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This section first uploaded 28.08.15.
Thomas Coke of New Sarum (Salisbury) (d before 19.10.1524)
m1. (before 1482) Jane
1. William Coke of New Sarum
  m. Elizabeth Compton
  A. Thomas Coke
2. Thomas Coke (rector of Donhead St. Andrew)
3. Scholastica Coke
m. Thomas Chafyn of New Sarum
4. Lucy Coke
  m. John Ernley of Cannings (son of John of Ernley)
5. Alice Coke
  m1. John Bartilmewe of New Sarum @1@ below
  m2. Thomas Lambert of Maiden Bradley & New Sarum (d 1509-10)
6. Joan Coke
  m. John Stone of New Sarum @2@ below
m2. Catherine



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Richard Bartilmewe
1. John Bartilmewe (Bartholomew) of New Sarum (slate merchant)
  m. Alice Coke (dau of Thomas Coke of New Sarum) @1@ above
  A. Margery Bartilmewe (Bartholomew)
  m. Anthony Weekes of New Sarum
  B.+ other issue - John, Richard



This section first uploaded 28.08.15.
m1. John Atkins of New Sarum (d by 1485)
1.+ issue - William, John, Catherine
m2. Thomas Stone
4. John Stone of New Sarum
  m1. Joan Coke (dau of Thomas Coke of New Sarum) @2@ above
  A. Thomas Stone
  m2. Ann Payne (dau of Stephen Payne of Payne's Place, Motcombe)
m3. William Kellow alias Webbe of New Sarum (d 1523)



This section first uploaded 04.10.15.
John Elmes (a 1473, of Henley-on-Thames?)
m. Elizabeth (dau/(co)heir of William Brown of Lilford & Papley (d 1489) by Margaret (d 1489))
1. William Elmes of Warmington could be the same person rather than the father of ...
  A. William Elmes of Lilford, Northamptonshire (of the Middle Temple) the first mentioned by Lipscomb
  m. Elizabeth Iwardby (b c1475, d after 1547, dau/coheir of John Iwardby of Quainton, m2. Thomas Pigot of Whaddon & Doddershall)
  i. John Elmes of Missenden (Buckinghamshire) & Lilford
  m. (Editha) Mordaunt (dau of John, Lord Mordaunt)
  a. Edmund Elmes of Lilford
  m. _ St. John (dau of Sir John St. John)
  (1) Thomas Elmes of Lilford, Papley & Green's Norton (d 1633)
  (A) William Elmes of Lilford (d 1641) the last mentioned by Lipscomb, presumed father of ...
  (i) Arthur Elmes of Lilford (dsp 1663)
  m. Jane (m2. Sir Francis Compton)
  (B) Anthony Elmes of Green's Norton father of Sir Thomas
  (i) William Elmes, later of Lilford (d 1699) brother of Sir Thomas
  VCH identifies William as "the last male branch of that ancient and honourable family of the Elmes".
  (ii) Sir Thomas Elmes of Lilford (d 1690, youngest son) cousin of Arthur
  (C) Thomas Elmes of Warmington (b c1591, d1664) younger son of Thomas
  m. (1621) Anne Clark (d 1686, dau of Robert Clark of London
  (i) Ann Elmes
  m. John Pain of Colsden Grange, Roxton
  (ii) Margaret Elmes
  m. Robert Tatnall of London (clerk)
  (iii) Martha Elmes
m. Edmund Spinkes of Oundle (clerk)
  (a) Elmes Spinkes of Warmington (d c1720, youngest son)
  ((1)) Elmes Spinkes, last of Warmington (a 1720)
  m. Jemima
  ((2))+ other issue (a 1720) - Debora, Ann
  (b)+ other issue - Nathaniel, Seth, William, Martha
  (iv) Elizabeth Elmes
  m. Richard Holt
  (v) Mary Elmes
  m. George Wroth of Soiuth Farnham (mercer)
  (vi)+ other issue - William (b c1625, dvp 1653), 3 sons (d young) and 4 daughters (dvp)
  ii. Joane Elmes (d 1559)
  m. Jerome Hampden of Hartewell (d 22.05.1540)



This section first uploaded 22.10.15.
John de Pabenham (d 1331)
m. Joan de la Plaunche (dau of Sir James de la Plaunche by Maud, dau/heir of Nicholas de Haversham)
1. John de Pabenham (dsp c1349?)
  m. Elizabeth
2. Sir James de Pabenham 'of Wilden'
  m. Katherine Trailly (dau of Walter Trailly)
  A. Margery de Pabenham (Pavenham) (b 1354, d 08.08.1408)
  m. (by 1388) Sir William Hugford



This section first uploaded 12.11.15.
(1) At first sight, the Visitations appear to provide a reasonable pedigree for the following family even though there are some inconsistences between them, e.g. the first mentioned by Visitation (Norfolk) is Sir Rafe Walden who seems to be the same person as the Richard who is the first mentioned by Visitation (Huntingdonshire). In Visitation (Norfolk), the 2nd son of Sir Rafe is a William alongside whom is a reference to the Huntingdonshire Visitation ("Vide Huntington"). However, the first William mentioned by Visitation (Huntingdonshire) is shown as son of Robert, 2nd son of (the first) Richard. The position becomes more confused as cross-references to the family disagree with those Visitations as to the mothers of various of the daughters.
(2) One useful web site (here) provides the will dated 08.01.1532 of the Sir Richard who d by 1539. This makes it clear that his wife at the time was called Mary, that he had a son (dvp?) called Robert whose wife was Elizabeth West, and that he had 2 daughters called Elizabeth, one 'Elizabeth Hawte' and the other the Countess of Shrewsbury. [There is also a reference to a son George Blagge who was probably a stepson.] That Elizabeth Hawte and the Countess were (half-)sisters disagrees with what is reported by Visitation (Norfok) which shows the Elizabeths as of different generations: Elizabeth Hawte as dau of Sir Rafe by Elizabeth Rowsley and the Countess Elizabeth as dau of Sir Richard (by dau of Sir Richard Whethill) son of Sir Rafe by Margery Owgan (Wogan). Visitation (Huntingdonshire) shows only Countess Elizabeth, as dau of Sir Richard son of Richard.
(3) Thanks to a contributor (DCS, 12.11.15) for drawing our attention to (a) Douglas Richardson's impressive 'Magna Carta Ancestry' (here) which identifies Richard Walden of Erith (d 25.03.1536) as 3rd husband of Mary Brooke (widow of Robert Blagge then John Barrett) and (b) to some relevant correspondence (here).
(4) We suspect that there was indeed more than one Sir Richard Walden. The following attempts to pull together an outline of what may have happened. It should be viewed as speculative pending further investigating which we hope to carry out in due course. Dates shown in italics come from web sites not mentioned above.
Thomas Walden of Calais & Erith (Kent) (b 1441, d before 15.06.1474) identified in TCP (Sussex) as the first husband of ...
m. Margaret Whethill (b 1440, d 06.07.1518, daughter of Richard Whetehill of Calais, m2. John Ratcliffe, 9th Lord FitzWalter)
1. Sir Richard or Rafe Walden of Erith the first mentioned by Visitation (Huntingdonshire)
  A. Sir Richard Walden of Erith (d 25.03.1536)
  m1. Elizabeth Rowsley (dau of William Rowsley or Rawlesley)
  i. Elizabeth Walden
  m. Edward Hawte (son/heir of Jaques)
  m2. Margery Wogan (d 1528?, dau/coheir of Henry Wogan (Owgan) of Pendergest by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of John Joyse of Pendergest)
  The daughters shown below come from Visitation (Norfolk) which (wrongly) show them as daus of Sir Richard (by a dau of Sir Richard Whethill) son of Sir Rafe (by Margery Owgan).
  ii. Robert Walden (dvpsp?) ## see here ##
m. Elizabeth West
  iii. Margaret Walden
  m. John Cockett of Ampton & Apleton
  iv. Elizabeth Walden (d 07.1567)
  m. (c1512) George (Talbot), 4th Earl of Shrewsbury (b 1468, d 26.07.1538)
  v. Katherine Walden
  Visitation (Huntingdonshire) shows an unnamed 3rd daughter as m. _ Tirwhitt. Visitation (Norfolk) shows Katherine as married to ...
  m. John Tirrell of Becher ## see here ##
  m3. Mary Brooke (d 1543-4, dau of John Brooke, 7th Lord Cobham, by Margaret Nevill)
  B. Robert Walden in Norfolk
  Visitation (Norfolk) shows the second son (of Rafe, by Margery Owgan) as William and refers to the Huntingdonshire Visitation ("Vide Huntington") but that Visitation, which provides the following, shows the brother of Sir Richard as Robert who married ...
  m. Margaret Markham of Norfolk (heir)
  i. William Walden of St. Ives, Huntingdonshire
  m. Alice Byron (dau of Galfrid Byron of Nottinghamshire)
  a. William Walden of Buckworth, Huntingdonshire (a 1613)
  m. Rebecca Goodrick (dau of Thomas Goodrick of the Isle of Ely)
  (1)+ issue (a 1613) - Lionell (b c1595), Francis, Margeria, Anna, Rebecca
  ii. Silvester Walden of Dunmowe, Essex
  iii. Laurence Walden
  m. Margaret Talbott of Brandon Ferry
  a. Edward Walden of London (a 1613)
  m. Barbara Middleton (sister of Sir Thomas Middleton of London)
  (1)+ issue (a 1613) - Benjamin, Edmund

Main source(s):
(1) For Coke (2) for Bartilmewe and (3) for Joan : 'The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine' (vol XLIX, no. 175, December 1941, 'Pedigree showing Coke, Stone and Webbe families, with intermarriages', before p479) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 23.08.15) for bringing this to our attention
(4) For Elmes : VCH (Northamptonshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Lilford-with-Wigsthorpe' & 'Parishes: Warmington'), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Golafre or Gulafre (of) Missenden, Frome, Breose, Spigurnell, Iwardby and Elmes', p395)
(5) For Pabenham : Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Haversham', p187)
(6) For Walden : Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Cockett'), Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, 'Walden') with input/support/contradiction as reported above
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