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Families covered: Wishart of Ballendarg, Wishart of Carnebeg, Wishart of Logie, Wishart of Pittarrow

It appears likely that the founder of this family came to Britain from Normandy. The transcript of the book used as our Main Source for the Pitarrow branch reports the notice given to an earlier book, "Life of George Wishart" by Charles Rogers, which states that Guiscard or Wiscard was "a Norman epithet used to designate an adroit or cunning person" and was conferred on Robert Guiscard, son of Tancred de Hauteville who became Duke of Calabria, founded the Kingdom of Sicily, and died 27.07.1085. Some of his descendants adopted Guiscard as their family name. There were Wychards (spelt variously) in several English counties in the early 13th century. At least some of them are presumed to have been related to ...
John Wischard, Sheriff of Kincardineshire (temp Alexander II 1214-49)
1. Sir John Wischard of Conveth, etc (d before 1286)
  A. Sir John Wischard (a 1314)
  m. Johanna de Prendelathe (dau of Nicholas de Prendelathe)
  At this stage the transcript used as our Main Source for the Pitarrow branch refers to a number of Wyschards, Wiscards and Wyscharts who are clearly part of this family but their exact relationships are unclear. Apparently the original book had a chart which showed those relationships but that has not been seen. The next few generations are therefore subject to verification and it is not until the early 16th century that the following may be viewed as reasonably secure. Note that the family name is shown as gradually moving towards the modern spelling of Wishart. For most people, spelling was not a matter of concern until the 19th century (if not later).
i. ?? Andrew Wyschard (? dvp 11.1308)
  a. ?? William Wychard/Wischard
  (1) ?? John Wischard (a 1384)
  (A) Sir John Wyschard, 1st of Pittarrow (d c1409)
  (i) Sir John Wyschart, 2nd of Pittarrow (a 1442)
  m. (before 06.07.1442) Janet Ochterlony
  (a) James Wyschart of Pittarrow (d 06.1491, 2nd son ?)
  ((1)) John Wyschart of Pittarrow
  m. Jonet Lindsay (of Edzell)
  ((A)) Sir James Wyschart of Pittarrow (d before 06.1525)
  m1. Janet Lindsay
  ((i)) John Wyschart of Pittarrow (dsp unm)
  ((ii)) James Wyschart of Carnebeg
((a)) Sir John Wishart of Pittarrow (dsp 25.09.1576)
  m. Janet Falconer (sister of Sir Alexander Falconer of Halkerton)
  ((b)) James Wishart of Balfeith (d 04.1575)
  m. Elizabeth Wood
  (((1))) Sir John Wishart of Pittarrow (d before 30.04.1607)
  m. Jean Douglas (dau of William Douglas, 9th Earl of Angus)
  (((2))) Christian Wishart
  m. John Irving
  (((3))) Isabel Wishart, Prioress
  ((c)) Alexander Wishart of Carnebeg (d 15.07.1603)
  m. Marion Falconer (dau of Alexander Falconer of Halkerton)
  (((1))) Patrick Wishart (dvp 22.01.1593)
  m. Isobel Gray
  (((A)))+ issue - Elizabeth, Helen
  partner unknown
  (((C))) Katherine Wishart
  (((2))) other issue- James, Harry, Janet, Jane
  ((d)) George Wishart (d unm)
  ((e)) Margaret Wishart
m1. William Cardyne, younger of Burrofield
  m2. (1560) Alexander Tullo
  ((f)) Christian Wishart
  m. John Wedderburn in Dundee
  ((iii)) Janet Wishart --
  m. James Durham, 2nd of Pittkerrow (d by 1620) --
  ((iv)) daughter
  m. George Leslie of Pitnamoon
m2. (before 30.04.1512) Elizabeth Learmont (d by 1532, probably dau of Robert Learmont of Clatto and Logie)
  ((v)) George Wishart 'the Martyr' (b c1513, d 01.03.1546, preacher)
  ((B))+ other issue - John (a 1511), William (a 1559)
  ((2)) Marjory Wyschart
  m. (sp) Gilbert Middleton of that ilk (d before 28.03.1533)
  (b) Catherine Wishart possible of this generation
  m. Alexander Barclay, 6th of Mathers (d c1497)
  (c)+ other issue - David (a 1453, vicar), Alexander
  (ii) James Wischeard
  ii. John Wischard (a 1296)
  iii. Randolf Wiscard (d before 1296)
  m. Joanna
2. William Wischard, Bishop of Glasgow then of St. Andrews (d 1278)
3. Adam Wischard of Ballandarg and Logie (a 1279)
  A. Gilbert Wischard of Logie
  i. ?? Wischard of Logie (a c1300)
  a. ?? Wishart of Logie
  (1) ?? Wishart of Logie (a c1350)
  (A) Alexander Wishart of Logie (a 04.1409)
  (i) ?? (John?) Wishart of (Ballendarg and) Logie
  (a) John Wishart of Logie (a 04.1464)
((1)) John Wishart of Logie
  ((A)) Alexander Wishart of Logie (a 1508)
  ((i)) John Wishart of Logie (d c1565)
  m. (c1520) Christine Ogilvy (possibly of Inchmartine family)
  ((a)) John Wishart of Logie (d 1574)
  m. (c1545) Marion Gardyne
  ((b)) Alexander Wishart, later Strachan (d 11.1569)
  m. _ Strachan (?)
  (((1)))+ issue - Margaret, Isobel, Janet
  ((c)) Christine Wishart
  m. (27.01.1569) John Wedderburn in Dundee
  ((d))+ other issue - George of Kirriemuir (a 1563), Katherine
  ((ii)) Isabel Wishart
  m. John Comrie of Comrie (a 12.1530)
  ((iii)) Agnes Wishart
  m. David Langlands of Cullace and Butergask (a 08.1534)
  ((iv))+ other issue - George, William
  ((B))+? other issue - James (eldest?), Richard
  (b) David Wishart (a 04.1464)
  (B) John Wyshert (a 04.1378)
ii. John Wischard of Logie, Archdeacon of Glasgow (a 1310)
  B. Robert Wischard, Bishop of Glasgow (d 26.11.1316)
  C. ?? Thomas Wischard, Bishop of Glasgow

Main source(s) :
(1) For Wishart of Pitarrow : Transcript obtained off the Internet (http://www.wishart.org/wishartsofpittarrow.html) of 'Genealogical History of the Wisharts of Pittarrow and Logie Wishart', prepared by David Wishart and printed by Wood & Son, Perth in 1914
(2) For Wishart of Logie : 'Wishart of that ilk and Wishart of Logie Wishart' by Jack Blair, published May 2004 (and kindly being made available in this site, here)
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