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Families covered: Wynell-Mayow of Bray, Wyvell (Wivell) of Crediton, Wyvell of Wyvellscombe

Vivian identifies the coat of arms of the following family as: "Arg., three mullets between two bars Sa. within a bordure engrailed Sa.".
Thomas Wyvell of Crediton, Devon
m. _ Clarke of Somerset (coheir)
1. Oliver Wyvell of Maristowe, Devon
m. Alice Gifford (dau of _ Gifford of Halisburie)
  A. Thomas Wyvell of Wyvellscombe, Cornwall (bur 07.05.1632)
  m1. Thomazin Whitford (bur 09.05.1598, dau of John Whitford of Sconor)
  i. Frances Wyvell (bpt 19.04.1579, bur 08.06.1604)
  m. (13.10.1600) Gifford Willes of Lanrack
  BLG1886 identifies Thomas's 2nd marriage as on 15.12.1627 to Joanna Willis of St. Stephen's. Vivian (Wyvell of Wyvellscombe) shows that he married (in St. Stephen's) as follows:
  m2. (18.12.1628) Joanna Dawbin (d before 16.05.1667, widow of William Body then Eliaz Wills)
Vivian (Wyvell of Wyvellescombe) shows no children by this marriage and identifies Frances as Thomas's heir. BLG1886 reports that Thomas "probably was grandfather (by Joanna) of" the undermentioned Philip. As (so it appears) Wyvelscombe passed into the Willes family, it is not unlikely that, if this connection is valid, either Philip or his father was illegitimate.
  ii. ?? Wyvell or Wynell
  a. Philip Wyvell or Wynell (vicar of Landrake)
  m. (1671) Frances Mayow (dau of Philip Mayow of Bray)
  (1) John Wynell
  m. (1710) Ursula Mayow (dau of Philip Mayow of Polgover)
(A) Philip Wynell, later Wynell-Mayow (b 1716, d 1781)
  m. (1741) Betty Salt (d 1774, dau/coheir of George Salt of Betley)
  (i) Philip Wynell, later Wynell-Mayow of Plympton (bpt 22.08.1745, dsp 1800, cleric)
  m. Elizabeth Snowdon (dsp 1811)
(ii) John Salt Wynell, later Wynell-Mayow of Bray House & Saltash, Mayor of Saltash (b 06.1749, d 1802)
  m. (12.05.1769) Mary Doughty (d 1820, dau/coheir of Robert Doughty of Hanworth)
  (a) Philip Wynell-Mayow of Bray (Cornwall) & Hanworth Hall (Norfolk) (b 17.03.1771, d 28.12.1844) had issue
  m. (22.07.1806) Elizabeth Deare (d 10.08.1844, dau of General Charles Deare)
  (b) Robert Wynell-Mayow (b 10.1777, d 01.1817, cleric) had issue
  m. (10.1805) Elizabeth Harding (d 13.121862, dau of William Harding of Liverpool, m2. Rev. John Morrall)
  (c) Mary Wynell-Mayow (b 13.01.1774, d 20.09.1856)
  m. (19.09.1799) Rev. John Richards
  (d) Catharine Anne Wynell-Mayow
  m. Rev. John Lukin
(e)+ other isuse - John William (b 1788, d 05.1802), Betty (d 24.05.1792)
  (iii) Mayow Wynell, later Wynell-Mayow of Sydenham (b 1752, d 1807)
  m. (1776) Mary Paulin (dau of Thomas Paulin of Bath)
  (a) Elizabeth Wynell-Mayow
  m. (1804) William Dacres Adams of Bowdon
  (b) Anne Wynell-Mayow
  m. (05.04.1805) Thomas Peregrine Courtenay (son of Reginald, Bishop of Exeter)
  (c) Caroline Wynell-Mayow
m. Rev. H.T. Wharton
  (d)+ other issue - Francis (d 08.01.1874), Mary (d 12.1856)
  (iv)+ other issue - Ursula Anne, Mary
  (B) John Wynell (bpt 12.12.1717)
  (2) Philip Wynell
  m. (1710) Susannah Mayow (dau of Philip Mayow of Polgover)
  (A) Ursula Wynell
  m. Benjamin Young



Vivian identifies the coat of arms of the following family as: "Arg., three mullets between three bars sa.", indicating that it was connected to the family shown above, possibly a senior branch.
John Wyvell of Crediton
m. Elizabeth Brixton (dau/heir of John Brixton of Devon)
1. Thomas Wyvell of Crediton
  m. Cicely Bonvile (dau of John Bonvile, relict of Moris Moore of Colehampton, m3. James Note of London)
  A. William Wyvell of Crediton (bur 07.05.1591)
  m. Elizabeth Reynell (bur 19.12.1583, dau of John Reynell of Estogwell)
  i. Nicholas Wyvell of Crediton possibly father of ...
  a. William Wyvell
  m. (c05.1611) Margaret Lee (dau of Walter Lee of Newton St. Cyres)
  b. Henry Wyvell
m. (c11.1621) Agnes (widow of _ Saunders of St. David, Exeter)
  ii. Dorothy Wyvell
  m. (16.11.1573) John Milton
  iii.+ other issue - Anthony, Richard (bur 06.01.1568-9), Joane, Phillippa, Elizabeth, Catheryne
  B. Phillipa Wyvell
  m. Henry Isam of Elbrewers
  C.+ other issue - Anthony, Nicholas
2. Margaret Wyvell or Wivell (bur 24.11.1554)
  m. (c1502?) Phillip Butler of Parcombe

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