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Families covered: Wright of Brook Street, Wright of Cranham Hall, Wright of Dagenhams, Wright of Englefield, Wrighte of Gayhurst, Wright of Kelvedon, Wright of Wrightsbridge

John Wright, 1st of Kelvedon, Essex (d 05.10.1551)
1. John Wright of Kelvedon Hall
  m. Joane
A. John Wright of Kelvedon
  m. _ Lawrence
  i. John Wright of Kelvedon (b 1579-80, d 04.03.1654)
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Wright of Kelvedon).
  m1. (1608) Anne Sulyarde (d 28.11.1617, dau of Sir Edward Sulyarde or Suliard)
a. John Wright of Kelvedon (d 31.05.1656)
  m. (1637) Frances Waldegrave (dau of Philip Waldegrave of Borley)
  (1) John Wright of Kelvedon (d 04.10.1691)
  m. Philippa Fitzwilliam (d 16.05.1687, dau of William Fitzwilliam of Clixby)
  (A) John Wright of Kelvedon (d 27.08.1731)
  m. (1684) Eugenia Trinder (d 1734, dau/coheir of Charles Trinder of Holwell & Burton-on-the-Water)
(i) John Wright of Kelvedon (b 1685, d 02.12.1751)
  m1. Elizabeth Rooke (dsp 19.06.1718, dau of Robert Rooke of Weston Underwood)
  m2. (1733) Constantia Carington/Smith (dau of Francis Carington alias Smith of Wootton Hall & Aston Hall, great-granddau of Francis, brother of Charles, 1st Viscount Carington)
  (a) John Wright of Kelvedon (d 12.11.1792)
  m1. (1762) Winifred Silvertop (d 12.08.1780, dau of George Silvertop of Minster Acres)
  ((1)) John Wright of Kelvedon (b 04.08.1763, d 13.02.1826)
  m. (08.01.1789) Elizabeth Lawson (d 07.07.1812, dau of Sir John Lawson, 5th Bart of Brough Hall)
  ((A)) John Wright (b 25.07.1792, dvp 02.12.1822) had issue
  m. (1815) Mary Catherine Cholmeley (dau of Francis Cholmelely of Brandsby by Teresa Anne Englefield)
((B)) Sir William Wright, later Lawson, 1st Bart of Brough Hall (b 08.05.1796, d 22.06.1865, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (20.10.1825) Clarinda Catherine Lawson (d 10.01.1861, dau of John Lawson of York)
  ((C)) Eliza Wright
  m. (1822) Charles Porter of The Mythe
  ((D)) Anna Maria Wright probably the Mary Anne who married ...
  m. (25.01.1826) Thomas Weston (b 1790, dsp 1857)
  ((E))+ other issue - Henry (b 1799, d 1835, priest), Francis (b 1807, d 1825), Charles (b 1808), Catherine, Moica (d 1814)
  ((2)) Thomas Wright (dsp 1822)
  m. (1772) Frances Tempest (dau of Stephen Tempest of Broughton)
  m2. (07.01.1783) Mary Theresa Webb (d 1835)
  ((3)) Edward Wright (b 04.10.1783, d 1838)
  ((4)) Theresa Wright
  m. (1804) Thomas Maynell of Kilvington Hall
  ((5)) Mary Wright
  m. Thomas Monington of Sarnesfield Court
  (b)+ other issue - daughter (b 1735, d 1753), Constantia (b 1736, d 12.11.1793, nun)
  (ii) Mary Wright
  m. Mannock Strickland of Lincoln's Inn
  (iii)+ other issue - William (d 1737), Charles (d 1755), Anna Maria
  (B)+ other issue - Lawrence (d 1737), Peter, 4 daughters
  (2)+ other issue - Philip (b 1643), Frances (b 1648)
  b.+ other issue (a 1634) - Richard, Anne, Catherine, Margaret, Elizabeth
  m2. Joane
  g.+ other issue including the ancestor of Wright of Wealdside
ii. Lawrence Wright
2. Robert Wright of Brook Street, Essex
  m. Mary Greene (dau of Robert Greene of Navestock)
  A. John Wright (dsp)
  B. Thomas Wright of Brook Street
  m. Roberdye Pake
  i. John Wright of Brook Street (a 1634)
  m. Grace Glascock (dau of Henry Glascock of High Easter)
  a. John Wright of Brook Street (a 1634)
  m. Anne Pigott (dau of _ Pigott of Devonshire)
  (1)+ issue (a 1634) - John, Martha
  b. Martha Wright
  m. Robert St. Hill of London
c.+ other issue - Thomas, Anthony, Grace, Anne
  ii.+ other issue - Robert, William, Mathew, Mary, Olive, Joane, Thomazine
3. John Wright of Wrightsbridge (2nd John)
  m. Avis Rooke (dau of Robert Rooke of Havering)
  A. John Wright of Wrightsbridge
  m1. _ Linsell
i. John Wright of Wrightsbridge
  m1. Martha Castell (dau of Robert Castell of East Hatley)
  a. John Wright of Wrightsbridge (d 1644)
  m. Mary Mole (dau of John Mole of Yorkshire by Elizabeth, sister of Sir Thomas Cheek)
  This following is given by BEB1841 (Wright of Dagenham), supported by TCB (vol iii, Wright of Dagenham).
  (1) Lawrence Wright of London & Dagenham (d 03.10.1657, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Duke (dau of John Duke of Toulton Hall & Colchester)
  (A) Sir Henry Wright, 1st Bart of Dagenhams, Essex (b c1637, d 05.02.1663)
  Commoners gives Sir Henry's ancestry differently.
  m. (23.03.1658) Anne Crew (b c1637, d 27.09.1708, dau of John Crew, Lord of Stene, by Jemima Waldegrave)
  (i) Sir Henry Wright, 2nd Bart of Dagenhams (bpt 01.07.1662, d unm 1681)
  (ii) Anne Wright (a 07.1720)
  BEB1841 identifies Anne's first husband as Sir Robert Pye of Berkshire. TCB suggests that it was his son whom she married. There is something odd (or at least unusual) here as her mother Anne Crewe is shown as having married Edmund of Faringdon after the death of Sir Henry.
  m1. (04.03.1678/9) Sir Edmund Pye of Faringdon, Berkshire
  m2. William Rider or Ryder
  (2)+ other issue (a 1634) - John (b c1631), Elizabeth, Martha, Frances
  b.+ other issue - Nathaniel of London, Robert
  m2. Fortune Garaway (dau of Sir William Garaway)
  d. James Wright
  ii. Nathaniell Wright of London
  m. Lidia James (dau of Edward James of London)
  a.+ issue including Samwell
  iii. Lawrance Wright of London (doctor in physic)
  m. Mary Duke (dau of John Duke of Foulton Hall, Ramsey)
  iv. Bennett Wright
  m. Edward Sams of London
  m2. Bennett Blesby (dau of Lawernce Blesby of London)
v. Jane Wright
  m. _ Hustler of Malden
  B. Robert Wright of Dennington, Suffolk (rector of Dennington)
  m. Joane Butler (dau of John Butler of Thoby or Shelby, sister of Sir Oliver of Sharnbrook)
  i. Euseby Wright of Lincolns Inn & Much Totham & Chelmsford (dsp)
  m(1). Ursula Digby (dau of George Digby of Barne Elms)
  ii. Nathaniel (Nathan) Wright of London then Cranham Hall, Essex (d 1657, alderman of London)
The following comes from BEB1841 (Wright of Cranham Hall) & TCB (Vol 3, Wright of Cranham Hall).
  m. Anne Fleming (dau of Giles Fleming of Warley Place)
  a. Sir Benjamin Wright, Sheriff of Essex, 1st Bart of Cranham Hall (d 10.1706)
  m. (by 1661) Jane Williams (dau of William Williams of London)
  (1) Sir Nathan Wright, 2nd Bart of Cranham Hall (b 21.08.1661, d 10/16.10.1727)
  m1. Anne Merick (dau of John Merick of London)
  (A) Sir Nathan Wright, 3rd Bart of Cranham Hall (b 1684, bur 27.03.1737)
  m. Margaret Lawley (d 01.1747/8, dau of Sir Francis Lawley, Bart of Spoonhill)
(i) Ann Wright
  m. Thomas Lewis of Harpton Court (dsp 1777)
  (ii) Dorothy Wright
  m. Thomas Hussey Apreece
  m2. Elizabeth Bragg (dau of Francis Bragg of Hatfield Peverell)
  m3. (14.12.1704) Elizabeth Bowater (dau of John Bowater of Coventry)
  m4. (21.07.1709) Abigail Trist (b c1679, d 07.12.1741, dau of Samuel Trist of Culworth,m2. Herbert Trist)
  (B) Sir Samuel Wright, 4th Bart of Cranham Hall (d unm 10.01.1787-8)
(C) Elizabeth Wright (b 1708, d 26.10.1787)
  m. (15.09.1744) James Edward Oglethorpe (General)
  iii. Sir Benjamin Wright of Dennington (d in Spain)
a. daughter
  iv. Ezekiel Wright (d 1688, rector of Thurcaston)
  The following comes from Commoners (vol 2, 'Wyndham of Cromer', p245+).
  m. Dorothy Oneby (d 1691, dau of John Onebye, sister of Sir John)
  a. Sir Nathan Wrighte (b 11.02.1653, d 1721, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal)
  m. Elizabeth Ashby (d 1705, dau of George Ashby of Queenby)
(1) George Wrighte of Gayhurst & Stoke Goddington (b 1677, d 1724-5)
  m. (1700) Mary Bedford (dau of Thomas Bedford of Doctors Common)
  (A) George Wrighte of Gayhurst (d 1766)
  m. (06.1733) Barbara Clarges (dau of Sir Thomas Clarges, Bart, by Barbara, dau of John, Viscount Fitzharding)
  (i) George Wrighte of Gayhurst
  m. Anne Jekyll (d 1798, dau of Joseph Jekyll of Dallington)
  (a) Anna Barbara Wrighte of Gayhurst (d unm 11.02.1830)
  (ii) Barbara Wrighte
  (B) Mary Wrighte
  m. Richard Dalton
  (i) Elizabeth Dalton
  m. John Wyndham of Cromer
  (C) Elizabeth Wrighte
m. Nathan Wright (son of Robert) @@ below
  (D)+ other issue (d unm)
  (2) Nathan Wrighte of Englefield (d 1721, rector of Farnham Royal & Taplow, prebendary of Norwich)
  m. Anne Powlett (dau of Lord Francis Powlett)
  (A) Powlett Wrighte of Englefield (d 1741)
  m. Mary Tyssen (dau of Richard Tyssen of Hackney, she m2. Richard Benyon of Guidea Hall)
  (i) Powlett Wrighte of Englefield (dsp 1779)
  (B) Nathan Wrighte of Englefield (3rd son)
  (i) Selina Wrighte
  m. Rev. James Knight Moore
  (C)+ other issue - Francis (dsp), Anne (d unm)
(3) Robert Wrighte
  (A) Nathan Wrighte
  m. Elizabeth Wright (dau of George Wright of Gayhurst) @@ above
  (4) Ezekiel Wrighte had issue
  (5) William Wrighte (recorder of Leicester)
  m. (05.1722) Susanna Levinge of Shepey
  (A) Susanna Wrighte
m. John Gilbert Cooper
  (B) Anne Wrighte
  m. Selwood Hewett
  (C) Catherine Wrighte
  m. James Fraine (Captain RN)
  (D) Dorothy Wright (d unm)
  (6) Dorothy Wrighte (d 12.08.1738)
  m. (06.07.1704) Henry Grey, 3rd Earl of Stamford (b 10.06.1685, d 16.11.1739)
  (7) Elizabeth Wrighte
  m. Sir Samuel Vanacker Sambrooke, Bart (d 27.12.1714)
  b. Ezekiel Wright (d 1729)
  c. Dorothy Wright
  m1. Rev. _ Giffard
  m2. John Twells of Wisbech
  v. Mary Wright
  m. Robert Cooper of London
  vi. Eunice Wright
  m. Layny Rous of Bricklesey (Brightlington)
  vii. Martha Wright
  m. John Borodale of Essex
  viii. Jane Wright
4.+ other issue - John of Weald Side (3rd John!), Robert of Southweald (had issue)

Main source(s): Visitation (Essex, 1634, Wright) with input as reported above
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