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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section first uploaded 25.10.11.
Geoffrey Butler (pincerna) of Dicton (Deighton, near Huddersfield) (a 1130)
1. Henry de Dicton (dsp c1210)
  m. Eva (widow of Henry de Wolvelay of Woolley)
2. Thomas de Dicton, later of Woolley (a 1225)
  A. Margaret de Dicton of Wolveley or Wooley (d before 1317)
  m. John de Stainton of Stainton



This section first uploaded 26.10.11.
William de Rillestone of Rilstone in West Riding, Yorkshire (a 1100)
1. William de Rillestone
  m. Efa
A. Helias de Rillestone (a 1189)
  i. Helias de Rillestone
  a. Eustachinus (?) de Rillestone (a 1233)
  (1) Helias de Rillestone (a 1251)
  (A) Emma de Rillestone
  m. Richard Fauval or Fauvel (alias Rilleston) of Rillestone (d by 1304)
  (i) John de Rillestone (alias Fauvel)
  (a) Isabella de Rillestone (alias Fauvel)
  m. Miles Ratcliffe (a 1434)
  ii. Alice de Rillestone possibly fits here
  m. (c1188) Roger Tempest



This section first uploaded 29.10.11.
John Treiago
m. Jane Trewarthenick (dau of Stephen Trewarthenick (by Jane, dau of John Trevanion) son of Stephen by Melior, either sister of Sir Osbert de Talverne or dau of Osbert Soar of Talverne)
1. (Sir) Stephen Treiago
  m. Alice Cheynduit (dau of William Cheynduit or Chandit of Bodannan)
  A. Jane Treiago
  m. John Trenowith of Trenowith
  B. Margaret Treiago
  m. Thomas Roscarick or Roscarock



This section first uploaded 09.11.11.
To help us identify any connection between families with the name Baker, we note that Visitation identifies the following family's coat of arms as: "Sable, a griffing segreant ermine ducally gorged or, beaked and memberred gules".
Thomas Baker
m. Jane Corbet (dau of _ Corbet of Aston)
1. Thomas Baker
m. Maria Bromley (dau/heir of John Bromley of Hanwood)
  A. John Baker
  m. Jane Pigot (dau of Richard Pigot of Chetwin)
  i. John Baker of Hanwood
  m. Jane Hugons (dau of Roger Hugons or Huggons)
  a. Thomas Baker of Hanwood
m. Maria Stokyn (dau of William Stokyn (by Margery, dau of Edward Marston by Elizabeth, dau of John Jenkyns by Elizabeth, dau of Edward Leighton) son of Thomas (Stokyn))
  (1) John Baker (a 1586)
  m. Anna Charleton (dau of Francis Charleton)
  (2) Johanna Baker
  m. Thomas Taylor (son of Robert)
  b. Roger Baker
  m. Elizabeth Weale (dau of William Weale (or Webb), m2. Jacob Barker)
  (1) Sara Baker
  m. William Ireland (son of Thomas)
  (2)+ other issue - Abraham, Daniell, Johanna



This section first uploaded 18.11.11.
Roger Loring (d before 1185)
1. Peter Loring (b c1173, a 1250)
  A. Peter Loring (d 1286) presumed father of ...
  i. Sir Peter Loring of Chalgrave (a 1302) the first mentioned by Visitation
m. Joane Morteigne (heir)
  a. Sir Roger Loring of Chalgrave (d before 1346)
  m. Cassander Perrott (dau/heir of Reignold Perrott)
  (1) Sir Nigel or Nele Loring of Chalgrave (d 1385-6, KG)
  m. Margaret Beauple (dau of Ralph Beauple of Landkey 'of Knowstone')
  (A) Isabell Loring (d 21.08.1400)
  m1. Sir William Cogan 'of Huntspill' (d 1382)
  m2. Robert, Lord Harrington (d 1406)
  (B) Margaret Loring
  m. Thomas Pevre or Pever



This section first uploaded 26.03.12.
Lawrence Wilson of Bolton-le-Moore
m. Margaret Smith (dau of Benjamin Smith of Ashton-upon-the-Mersey by Sarah, dau/coheir of Thomas Ball of Burton (possibly by Margaret, dau of Robert Santhey of Burton))
1. Joseph Wilson of Rivington Hall & Little Lever Hall, Lancashire (d 25.07.1765)
  m. Abigail Andrews (dau/coheir of John Andrews of Rivington Hall & Little Lever Hall by Abigail, dau/coheir of Thomas Crooke of Abram Hall)
  A.+ issue (dvp) - John Andrews (dsp 10.04.1760), Lydia (d young)
2. Margaret Wilson (d unm 05.06.1725)
3. Elizabeth Wilson (d 01.07.1797)
  m. James Hurst of Hurst, Lancashire
  A. Sarah Hurst
  m. (15.10.1765) Joseph Lowe of Highfield (b 14.08.1737, d 20.03.1810)
4. Sarah Wilson (dsp 16.04.1797)
  m. Rev. John Milne

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