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Families covered: Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn, Whitecombe of Hardwick, Whitcombe of Shrewsbury, Whitcombe of Uppington, Whitcombe of Upton Magna

Thomas Whitcombe of Malveysin Betwick (Berwick Mavesyn), Salop
m. Edith Malveysin (dau/heir of Adam Malveysin of Malveysin Berwick)
1. Thomas Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn (a 1484)
m. Elizabeth (d 1484)
  A. Thomas Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn & Shrewsbury (a 1493)
  m. Isabel Poyner (dau of Thomas Poyner of Bislow)
  i. William Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn (a 1551)
  m. Blanche Sturrey (dau of John Sturrey of Rossal)
  a. Thomas Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn (a 1587)
  m1. (sp) Margaret Poyner (dau of Thomas Poyner of Bislow)
  m2. Eizabeth Best (dau of Roger Best of Atcham)
  (1) William Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn (a 1612)
m. Dorothy Tyler (dau of Richard Tyler (or Taylor) of Hardwick)
  (A) Francis Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn & Hardwick (bur 1644, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Lathorp (dau of Thomas Lathorp of Lathorp)
  (i) William Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn & Hardwick (b 1611, bur 1696, Captain)
  m. Judith Owen (dau of Robert Owen of Woodhouse)
  (a) Richard Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn (b 1639, dvp 1675)
  m. Anne Clyve (dau of Robert Clyve of Styche)
  ((1)) Mary Whitcombe (b 1666, bur 1720)
  m. Thomas Grant of Bambrook (Gloucestershire), later of Berwick Mavesyn
  ((2)) Anne Whitcombe (b 1668, d unm 1707)
  (b) William Whitcomb of Atcomb
  m. Mary
  ((1)) Mavesyn Whitcombe (bpt 1692)
  (c)+ other issue - Francis, Robert of Berwick Mavesyn & Shrewsbury (b 1646, d unm 1694), Mary (b 1637), Martha, Judith (d 1695)
  (ii) John Whitcombe of Berwick Mavesyn (bpt 1625, dsp 1652, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Crumpton of Dawley
  (iii) Thomas Whitcombe of Upton Magna & Shrewsbury (bpt 1627, d 1701)
  m. Dorothy (d 1668)
  (a) William Whitcombe of Upton Magna & Shrewsbury (a 1676)
  m. Elizabeth Warner of Upton
  ((1)) James Whitcombe
  m. (1698) Mary Careswell
  ((2))+ other issue - Walter of Uppington (d 1714), John of Uppington (d 1717)
  (b) John Whitcombe of Uppington (d 1706, 3rd son)
  m. Jane
  ((1)) Walter Whitcombe of Uppington & Shrerwsbury (d 1723, 2nd son)
  m. Mary
  ((A))+ issue - John (b 1715, bur 1721), Jane (b 1714, d 1723), Martha (b 1722)
  ((2))+ other issue (d infant) - Thomas of Uppington (b 1677), Robert (b 1685)
  (c) Anne Whitcombe
  m. Thomas Taylor of Upton
  (d)+ other issue - Elias of Uppington (d 1709), Francis (b 1685, d 1687)
  (iv) Judith Whitcombe
m. William Crosse of Yorton
  (v) Elizabeth Whitcombe
  m. Adam Coldfox of Merrington
  (vi) Anne Whitcombe
  m. Richard Bagott of Hargreaves
  (vii)+ other issue - Richard of Berwick Mavesyn (bpt 1622, d unm 1646), Francis of London (b 1629), Abigail (b 1613, a 1623), Margaret (d 1646), Margaret (bpt 1627), Dorothy (b 1632, d unm 1697)
  (B) Edward Whitcombe of The Morrey (a 1644)
  m. Joan Dickin
  (C) John Whitcombe of London (a 1634)
  The following comes from Visitation (London, 1634, 'Whitcombe').
  m. Anne Harper (dau of John Harper of London)
  (i)+ issue (a 1634) - Thomas, John, Robert, Frances, Anne, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Sarah
  (D) Thomas Whitcombe of Lacon & Hodnet (bur 1633)
  m. Elizabeth
  (i)+ issue - Dorothy (bpt 1631), Judith (bpt 1632, d unm 1697)
  (E) Sarah Whitcombe
  m. Thomas Burley of Malehurst (brother of Richard of Matham)
  (F) Martha Whitcombe
  m. George Russell of Shrewsbury
  (G)+ other issue (dsp) - William of Shrewsbury (dvp), Peter of Upton Magna (d by 1646)
  (2) Elizabeth Whitcombe
  m. Francis Pigott
  (3)+ other issue - John (dsp bur 1632), Priscilla (bur 1623)
  b.+ other issue (a 1551) - Richard, Robert, Elyn
  ii. Hugo Whitcombe of Bridgenorth (d 1566)
  iii. John Whitcombe of Stoneleigh (a 1558)
  m. Mary Wright
  a.+ issue (a 1558) - Mary. Frances
  iv. Margaret Whitcombe
  m. John Astley of Astley
  v. Jane Whitcombe
  m. Thomas Medlicott of Whitley

Main source(s): 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 22 (September 1912), 'Whitcombe of Salop', p292+) with a little support from BLG1952 ('Whitcombe of Lake'), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Wycombe')
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