062, dau of Andrew I, King of Hungary)
  (i) Bretislaus 1I, Duke of Bohemia (d 1094)
  (ii) Judith of Bohemia (d 1086) EGHJSWY
  m. (c1080) Vladislav I, King of Poland (b c1044, d 1102) EGHJSWY
  m3. (1062) Svatava of Poland (d 1126, dau of Casimir I, King of Poland)
(iii) Vladislav 1, Duke/Elector of Bohemia (d 1125)
  m. Amabilia or Richza
  (a) Vladislav 1I, King of Bohemia (d 18.01.1174)
  m1. Gertrude of Austria (d 1150, dau of Leopold the Pious, Markgrave of Austria)
  ((1)) Frederick, Duke of Bohemia (b c1142, d 25.05.1189)
  m. Elizabeth of Hungary (dau of Geza II, King of Hungary)
  ((A)) Sophia of Bohemia (d 1195)
  m. Albert 1, Margrave of Meissen/Misnia (d 1195)
  ((B)) Ludmila of Bohemia (b c1170, d 04.08.1240) GHJS
  m1. Adalbert von Bogen (d 1197)
  m2. (1204) Ludwig I, Duke of Bavaria (b 1173, d 15.09.1231) GHJS
((C)) Helen of Bohemia
  m. (1164) Peter of Constantinople
  m2. Judith or Jutta of Thuringia (dau of Ludwig, Landgrave of Thuringia)
  ((2)) Premsyl 1 Otakar, King of Bohemia (b c1155, d 15.12.1230)
  m1. (1187, div 1198) Adelheid of Misnia (dau of Otto, Margrave of Misnia))
  ((A)) Margaret or Dagmar of Bohemia (d 1212)
  m. (1205) Waldemar II, King of Denmark (d 28.03.1241)
  m2. (c1198) Constance of Hungary (b c1180, d 06.12.1240, dau of Bela III, King of Hungary)
  ((B)) Vaclav or Wenceslas I, King of Bohemia (b 1205, d 23.09.1253)
  m. (1224) Cunigunde of Swabia (dau of Philip, Duke of Swabia, King of Germany)
  ((i)) Premsyl 1I Otakar, King of Bohemia (b c1233, d 26.08.1278)
  m1. (div 1264) Margaret of Austria (d 1267)
m2. (1261) Cunigunde of Novgorod (d 1285, dau of Rostislav, Prince of Novgorod)
  ((a)) Vaclav or Wenceslas II, King of Bohemia and Poland (b 1271, d 21.06.1305)
  m1. (1285/7) Jutta of Habsburg (b 1271, d 1297, dau of Rudolf of Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor)
  (((1))) Vaclav or Wenceslas III, King of Bohemia and Poland (b 1289, d 1306)
(((2))) Elizabeth of Bohemia (b 20.01.1292, d 28.09.1330) GHJS
  m. (1310) Jean, Count of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia (b 10.08.1296, d Crecy 26.08.1346) GHJS
  m2. Elizabeth of Poland (d 1335)
  ((ii)) Beatrix of Bohemia (d 1286)
  m. (1243) Otto III, Margrave of Brandenburg (d 09.10.1267)
  ((C)) Anna of Bohemia (b 1204, d 23.06.1265) HS
  m. (1216) Henry II, Duke of Bressau and Silesia (d 09.04.1241) HS
  ii. Dobrava of Bohemia (d 977) EGHJSWY
  m. (965) Miecislaus I, Duke of Poland (d 992/7) EGHJSWY

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : ROYL (table CCXXXVI)
(2) For lower section : ROYL (CCXXXVI, CCXXXVII), GenEU (Bohemia1, 2), with support from a number of sources such as Debrett's "Kings and Queens of Europe" by David Williamson (published by Webb & Bower in 1988, ISBN 0-86350-194-X)
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