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Families covered: Wolverstone of Culpho, Wolferstan (Wolverstone) of Statfold, Wolverstone of Wolverstone

Roger de Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall, 1st of Culpho Manor, Suffolk (a 1363, escheator)
1. Roger de Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall and Culpho Manor
  A. Roger de Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall (d before 1417)
  m. Elizabeth Fitzraffe (d 1417, dau of Robert Fitzraffe by Elizabeth Holbrooke)
  i. Anne Wolverston
  m. William Frevill
  ii. Beatrice Wolverston probably of this generation
  m. John Shuldham of Shuldham & Watlington (d 1425)
iii. daughter
  B. Thomas de Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall and Culpho Manor (d 1428)
  m. Margaret Wynnesbury
  i. Roger de Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall (d 1461)
  a. Robert Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall (d 1494)
  (1) Thomas Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall (b 1457, d 1514)
  (A) Richard Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall (b 1495, d 1538)
(i) Philip Wolverstone of Wolverstone Hall (b 1528, a 1579)
  (a) Mary Wolverstone
  m1. Henry Knivet
  m2. Sir John Killigrew of Arwenack
  ii. Robert de Wolverstone of Culpho Manor (d 1452)
a. John de Wolverstone of Culpho Manor (d 1471)
  (1) Richard Wolverstone of Culpho Manor (d 1503)
  m. Elizabeth Skeforde
  (A) Thomas Wolverstone of Culpho Manor (b 1494, d 1576)
  m. Maude Stanley (dau of Sir Humphrey Stanley of Pype (Pipe))
  (i) Robert Wolverstone of Culpho Manor (d 1607) whose wife may have been ...
  m. (27.08.1571) Mary Withypoll (dau of Edmund Withypoll of Christchurch) possibly mother of ...
(a) Robert Wolverstone, last of Culpho Manor (a 1609)
  (ii) Humphrey Wolverstone of Statfold, Staffordshire (d 1592)
  m. (before 1554) Katherine Stanley (dau of John Stanley of Grove & Statfold)
  (a) Hercy Wolverstone of Statfold (b 1554, d 28.07.1636) - continued below
  m. (18.09.1593) Mary Egerton (dau of Ralph Egerton of Betley)
  (b) Hastings Wolverstone
  m. Alice Molde
  (c) Maude Wolverstone
  m. Thomas Arblaster of Longdon
  (d) Katherine Wolverstone
  m. (1610) Ralph Thicknesse of Balterley
  (e) daughter
  m. _ Middlemore of Derbyshire
  (f)+ other issue - Stanley, James, 2 sons and 2 daughters



Hercy Wolverstone of Statfold (b 1554, d 28.07.1636) - continued above
m. (18.09.1593) Mary Egerton (dau of Ralph Egerton of Betley)
1. Francis Wolverstone or Wolferstan of Statfold (bpt 03.05.1612, d 05.11.1666)
  m. (29.09.1631) Frances Middlemore (b c1606, d 16.01.1676, dau of George Middlemore of Haslewell, Worcestershire, by Frances Stanford)
  A. Francis Wolferstan of Statfold & Harlaston (d 12.08.1712)
  m1. Hester Bowyer (d1673, dau of John Bowyer of Biddulph)
  i. Ann Wolferstan of Harlaston (dsps 12.04.1726)
  m. Sir John Egerton, 3rd Bart (d 04.11.1729)
ii.+ other issue (d young) - Humfrid, Francis, Frances, Elizabeth
  m2. Eleanor Floyer (dsp, dau of Matthew Floyer)
  B. Stanford Wolferstan (d 29.09.1698, vicar of Wotton Wawen, 3rd son)
  m1. (1679) Isabella Hinckley (d 1690, dau of Rev. John Hinckley of Northfield)
  i. Francis Wolferstan (d infant)
m2. Susannah Cread (dau of John Cread of Cambridge)
  ii. Stanford Wolferstan of Statfold (d 02.07.1772)
  m. (07.07.1713) Sarah Littleton (d 1775, dau of Sir Edward Littleton, 2nd Bart)
  a. Dorothy Wolferstan (d 26.10.1754)
  m. (19.09.1749) Samuel Pipe (d 15.02.1779, rector of Walton-on-Trent, vicar of Croxall, son of Rev. Humphrey by Grace, dau of John Bott of Dunstall by Elizabeth, dau of Francis Wolverstone)
  Statford passed to their son who assumed the name Pipe-Wolferstan.
  b. Sarah Wolferstan
  m. Joseph Girdler
c. Joyce Wolferstan
  m1. Edward Littleton (dsp, son of Capt. William)
  m2. Edward Plaisted
  d. Elizabeth Wolferstan
  m. Thomas Hedges
  e.+ other issue - Littleton (dvpsp 1769), Hester (d unm 1746), Frances (d unm 1797), 5 daughters
  C. Anne Wolferstan (d 22.02.1693)
  m. Edward Arblaster of Lyswis
  D. Elizabeth Wolferstan (b 1637, d 1711)
  m. John Bott of Dunstall (d 1685, son of Thomas of Dunstall)
  E.+ other issue - Middlemore (b 18.08.1643, d unm), Grace (d unm 1720)
2. Katherine (or Mary) Wolverstone
  m. John Bromefield of London
3.+ 3 sons (d young)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Pipe-Wolferstan of Statfold) with (very) liitle inut/support from Visitation (Staffordshire, 1663-4, Wolverston of Statfold)
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