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Families covered: Wodehouse of Kimberley

Sir John Wodehouse of Rising Castle
m. Margaret Fastolf (dau of Sir Thomas Fastolf of Kimberley)
1. John Wodehouse of Kimberley (d 1430)
  m. Alice Furneaux
  A. Henry Wodehouse of Rydon and Kimberley (dspm)
B. John Wodehouse of Bocking Ash and Kimberley (d 1465)
  m. Constance Geddinge (dau of Thomas Geddinge of Icklingham)
  i. Sir Edward Wodehouse of Kimberley
  m(2). Jane Swaything (dau of Edmund Swaything)
  a. Sir Thomas Wodehouse of Kimberley
  m(2). Thomasine Townshend (dau of Sir Roger Townshend of Raynham)
(1) Sir Roger Wodehouse of Kimberley (d 1560)
  m1. Elizabeth Ratcliffe (dau of Sir Robert Ratcliffe)
  (A) Thomas Wodehouse (dvp Musselburgh 1547)
  m. Margaret Shelton (dau of Sir John Shelton)
(i) Sir Roger Wodehouse of Kimberley (d 04.04.1588)
  m. Mary Corbet (dau of John Corbet of Sprowston)
  (a) Sir Philip Wodehouse, 1st Bart of Kimberley (d 30.10.1623)
  m. (22.12.1582) Grizell Yelverton (d 04.08.1635, dau of William Yelverton of Rougham)
  (b) Katherine Wodehouse
  (ii) Anne Wodehouse
  Anne's marriage to Robert Cooke is shown in Visitation (Norfolk, Woodhouse) and that to _ Stokes is shown in Visitation (Norfolk, Shelton).
  m1/2. Robert Cooke
  m2/1. (Richard) Stocks (archdeacon of Norfolk)
(a) Elizabeth Stocks
  m. William D'Oyly of Hadleigh
  (iii) Elizabeth Wodehouse
  m. Thomas Jones of Lynn
  (iv) Mary Wodehouse shown in Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Shelton) as married to ...
  m. _ Ayleworth of Ireland
  (v)+ other issue - Loye, John, Thomas, Elizabeth
  (B) William Wodehouse
  BP1934 & Visitation show that there was a William in this generation. Various web sites identify him as Sir William of Waxham (b 1515, d 22.11.1563) who, by Elizabeth Calthorpe (b 1521, d 26.05.1578) was father of Sir Henry & Mary (m. Sir Ralph Sheldon). We view that as wrong and show that William elsewhere.
  (C) Ann Wodehouse
  m. Christopher Conisby (son of Sir William the judge)
(D) Amy Wodehouse
  m. Ralph Shelton (son of Sir John)
  (E) Jane Wodehouse
  m1. Christopher Levens
  m2. William Mason
  (F)+ other issue - George, John
  m2. Elizabeth Drury (dau of John Drury of Besthorpe family)
(H) Ursula Wodehouse
  m. _ Cotton (son of Sir Thomas Cotton)
  (2) John Wodehouse presumably the John who was father of ...
  (A) Dorothy Woodhouse
  m. Francis Bedingfeld of Thorndon
  (3) Edward Wodehouse
  (4) Catherine Wodehouse
  m. Sir Thomas Lovell of Barton
  (5) Elizabeth Wodehouse
  m. Thomas Wyngfeild or Wingfield of Dunham Magna
  b. Eleanor Wodehouse
  m1. Edmund Hastings
  m2. John Bosone (d 1489)
  m3. _ Cresnor (Thomas Cressemer)
  (4) John Cresnor
  (5) Elizabeth Cresnor
  m. _ Branch
  c.+ other issue - John, Bertram, Jeremy
  C.+ other issue - Gyles, Jeremy, Thomas, Margaret, Alice, daughter

Main source(s): BP1934 (Kimberley) with some support/input from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Woodhouse', #44/40)
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