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Families covered: Wyrley of Hampsted, Wyrley (Wirley) of Hondesworth (Handsworth), Wirley of Wirley

Baker identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, a chevron engrailed between three bugle horns Sable". Grazebrook identifies them as "Argent, three bugle-horns sable, stringed vert" but quotes Shaw as quoting Booth as saying "The Wyrleys have not kept constant to any one coat of arms". Grazebrook shows the following in his report on the 1614+1663-4 Visitation.
Robert de Wirley
1. William de Wirley
  A. Guy de Wirley (a 1281, 1318)
  i. John de Wirley (a 1318, 1339)
  a. Roger de Wirley (a 1338, 1359)
  (1) Eude de Wirley of Hondsworth, Hampsted, Barret & Oscot, Staffordshire (a 1381)
  (A) Cornelius de Wirley = Sir Cornelius Wyrley (a 1409) - continued below
  m. Catherine



Cornelius de Wirley = Sir Cornelius Wyrley (a 1409) - continued above
m. Catherine
Cornelius is the first mentioned by the grzzebrook for the 1583 Visitation and by Baker. For the 1614+1663-4 Visitation, Grazebrook adds another generation between this and the next Cornelius, a Roger de Wirley (a 1409, 1414) father by Joane of ...
1. Cornelius Wyrley of Handsworth, Staffordshire (a 1459)
m. Elizabeth Barton (a 1428, dau of Sir Thomas Barton of Lancashire)
  A. John Wyrley or Wirley of Handsworth or Hondesworth (a 1467, 1508) this line provided by Visitation
  m. Anne Harpur (dau of William Harpur of Rushall) Visitation (1614-1634-4) suggests that Anne was a "natural da."
  i. Cornelius Wyrley or Wirley of Hondesworth ('of Hampsted') (a 1508)
m. Claire Sheldon (dau/heir of John Sheldon of Rowley Regis)
  a. William Wyrley or Wirley of Hondesworth 'of Hampstead'
  m. Elizabeth Cave (dau of Richard Cave of Northamptonshire, sister of Sir Ambrose)
  (1) Thomas Wyrley or Wirley of Hondesworth or Handsworth (a 1583)
  m. Dorothy Harman (dau of Hugh Harman of Sutton Coldfield, brother of the Bishop of Exeter)
(A) John Wyrley or Wirley of Hampsted, Staffordshire
  m. Godith(a) Peyto (dau of Humfrey Peyto or Petoe of Chesterton)
  (i) Humphrey Wyrley of Hampsted (a 1615)
  m1. Catherine Holt (dau of Edward Holt of Dudston (Aston))
  (a) Goditha Wyrley
  m. Sampson Walter of Salt
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - Humphrey, Thomas
m2. Knightley Wyrley (dau of Francis Wyrley of Dodford)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Armytage & Rylands (1912), Additions to 1663-4, 'Wyrley').
  (d) Sir John Wyrley of Hampsted (b 1606-7, a 1680)
  m. (sp?) Mary Wolley (dau of Sir Francis Wolley of Perton)
  (e) Roger Wyrley (dsp)
  m. Anne Aldritch (dau of John Aldritch of Hesset)
  (f) Edward Wyrley (minster)
  m. Mary Malory (dau of Thomas Malory or Mallory (Dean of Chester), son of Sir William of Studley)
  ((1))+ issue - John (b 03.02.1649, d unm), Mary (b 17.08.1646, a 1686, d unm?)
  (g) William Wyrley
  m. (sp?) Bridget Wakeman (dau of Richard Wakeman of Ausley (Anseley))
(h) Humphrey Wyrley 'of Hamsted Hall' (a 1684)
  m. Sibill Masters (dau of Christopher Masters of Westminster)
  ((1)) Humphry Wyrley (a 1700)
  m. (Mary) Wroth (dau of Sir Henry Wroth of Durance)
  ((A)) John Wyrley
  ((B)) daughter apparently Mary (d 01.04.1729) who married ...
m. (30.04.1702) John Lane of Bentley (b 12.12.1669, bur 25.10.1748)
  ((C)) daughter apparently Sybill who married ...
  m. Rev. _ Birch
  ((2)) (Sibill) Wyrley (d 21.12.1710
m. Rupert Brown of London (a 1700, procter)
  ((3)) Knightley Wyrley
  m. (after 1686) ??
  (i) Frances Wyrley
  m. Richard Persehouse of Reynolds Hall
  (j) Anne Wyrley
  (k) Magdalen Wyrley
  m. Richard Walker of Salt
  (l) Jane Wyrley
  m. Anthony Hewet
  (m) Catherine Wyrley probably of this generation, possibly of this marriage
m. Walter Pipe of Bilston (bur 01.09.1649/50)
  (ii) Elizabeth Wyrley (d 23.11.1677) possibly of this generation
  m. Walter Noel of Hilcote (d 02.07.1627)
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1583) - Thomas, William, John, Richard, Edward, Dorothe, Anne
  (B) Augustine Wyrley or Wirley of Nether Seale, Leicestershire
Visitation (1583) shows the 2nd son as Abraham who m. Joane Avenon. Visitation (1614+1663-4) shows the 2nd son as Augustine who married ...
  m. Mary Charnells (dau of William Charnells of Snarkeston) mentioned by Visitation (1614+1663-4)
  (i) William Wyrley (dsp, Rouge Croix Pursuivant at Arms)
  m. (by 1609) Dorothy (relict of Gilbert Leige of Middleton)
  (C) Elizabeth Wirley
  m. Thomas Skrimsher of Johnson
  (D) Judith Wirley
  m. William Lea of Biggin
  (E) Dorothe Wirley
  m. Robert Robsante of Ouldbery
  (F) Grace Wirley
m. Ambrose Phillipes
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Martha, Catherin
  (2) Avery Wirley
  m. Robert Moseley of Bilston
  (3) Dorothe Wirley
  m. Thomas Cumberford of Cumberford
  (4) Brigide Wirley
  m. John Breton of Tamworth
  (5) Anne Wirley
  m. John Hogettes
  b. Marke Wirley
  c. Margaret Wirley
  m. William Eton ("a yonger brother of the house of Etons of Shropshire")
  B. Guy Wyrley
  m. Jane Stafford (dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford)

Main source(s): Visitation (H. Sydney Grzsebrook (1883), Staffordshire, 1583 ('Wyrley of Handworth') & 1613+1663-4 ('Wyrley of Hampstead' )) with some input/support from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Keynes, Ayote, Purefoy, Cressy, Aylesbury, Stafford, Wyrley, Benson, &c.', p356)
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