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Families covered: Whittington of Notgrove, Whittington of Pauntley, Whittington of Staunton

The upper section comes largely from various web sites which do not identify their sources. Although parts of it have been supported by acknowledged sources such as VCH, we think it wise to view most of the section as meriting some caution.
Sir Guy Vyteinsen in Normandy
1. Sir Richard Vyteinsen in Normandy
  A. Sir Guy Vyteinsen in Normandy
  i. Sir Guy de Vytientson in Normandy (a 1070, to England)
  Noting that Guy's grandson's wife is reported to have died in 1284, it is likely that EITHER Guy was very young when he came to England and he & his son did not have their successor until late in life OR there are one or more missing generations OR one or more of the dates is/are wrong.
  a. Sir Guy de Witinton
  (1) Sir William Whittington
  m. Maud de Solers (d 1284, dau of John de Solers)
  (A) Sir William Whittington of Pauntley, Gloucestershire (b c1280, d 1359)
  m. (1352) Joan Mansell (dau of William Mansell, widow of Sir Thomas (de) Berkeley of Coberley)
  Various web sites show Sir Robert, shown below as surgeon to the King and successor to his brother William, as brother of this William even though that Robert was born some 70 years after William's mother died. We presume that there was at least one missing generation. There is clearly some confusion here. VCH (Worcestershire, vol 4, Staunton) mentions William Whittington, who married Catherine Staunton, as brother of Lord Mayor Dick and probably father of Robert who inherited Staunton but possibly brother of that Robert (a 1396, 1429) with William, Robert & Richard's father being a William.
  (i) Sir William Whittington of Pauntley
  m1. Catherine Staunton (apparently daughter of Robert Staunton of Staunton)
(a) William Whittington of Pauntley
  (b) Sir Robert Whittington of Pauntley & Staunton, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b c1355, a 1407, surgeon to the King)
  ((1)) Sir Guy Whittington of Pauntley & Notgrove, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (d 1441-2)
  m. (by 1405) Cecily Browning (dau/coheir of John Browning of Leigh in Gloucestershire (etc), sister/heir of Richard)
  ((A)) Robert Whittington
  m. Elizabeth Rouse (dau of Baldwyn Rouse)
  Visitation starts with Guy who, by the dau/heir of Pawntley (sic), was father of Guy who, by the dau/heir of Upton of Hasler, was father of the following William. Robert is called William by VCH (Gloucestershire, vol 10, Stonehouse - Manors and other estates) which follows the ownership of Stonehouse Manor through Cicely Browning to Elizabeth who married Sir Giles Poole (see below).
  ((i)) William Whittington of Pauntley (b c1451) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Arundell (dau of Humphrey/Reymfrey Arundell)
  ((B)) Richard Whittington of Staunton & Leigh (d before 1492)
The following comes from VCH (Worcestershire, vol 4, Staunton).
  ((i)) John Whittington of Staunton (d 1504)
  ((ii)) Richard Whittington
  ((a)) Maud Whittington
  m. William Horton (d 1545)
  (((1))) Walter Horton of Staunton
  ((b)) Isabella Whittington
  m1. John Rudhale (d 1530, son of William)
  m2. Walter Horton
  ((C)) Margaret Whittington ("only dau.") probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Hooke of Crookes Park
  Identified by some web sites as mother of Dick, the Lord Mayor, was the following Joan, presumed 2nd wife of Sir William.
  m2. Joan le Archer (dau of Geoffrey le Archer, widow of Sir Thomas Berkeley)
  (c) Richard Whittington of Eldersfield, Lord Mayor of London (b c1357, dsp 03.1423, public benefactor)
  This was the famous Dick Whittington. BHO (The Aldermen of the City of London - Aldermen, Knights & Baronets) reports that, despite many reports which suggest otherwise, he was never actually knighted.
  m. Alice Fitzwarren (dau of Sir Ives FitzWarin of Wantage by Maud de Argentine)



William Whittington of Pauntley (b c1451) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Arundell (dau/heir of Humphrey or Reymfrey Arundell by Joane, dau/heir of Sir John Coleshull, m2. ?? Brome)
1. John Whittington of Pawntley (Pauntley) (d 1525)
Visitation provides 2 pedigrees for this family, the first shows John 's parentage and shows him as married twice, to Elizabeth Milborne (mother of John, Alexander & Christopher) and to Elizabeth Croftes (mother of Thomas & William). The second starts with John and does not mention the marriage to Elizabeth Croftes, showing Elizabeth Milborne as mother of Thomas, John, Alexander, Margery & Jane. We provisionally combine these as shown below but this is subject to review.
  m1/2. Elizabeth Milborne (dau/coheir of Simon Milborne of Tillington, widow of Thomas Monington of Sarnfield)
  A. Thomas Whittington of Pauntley or Pawntley (d 1546)
  m. Mary or Margaret Nedham (dau of Sir William Nedham or Needham of Shenton)
  i. Anne Whittington
  m. Bevice (Brice) Barkley
  a. (Elizabeth) Barkley (Berkeley)
  m. Edward Barkley (Captain)
  This connection was kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (OWC, 04.11.08) who helped also with other items on this page.
  ii. Jane Whittington
  m. Roger Bodenham (d 1579)
iii. Alice Whittington
  m. John Nanfant or Nanfan
  iv. Elizabeth Whittington
  m. Sir Giles Poole (d 24.02.1588)
v. Blanch Whittington
  m. John St. Alban
  vi. Margaret Whittington
  Visitation identified Margaret's husband as Thomas Throgmorton of Crowsland, showing that they were parents of Sir Thomas of Crowsland. Thanks to a contributor (OWC, 04.11.08) who confirmed that this was the same person as ...
  m. Sir Thomas Throckmorton of Tortworth (d 1586)
  B. Alexander Whittington of Notgrove, Gloucestershire (d 1579, 3rd son)
m. Anne (or Margaret) Dauntsey (dau of John Dauntsey of Brinsop)
  i. Christopher Whittington of Notgrove (dvp?)
  m. Ellenor Wever (dau/coheir of John Wever of Burton)
  a. John Whittington of Notgrove (a 1637)
  m. Catherine Hanford (dau of Thomas Hanford of Wollashall (not Nanffon of Wollyshall!))
  (1) Edmond Whittington of Notgrove (a 1660)
  m1/2. Ellenor Patshall (dau of William Patshall of Pidelstone)
  Visitation ends with the next generation, identifying the children John, Dorothy & Catherine. John & Dorothy are presumed dvp as, according to VCH (Gloucestershire, vol 9, Notgrove), reports that Notgrove passed through Catherine.
  (A) John Whittington probably the John of Notgrove (Rev.) who married ...
  m. Susan Pateshall (dau of John Pateshall of the Ford)
  (B) Dorothy Whittington
  (C) Catherine Whittington
  m1. George Talbot
  George's identity was found through VCH reporting that their daughter Sarah (aka Catherine) married Sir Clement Clerke, Bart.
  m2. Christopher Roper
(2) Dorothy Whittington
  m. John Carre of Busley
  (3) Susan Whittington
  m. Richard Haven
  (4) Anne Whittington
  m. Richard Dawkes
  (5) Ellenor Whittington (sb Catherine?)
  m. Alexander Llewellin
  (6)+ other issue - Thomas, Henry, Guy, John, Alexander, Richard, Catherine
  b. Alexander Whittington of Strangwarren, Herefordshire
m. Jane Pateshall (dau of William Pateshall)
  (1)+ issue - Christopher, Alexander
  c. Thomas Whittington of Risington, Gloucestershire
  m. Ann Risley (dau of William Risley of Chitwood)
  d. Ellenor Whittington
  m. _ Bennet
ii. William Whittington of Burton, Herefordshire
  m. Anne Mallory
  iii. Richard Whittington 'of Hampton Bishop'
  m. Mary or Margaret Hereford (dau of (Richard?) Hereford of Sufton) father named William by some web sites
  a. John Whittington of Hampton, Herefordshire
  m. Bridget Higford (dau of John Higford of Dixton)
  (1)+ other issue including William, John, Bridget
  Visitation ends with this generation. Various web sites suggest that the William mentioned here was the William (b 1616, d 1659) who emigrated to Virginia, North America, where he became a Captain of the Militia and had issue.
b. Elizabeth Whittington
  m. _ Gamage
  c.+ other issue - Phillip, Henry, William, Rowland (dsp), Jane
  iv. Rowland Whittington
  v. Jane Whittington (d c1590) probably of this generation
  m. William Pateshall of the Ford (b c1540, a 1569)
  C. Margery Whittington
  m(1). Edward Welsh
  This may be the Margery who (also) married ...
  m(2). John Knill of Knill
  D. Jane Whittington
  m. William Harper
  E.+ other issue - John of Bewdley, Christopher
  m2/1. Elizabeth Croftes (dau of Sir Richard Croftes)
  G. William Whittington
2. Elizabeth Whittington
  m. John Brome
3. Jane Whittington
  m. John Bodoge
4. Mary Whittington probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Sir William Lyttleton of Frankley (d 1507)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : various web sites
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623 & Miscellaneous, Whittington)
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