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Families covered: Wilson of Eastbourne (East Borne), Wilson of Etton (Elton), Wilson of Sheepwash, Wilson of Strubby, Wilson of Tockwith

Thomas Wilson de Etton, Yorkshire (a 1259)
1. John Wilson de Etton (a 1271)
  m. Ann Linniker (dau of John Linniker of Derbyshire)
  A. Thomas Wilson of Elton or Etton the first mentioned by Berry who identifies their location as 'Elton' rather than 'Etton'
  m. Jane de Scorbourgh (dau of Henry de Scorborough)
i. Richard Wilson of Etton (a 1380)
  m. Jane Reade (dau of Thomas Reade)
  a. Anthony Wilson of Etton
  m. _ Prophitt (dau of John Prophitt of Pocklington)
  (1) Edmond Wilson of Etton (a 1440, 2nd son)
  m. Ann Woodrove (dau of Thomas Woodrove of Woolley)
  There is some confusion over the next few generations. Berry shows Edmond's (younger) son William as father (by _ Wells) of the Thomas who married Julian Upton. Walker shows a separate section on this family ('Wilson of Strubby, co. Linc.') which starts with William (m. dau of John Haringill) father of Edmund (m. Grace Leake), missing out Thomas (m. Julian Upton). Provisionally, we follow Walker's main section.
(A) Henry Wilson of Etton
  m. Anabella Goulbourne (dau of John Goulbourne of Goulbourne)
  (i) Anthony Wilson of Etton
  m. Christian Twinge (dau of John Thwinge)
  (a) Ellen Wilson
  m. John Langaile of Etton
  (ii) John Wilson
  m. _ Haringill (dau of John Haringill of Tealby)
  (a) Thomas Wilson of Etton & Strubby - continued below
  m. Julian Upton (dau of Hamon Upton of Lincolnshire)
  (B) Luke Wilson
  m. Isabell Wortley (dau of Thomas Wortley of Wortley)
  (C) Mark Wilson
  m. Cassander Mountney (dau of Thomas Mountney)
  (D) John Wilson
  m. Alice Tunstall (dau of Richard Tunstall)
  (E) William Wilson
  m. _ Welles (dau of Thomas Welles of Trubley)
  (2) + other issue - Henry (dsp), John (parson of Kilham (Kelham), prebend of York)
  b. Christopher Wilson
  m. _ Bee (dau of Alexander Bee)
  c. Henry Wilson
  m. _ Thorpe (dau of Stephen Thorpe)
  d. James Wilson (dsp)
  ii. Mary Wilson
  m. Thomas Beaumont of Whitley
  iii. Isabel Wilson
  m. John Shalcrosse of Shalcrosse
  B. Edmonde Wilson
  m. Christian Normanville (dau of John Normanville)
  C.+ other issue - John of Hutton Cranswick, Christopher (monk), Amy
2. Robert Wilson
  m. _ Moyne (dau of Thomas Moyne of Hessle)
3. Thomas Wilson
  m. _ Hotham (dau of John Hotham)



Thomas Wilson of Etton (Yorkshire) & Strubby (Lincolnshire) - continued above
m. Julian Upton (dau of Hamon Upton of Lincolnshire)
1. William Wilson of Strubby
  m. _ Dighton of Lincolnshire
  A. Thomas Wilson
  Walker shows this Thomas as d 1581, Dean of Durham. However, that appears to be a confusion with another Thomas below.
  i. Richard Wilson
  m. _ Starkey (dau of _ Starkey of Stretton)
  The Harleian editor added a little to the confusion on this family by not making fully clear how data continues over a page, apparently affecting both Richard's family and that of the Edmund who m. Grace Leake. We think we have got it right!
  a. John Wilson of Wantage, Berkshire
  m. _ Dow of Lickinge
  (1) John Wilson of the Middle Temple
  m1. Rebecca Mallory (dau of William Mallory)
  (A)+ issue - John (dsp 1635), Rebecca
  m2. Eleanor Budd of London (dsp)
2. Edmund (Edmond) Wilson of Tockwith, Yorkshire
  m. Grace Leake (dau of John Leake of Tockwith)
  In his section on 'Wilson of Strubby', Walker shows Edmond as son of William and father of Thomas (m. _ Commerworth) without mentioning the following William. Visitation (Sussex, 1633-4, Wilson), supported by Berry, show Edmond as younger son of Thomas (by Julia Upton) and father of Thomas of Tockwith, father of William (m. _ Gaston), thereby inserting an additional generation (Thomas). Provisionally, we follow Walker's main section in excluding that Thomas (or treating the following William as brother of the father of the Secretary of State). However, this may be reviewed further in due course.
  A. William Wilson of Tockwith, Yorkshire
  m. _ Garton (or Gaston) of Tolthorpe
  i. John Wilson of Tockwith
  m. Maud Smith (d 29.08.1613, dau of William Smith of Dringhouses)
  a. John Wilson of Tockwith, later of Sheffield House, Sussex (b c1565, d 01.02.1640-1)
Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Wilson of Eastbourne) starts with John but refers to the 1634 Visitation for the earlier generations (above). BP1934 (Maryon-Wilson of East Borne) starts with John's parents whom it shows as Thomas (b 1525, d 1581, Secretary of State for Queen Elizabeth) & Anne, dau of Sir William Wynter, whom we show below. That disagrees with the Visitations which, supported by DNB & 'The Genealogist' (mentioned below), we follow.
  m. (25.06.1601) Mary Gardner (d 29.08.1613, dau of Thomas Gardner or Gardener or Gardiner of London by Katherine, dau of Richard Chapman of Murdock)
(1) Sir William Wilson, 1st Bart of Eastbourne, Sheriff of Sussex (d 09.12.1685)
  Walker shows William as 4th son, 3rd to live past childhood, but stops at this generation. TCB (vol 3, 'Wilson of Eastborne', p170) identifies him as 3rd but eldest surviving son. The following comes from the above-mentioned Visitation (1662) & BP1934, the latter identifying Sir William as "3rd and eldest surviving son".
  m. (1644) Mary Haddon (bur 03.10.1661, dau of Francis Haddon of London (descended from the family of East Haddon, Northamptonshire) by Judith Carter)
  (A) Sir William Wilson, 2nd Bart of Eastbourne (bpt 13.01.1645, d 26.12.1718, 2nd son)
  m. (06.06.1677) Ricarda or Rechard Peacock (bur 01.03.1686, dau/coheir of Richard Peacock of North End in Finchley)
  (i) William Wilson (bpt 18.08.1681, dvp 15.07.1713, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Towneley (dau/heir of Nicholas Towneley of the Inner Temple & Littleton by Jane, dau/coheir of Nicholas Gildredge of East Bourne, m2. Anthony Trumble of Hailsham)
  (a) Sir William Wilson, 3rd Bart of Eastbourne (b 1704, d unm 23.01.1723)
  (b) Elizabeth Wilson
  m. James Glen of Linlithgow, Governor of South Carolina (Captain General)
  (ii) Philadelphia Wilson (bpt 09.04.1674)
  m1. (10.12.1700) John Nutt of Marshalls
  m2. Joseph Ferrers of Fletching (d 1739)
  (iii) Rechard Wilson (bpt 23.06.1682, d 26.06.1755)
  m. William Exeter of East Bourne (b c1675, d 29.12.1738)
  (iv)+ other issue - William (bpt 04.03.1677, bur 06.12.1703/d infant?), Christopher (bur 03.12.1684)
  (B) John Wilson (bpt 11.09.1648, dsp 1700)
  m1. Elizabeth Pickering (dau of Robert Pickering of Tablehust)
  m2. Elizabeth Roots (dau of Thomas Roots of Fleetching)
(C) Thomas Wilson of Eastbourne (bpt 02.07.1651, d 23.06.1684)
  m. Ann Courthope (dau of George Courthope of Wadhurst)
  (i) Sir Thomas Wilson, 4th Bart of Eastbourne (b c1682, d 06.10.1759)
  m. (10.1716) Elizabeth Hutchinson (b 1689-90, d 04.07.1768, dau of William Hutchinson of Uckfield)
(a) Sir Edward Wilson, 5th Bart (d unm 24.06.1760)
  (b) Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson 'of Charlton', 6th Bart (b 25.01.1726, d 29.08.1798, General)
  m. (25.06.1767) Jane Weller (d 17.08.1818, dau of John Badger Weller of Hornchurch by Margaret Maria Peers, dau of William Peers of Bocking by sister of Rev. John Maryon of Charlton Manor)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, 7th Bart (b 02.03.1774, d 22.07.1821) had issue
  m. (1799) Elizabeth Smith (b c1770, d 05.11.1818, dau of Captain James Smith RN)
  ((2)) Margareta Elizabeth Wilson (b 04.04.1768)
  m. (01.03.1787) Charles George Perceval, 2nd Lord Arden (b 1756, d 1840)
  ((3)) Jane Wilson (b 07.07.1769, d 27.01.1844)
m1. (08.1790) Spencer Perceval (d 1812, Prime Minister)
  m2. (1815) Sir Henry W. Carr (Lt. Colonel)
  ((4)) Maria Wilson (b 26.03.1771)
  m. (09.08.1791) Sir John Trevelyan, Bart
  (c)+ other issue - Ann (bpt 27.03.1724, d 16.10.1744), Barbara (bur 10.03.1730)
  (ii) Philadelphia Wilson (bpt 03.04.1683, a 1741, dsp?)
  m. Richard Knight of Reading
  (D) Edward Wilson (rector of Blatchington)
  m. (27.02.1688-9) Catherine Graves (dau of Sackville Graves)
  (E) Judith Wilson
  m1. Benjamin Culpeper of Wakehurst (d 1670)
  m2. Christopher Mason (Captain RN)
  (F) Philadelphia Wilson (d 1710)
  m. Sir James Smyth, Lord Mayor of London
(G)+ other sisue - Francis (bur 13.03.1644), Ann (bpt 30.03.1656)
  (2) John Wilson (dsp 1649)
  m. Cecilia Stiveley (dau of Francis Stiveley of West Grinstead)
  (3) Francis Wilson (younger son)
  (A) Francis Wilson (d unm)
  (4) Cassandra or Constance Wilson
  m. Ralph Beard (or Bean) of Hurstpoint (of the Inner Temple)
  (5)+ other issue - Charles (d unm 07.1621), Emanuel (d infant), William, Thomas (dsp 1657), Nathaniel (d infant)
  B. Thomas Wilson of Strubby (d 1551, yeoman farmer)
  Walker shows this Thomas as father (by dau/heir of Sir Roger Commerworth) of the Thomas who was master of Requests and Secretary of State for Queen Elizabeth. Thanks to a contributor (CV, 10.10.11) for drawing our attention to the DNB article for Thomas Wilson (the younger) which provides a little more detail on both Thomases and identifies the elder's wife (and mother of the younger) as Anne Cumberworth. This is supported by 'The Gentleman's Magazine' (NS vol3, 1835 (Jan-Jun), p468+) which identifies her as ...
m. Anne Cumberworth (dau/heir of Roger Cumberworth of Cumberworth by Margery, dau/heir of Hugh Braytofte of Braytofte Hall)
  i. Thomas Wilson (b 1523-4, d 20.05.1581, Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth)
  (1) TCB (vol 1, Burdett of Bramcott) reports that the Thomas who was Secretary of State was also Dean of Durham. This suggests that the identification above of another Thomas above as Dean of Durham may have been mistaken.
(2) Walker & 'The Gentleman's Magazine' identify Thomas's wife as Ann, dau of Sir William Winter. DNB supports the Winter records in showing her a generation earlier.
  m. (1560-1) Agnes Winter (d 1574, dau of John Winter of Bristol (by Alice), widow of William Brooke)
  a. Nicholas Wilson of Sheepwash, Lincolnshire (b by 1565, d 08.07.1604)
The following comes from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903-6, Wilson of Sheepwash and Strubby), partly supported by 'The Gentleman's Magazine'.
  m. Anne Heneage (dau of William Heneage of Benniworth)
  (1) Charles Wilson of Sheepwash (b c1587, bur 19.11.1644)
  m. Anne Cracroft (d before 26.11.1656, dau of John Cracroft of Whisby)
  (A) Charles Wilson of Sheepwash (d Naseby 14.06.1645, Major)
  m. Alice Blythe (dau of William Blythe of Stroxton)
  (i) Charles Wilson
  (B) John Wilson of Lincoln (a 1661)
  (i) Mary Wilson (b 1648-9, d 25.0331728)
m. John Lee
  (ii) Katharine Wilson (b c1652, d 03.10.1679)
  m. Samuel Luddington of Bracesbridge
  (C ) Anna Wilson (a 1656)
  m. _ Frampton
  (D)+ other issue - Frances, Hester, Martha (a 1656), Dorothy, Jane, Hannah (a 1656)
  (2) Jane Wilson (b c1597)
  m. (c09.1620) Clinton Whichcote of Tattershall
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward (bpt 13.02.1596-7)
  Mentioned in 'The Gentleman's Magazine' were ...
  b. Lucretia Wilson (b by 1565)
  m. Sir George Belgrave of Belgrave
  c. Mary Wilson (b by 1565)
  m1. Robert Burdett of Bramcote (d 27.03.1603)
  m2. Sir Christopher Lowther of Lowther
  ii.+ 4 sons
3. Thomas Wilson of Godderythe, Hertfordshire
  In his section on the Wilsons of Strubby, Walker identifies a Thomas as "2nd son of Thos.", showing him as if he was of the same generation as Edmond (shown above) but not indicating which Thomas he was son of and without giving a clue as to what his line is mentioned alongside but not connected to that of Edmond. It is presumptuous to show this Thomas here but we do so so that we do not lose sight of the data provided on this Thomas and his family.
  m. Margery Doe of Essex
  A. Edward Wilson of Graveley
  m. Agnes Hill (dau of Thomas Hill of Hertfordshire)
  i. Edward Wilson of Walderen, Hertfordshire
  m. Elizabeth Lambert (dau/heir of Robert Lambert of Stevenage)
  a. Edward Wilson of Stevenage
  m. Margaret Coldwell (dau of John Coldwell of Kent)

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Wilson of Etton), CountyGen (Berry, Kent, p421+), CountyGen (Berry, Sussex, p209+) with input/support for the lower section from Visitation (Sussex, 1634, 'Wilson'), Visitation (Sussex, 1662, 'Wilson of Eastbourne') and as reported above
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