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Families covered: Watton (Whaddon) of Addington, Waddon (Whaddon) of Plymouth, Waddon of Tonacombe

Robert Watton of Addington, Kent (d 1444)
m. Alice Snath (dau/heir of William Snath or Snayth of Addington by Alice, sister/coheir of Robert Charles of Addington son of Richard)
1. William Watton of Addington (d 1467)
  m. Benedicta Towne (dau/coheir of Thomas Towne of Towneplace in Throwley)
  A. Robert Watton of Addington (d 1470)
  m. Alice Clerke (dau of John Clerke, Baron of the Exchequer)
i. Edmund Watton of Addington
  m. Elizabeth Arnold (dau/coheir of Robert Arnold by Rose, dau of Richard Benne of Gillingham)
  a. George Watton
  b. Thomas Watton of Addington
  m. Margaret (sister of Edmund, Lord Sheffield)
  (1) Thomas Watton of Addington (d 16.09.1622)
  m1. Mary Rutland (dsp)
  m2. Martha Roper (dau of Thomas Roper of Eltham)
(A) William Watton (b c1598 (or 1593), d 28.10.1651)
  m. Elizabeth Symonds
  (i) William Watton
  m. Margaret Morland
  (a) William Watton
  m. Mary Fane (dau of Robert Fane, son of Francis, Earl of Westmorland)
  Berry finishes at this point. BHO reports that the line continued down to Edmund, father of Elizabeth. We presume that William & Mary were parents of that Edmund.
((1)) Edmund Watton of Addington
  ((A)) Elizabeth Watton (d 1775)
  m1. Leonard Bartholomew (son of Leonard of Oxenhoath)
  ((i)) Edmund Bartholomew (d unm)
  ((ii)) Leonard Bartholomew of Addington Place, Sheriff of Kent (a 1790)
  m. _ Wildash of Chatham (widow of _ Thornton of East Maling)
  ((a)) (Frances) Bartholomew (d 13.07.1827)
  m. (25.04.1797) John Wingfield (brother of Viscount Powerscourt)
  m2. (10.01.1736) Sir Roger Twisden of Bradbourn, Bart
  (b) Elizabeth Watton
  (ii) Elizabeth Watton
  m. Christopher Morland of Stroud, Kent
  (iii) Margaret Watton
  m. Austen Morland
  (iv) Anne Watton
(B) Anne Watton
  (2) Margaret Watton
  m. _ Spicer
  (3) Anne Watton
  m. Edward Hinde
  (4) Elizabeth Watton
  m. Thomas Dedicott
  ii. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. William Turner of London



Vivian shows the first few generations above (albeit spelling the family name as Whaddon and ending with Catherine, dau/heir of Robert by Alice Clarke, m. Peckam) and Vivian identifies the Arms of this family as originally "Arg., a lion ramp. Gu. debruised with a bend Sa. charged with three crosses crosslet fitchee of the field" and then reports that "This branch of the family subsequently adoped as their arms:" Sa., a fess Or." Vivian reports that the following John "whose auncestors lived at Addington in Kent ... came to Plymouth & there died".
John Waddon of Plymouth
1. John Whaddon or Waddon, Mayor of Plymouth (bur 01.08.1620)
  m1. ?? (dau of Thomas)
  m2. (04.05.1584) Alice (d 1630)
  A. John Whaddon or Waddon, Mayor of Plymouth (bpt 13.01.1590-1, a 1648, MP)
m. (08.06.1613) Prudence Fownes (bur 19.04.1644, dau of Thomas Fownes, Mayor of Plymouth)
  i. Thomas Waddon (b c1615, bur 13.10.1684)
  m. Honor Ley (dau/heir of John Ley alias Kempthorne of Tonacombe)
  a. John Waddon of Tonacombe & Moditonham (bpt 18.01.1649, dsp 25.08.1695, MP, (Deputy) Governor of Pendennis Castle)
  m. Mary Herle (dau of Edward Herle of Prideaux, widow of _ Coke of Tregassow)
  b. Thomas Waddon of Tonacombe
  m. (29.04.1682) Bridget Docton (bur 1727, dau of Thomas Docton of Docton)
  (1) Thomas Waddon of Tonacombe (bur 1755, 2nd son)
  m. (15.09.1727) Eleanor Herle (bur 1765, dau of Nicholas Herle of Landue)
  (A) John Waddon of Tonacombe (dsp 13.02.1768)
  m. Elizabeth Hammett
(B) Bridget Waddon (d unm)
  (2) William Waddon (d 1756, vicar of Stratton, rector of Cardinham, 4th son)
  m1. (c1715?) Mary Bayly (dau/coheir of John Bayly of Eastleigh)
  (A) Bridget Waddon (dsp)
  m. Rev. _ Mitchell
  (B) Laetitia Waddon (d 27.04.1788)
  m. Robert Martyn (bur 23.12.1803, vicar of Stratton, rector of Luffincott)
  (C)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Mary
  m2. (20.05.1733) Thomasin Burridge of Tiverton
  (3) Honor Waddon (dsp)
m. Oliver Rouse (vicar of Morwenstow)
  (4)+ other issue - John (d unm 1726), Edward (d unm 09.05.1768), otehr sons (dsp - Richard, Philip, Dennis, Isaac, Grenville)
  c.+ other issue - Isaac, Timothy, Richard, Edward, Ulalia, Prudence, Honor
  ii. Alice Waddon (bpt 25.04.1614)
  m. (26.05.1642) Timothy Allsop
  iii. Prudence Waddon (bpt 25.03.1619)
  m. (06.11.1638) Oliver Ceelye
  iv. Sara Waddon (bpt 04.08.1630)
  m. (23.08.1655) George Ceelye
  v.+ other issue - John (b c1617, a 1620), Edward (bpt 19.03.1622-3), Richard (bpt 14.11.1624), William (bpt 07.05.1628), Mathias (bpt 07.11.1632, bur 15.07.1633), Nathaniel (bpt 11.12.1633), Benjamin (bpt 27.09.1637), Margaret (bpt 28.02.1620-1), Joan, Mary, Elizabeth (bpt 26.12.1638)
  B. Peter Whaddon or Waddon
  m. Catherine Elliot (dau of John Elliot)
  C. James Whaddon or Waddon (bpt 17.01.1594-5, bur 19.12.1642) had issue
  m. (c02.1621-2) Joanna Hitchyns of Totnes
  D. Jonae Whaddon or Waddon
  m. (08.05.1603) Thomas Wolridge of Plymouth
  E. Margaret Whaddon or Waddon (bpt 26.07.1587)
  m. (22.07.1604) William Canne of Plymouth
  F. Mary Whaddon or Waddon
  m. Thomas Leake of London
  G. Anne Whaddon or Waddon
  m. John White of Plymouth
  H. Elizabeth Whaddon or Waddon (b c1603, a 1620)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 09.11.16) : CountyGen (Kent, Berry, 1830, p8 & p477) with some support from Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Watton') and some support/input from BHO (Bristow's 'The History and Topographical Survey of the Clounty of Kent, col 4. 'Parishes: Addington')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 03.06.18) : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Waddon of Plymouth', p765)
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