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Families covered: Fleming of Barrochan
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Craufurd reports that "The original ancestor of that name came from Flanders to Scotland very early, and assumed their Sirname and designation from their country. But the first mention I have found of the Fleemings of Barochan (sic) is in a charter granted by Malcolm Earl of Lennox, in the reign of King Alexander III" (who r. 1249-1286). It is possible but by not necessarily probable that they shared a common ancestor (within Scotland or England) with the Flemings of Cumbernauld (shown on Flening01) or those of Lancashire & Cumberland (shown on Fleming04) though, of course, they may have had common ancestors from earlier in Flanders. Crawfurd starts his pedigree with ...
William Fleeming (Fleming) of Barochan (Fleming of Barrochan) (a 1488, d Flodden 1513)
m. Marion Houstoun
1. James Fleming of Barrochan
  A. ?? Fleming
  Possibly Patrick, younger of Barrochan, who married Margaret Mure, dau of Mungo Mure of Rowallan.
  i. ?? Fleming
  Crawfurd jumps from the above James to the below Patrick, identifying him as "fifth in a direct line". He also reports that "This family hath intermarried with the families of Semple, Houstoun, Bishoptoun, Rouallan, Robetland, Ladyland, &c."
  a. ?? Fleming
  (1) ?? Fleming
  (A) Patrick Fleming of Barrochan (a 1710)
  Robertson picks up the pedigree at this point.
  (i) William Fleming of Barrochan (d c1762)
  m. Catherine Durham
  (a) Malcolm Fleming of Barrochan (a 1818, 2nd son)
  m. (1781) Elizabeth Ferguson (dau of William Ferguson of Dunholm)
  ((1)) William Malcolm Fleming of Barrochan (a 1818, judge)
((2))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Catherine, Jane
  (b)+ other issue - Patrick (d young), William, Elizabeth (d unm), Mary (d unm), Catherine
  (ii)+ 3 daughters
The following come from cross-references from elsewhere in the database.
  b. Margaret Fleming daughter of Patrick of Barrochan, possibly married twice?
  m1. James Houstoun of Craigton (brother of Sir Patrick who d 1605, son-in-law d 1622)
  m2. Sir David Cuningham, 4th of Robertland (d 1619, son married 1637)
  ii. Margaret Fleming daughter of Patrick Fleming of Barrochan (ie Barrochar)
  m. William Knox of Silvyland (son married c1601)
  iii. Margaret Fleming daughter of Alexander Fleming of Barrochan, possibly cousin rather than sister of the Margaret immediately above
  m. James Cuninghame (a 1567)
2. Janet Fleming "of the family of Barrochar", possibly of this generation
  m. George Knox (a 1503)

Main source(s): Crawfurd (Renfrewshire, Robertson, p102 & p381) with input as reported above
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