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Families covered: Margrave of Austria

Leopold I, Margrave of Austria (d 988/94)
m. Richwara or Richardis
GenEU reports that Richwara was daughter of Ernst, Count in Sualafeldgau, whilst ROYL suggests that Richardis was sister of the Emperor Henry Auceps.
1. Heinrich I, Margrave of Austria (d 23.06.1018)
  ROYL shows Henry as father rather than elder brother of Ernst and Albert. We follow GenEU.
2. Ernst I, Duke of Swabia (d 31.05.1015) had issue
  m. (c1014) Gisela of Swabia (d 1043, dau of Herman II, Duke of Swabia)
3. Albert or Adalbert, Margrave of Austria (d 26.05.1055)
  ROYL suggests that Albert's wife, mother of Ernst, was Adelheid, dau of Peter III, King of Hungary, but GenEU identifies her as ...
  m. Glismond (sister of Meinwerks, Bishop of Paderborn)
  A. Leopold (dvpspm 1043) had issue
B. Ernst, Margrave of Austria (b 1027, d 1075)
  m. Adeleid of Meissen (d 1071, dau of Dedo II, Margrave of Niederlausitz, Regent in Meissen, by Adela of Louvaine)
  i. Leopold, Margrave of Austria (b 1050, d 1102)
ROYL identifies Leopold's wife as Itha of Germany, dau of Henry III, King of Germany and Emperor (making his son Leopold's wife his 1st cousin). GenEU identifies her as ...
  m. Ida von Ratelberg
  a. Leopold, Margrave of Austria (b 1073, d 05.11.1136)
  m. (1106) Agnes of Germany (d 09.1143, dau of Henry IV, King of Germany, Emperor)
  (1) Henry, Duke of Austria and Bavaria (b 1112, d 13.11.1177) had issue
  m1. (1142) Gertrud (b 1115, d 1143, dau of Emperor Lothar)
  m2. (1148) Theodora Komnena (d 1483, dau of Andronikos Komnenos, son of John, Emperor of Byzantium)
  (2) Agnes of Austria (b by 1113, d 25.01.1157) EGHJSWY
  m. (1125/6) Wladislaw II, Prince of Cracow and Silesia (b 1105, d 30.05.1159) EGHJSWY
  (3) Judith of Austria (b c1115) HJSY
  m. William, Marquis of Montferrat (d 1191) HJSY
  (4) Gertrud of Austria (b 1120, d 04.08.1150) GHJS
  m. Vladislav II, King of Bohemia (d 18.01.1174) GHJS
  (5)+ other issue

Main source(s): GenEU (Babenberg), ROYL (table CCXXIII)
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