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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section first uploaded 05.03.09.
John de Arundel (a c1140)
1. William de Arundel of Foston, Yorkshire
2. Roger de Arundel 'of Foston' (justice)
3. Reginald de Arundel of Sneaton, Yorkshire possibly father of ...
  A. John de Arundel of Sneaton
  i. Joan Arundel
  m1. Robert Engeram
  m2. Roger de Nevill @@ below
4. Maud de Arundel
  m. ??
  A. Euphemia (sb Agnes?)
  VCH identifies Euphemia as mother of William le Constable of Flamborough so we presume that her husband was ...
  m. Robert (le) Constable of Flamburgh or Flamborough
B. Alice
5. Agnes de Arundel
  m. Robert de Hotham (a 1210)
6. Cecily de Arundel
  The following connections have been suggested by a contributor (OWC, 12.01.09).
  m. Jordan L'Enveise
  A. Joan de Lenveise
  m. John de Birkin of Birkin & Laxton (d 1230, m2. Agnes de Flammaville (widow of William Percy of Kildale))
  B. Denise de Lenveise
  m1. (sp) William de Glanville
  m2. Hubert de Anesty (d 1210, m2. Maud de Cameys)
  i. Nicolas de Anesty of Ansty & Little Hormead
  m. ?? Pecche (sister of Hamon Pecche) mentioned in VCH (Cambridgeshire, vol 5, Parishes: Bourn)
  a. Denise de Anesty (d 1304!)
  m1. Walter Langton (d 1234)
  m2. (before 06.1235) Warin de Munchensy (d 1255)



This section first uploaded 05.03.09, revised 05.06.15.
Ralph de Nevill of Scotton, Lincolnshire
m. Hawise de Percy (dau of Robert de Percy of Ormesby & Kildale)
1. Geoffrey de Nevill
2. Ralph de Nevill of Scotton & Filey (Yorkshire)
  A. Robert de Nevill of Scotton & Filey (d 1220)
  i. Ralph de Nevill of Scotton & Filey (d c1243)
Up to 05.06.15, following the suggestion of OWC, I showed this Ralph as father of Philip (d c1274) & Ralph. Thanks to a contributor (TM, 04.06.15) for drawing attention to correspondence on this family in RootsWeb (see here) which suggests that this Ralph dsp and that the following Philip (& Ralph) were sons of another Ralph, uncle of this one. That RootsWeb correspondence refers to an article in TCP (vol IX, 'Neville or Nevill of Essex', p476+) which is consistent with what we show and indicates that there was some confusion between this Ralph and his uncle Ralph.
  B. Ralph de Nevill
  i. Philip de Nevill of Scotton (d c1274)
  m. Juliana
  a. Robert de Nevill of Scotton 'of Stainton'
  m. (1285) Angharad (a 06.1308, dau of Grufydd of Bromfield, widow of William le Botiler of Wemme)
  (1) Sir Philip de Nevill 'of Scotton'
  m. (spm) Julian D'Arcy (d before 1350, sister/coheir of Norman D'Arcy, 2nd Lord, m2. Sir John de Limbury) wife of Philip, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Matilda Nevill (d 1381) possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Bussy of Hougham (d 1399)
(2) Elizabeth Nevill (d 17.11.1346)
  m. Robert FitzRalph, 2nd Lord FitzWilliam (d by 04.1317)
  b. Joan Nevill possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John de Hardredeshull of Hartshill (d 1275-6)
  ii. Ralph de Nevill
3. Roger de Nevill
  m. Joan de Arundel (dau of John Arundel of Sneaton) @@ above
  The following comes from VCH (Yorkshire, North Riding, Volume 2, Parishes - Sneaton).
  A. John de Nevill of Sneaton
  i. Joan de Nevill
  m1. William de Upsall
  m2. William de Percy (d 1295)
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - William, John



This section first uploaded 18.09.20.
Various web sites identify the father of Lord Mayor Sir Thomas as a Richard but HoP ("Thomas Baldry"), which identifies the Lord Mayor as elder brother of MP Thomas, identifies their father as ...
Thomas Baldry of Ipswich (d 1500, MP)
1. Sir Thomas Baldry, Lord Mayor of London (a 1523)
  m. Elizabeth Forth (dau of William Forth of Hadleigh) wife of Sir Thomas, presumed mother of ...
  A. George Baldry of Hadley (alderman of London, heir)
  i. Elizabeth Baldry (bur 19.12.1591, heir)
m1. Robert Rich, 2nd Lord of Leighs (b c1537, d 27.02.1580/1)
  m2. Robert Forth
  B. daughter
  m. William Browne of Flamberts
  C. Alice Baldrey
  m. John Browne of Horton Kirby & Stretton (d 1570, royal almoner)
  D. Bridget Baldrey
  m. Sir Humphrey Style of Langley (d 09.04.1557)
2. Thomas Baldry of Ipswich (b by 1481, d before 27.05.1525, MP, apparently 2nd Thomas)
  m1. Alice
  m2. Christian (m2. Thomas Rush MP) ## see here ##



This section first uploaded 29.05.23.
William Bruyn of Belne, Worcestershire
m. Dionisia Whitane (dau/heir of Sir Jordane hitane)
1. Simon Bruyn
  A. William Bruyn
  i. Henry Bruyn
  a. Henry Bruyn (a 1362)
  (1) Henry Bruyn 'of Brancote' of Belne & Hoblench (a 1405, dsp)
  b. John Bruyn
  (1) Joan Bruyn
  m. Sir Nicholas Burdet (d c1440, "great butler of Normandy")



This section first uploaded 14.11.23.
Sir Oliver Chamberlayne or Chamberlaine
1. Philip Chamberlaine of Dublin (Archdeacon of Glendalough)
  A. Frances Chamberlaine (b 1745, d 26.09.1766)
  m. (1747) Thomas Sheridan (b 1719, d 14.08.1788, actor)
  B. Anne Chamberlaine
  m. Rev. John Fish of Castle Fish
  i. Louisa Ann Fish
  m. (03.02.1780) John Dexter of Annfield (bpt 21.12.1753, d 31.10.1819)

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(1) For Arundel of Sneaton : VCH (Yorkshire, North Riding, Volume 2, Parishes - Sneaton)
(2) For Nevill of Scotton : information kindly provided by a contributor (OWC, 12.01.09)
(3) For Baldry : cross-references from elsewhere in the database plus as reported above
(4) For Bruyn : 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 1, 1800, 'Pedigree of Bruyn', p349)
(5) For Chamberlaine : cross-referendes from elsewhere in the database
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