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Families covered: Western of Cokethorpe, Western of Great Abingdon, Western of Rivenhall, Western of Tattingham Place

(1) Berry identifies the arms of this family, quartered with Shirley, as "Sable, a chevron between two crescents in chief and a trefoil slipped in base or".
(2) BLG1847 reports that "The family of Western, which has been seated for several generations at Rivenhall, co. Essex, descends from We Sterne, who settled in London in the fifteenth century, temp. Henry VII" and starts with ...
Richard Westerne
1. ?? Western(e)
  A. Thomas Western of Rivenhall Place (Essex) & London (b c1623, bur 17.01.1706-7) the first mentioned by Berry
m. Martha Gott (dau of Samuel Gott of London (MP))
  i. Samuel Western of Rivenhall (b c1655, d 20.08.1699, MP)
  m. (after 1686?) Anne Finch named (as just) Mary by Berry
  a. William Western of Rivenhall (d 12.08.1729)
  m. Anne Bateman (d c1778, dau of Sir James Bateman, Lord Mayor of London & sister of William, 1st Viscount, m2. George Dolliffe)
  (1) James Western (d 19.03.1730)
  (2) Sarah Western (d 1766)
  m. William Hanbury of Kelmarsh (d 1768)
  The estates of Viscount Bateman passed to William whose grandson was created Baron Bateman in 1837.
  (3) Wilhelmina Anne Western (a 1778)
  m. Richard Stephens (a 1778)
b. Samuel Western (bur 08.02.1696-7)
  ii. Thomas Western of London (b c1659, d 1697)
  m. (after 1686) Anne Fisher (d before 22.02.1733)
  a. Thomas Western of Rivenhall (d 01.04.1733, MP)
  m. Mary Shirley (a 1730, sister/coheir of Sir Richard Shirley of Preston, Bart
(1) Thomas Western of Rivenhall (b 1708-9, d 05.1765)
  m. Anne Callis (b c1715, d 01.1776, dau of Robert Callis)
  (A) Charles Western of Rivenhall (bpt 27.09.1747, d 24.07.1771, 2nd son)
  m. (24.10.1768) Frances Shirley Bolland (b c1745, d 05.10.1815, dau/heir of William Bolland of London by Frances, sister of Sir Thomas Shirley of Oathall, Bart)
  (i) Charles Callis Western, Baron Western of Rivenhall (bpt 09.08.1767, d unm 04.11.1844, MP, 2nd son)
  (ii)+ other issue - Richard (d 1770), Shirley (b 1776-8, d unm 30.04.1824, Rector of Rivenhall)
  (B) Thomas Walsingham Western (bpt 06.09.1748, dsp 02.09.1824, Rector of Rivenhall)
  m. Mary Osborne
  (C) Anna Maria Western (b 21.11.1737, d 1777)
  m. (04.01.1768 Sir Thomas Shirley, Bart
  (D) Judith Western (bpt 15.10.1742)
  m. Robert Houlton
(E)+ other issue - Thomas Shirley (bpt 09.12.1741, bur 12.01.1747), Henry Chicheley (bpt 19.08.1750, bur 24.01.1751), John (bpt 08.09.1751, d 1761), Margaretta (bpt 06.03.117, bur 20.12.1743), Frances (b 26.05.1739, d 18.07.1819)
  iii. Maximilian Western of Great Abingdon, Cambridgeshire
  m. Ann Mathew(s) (d 1719)
  a. Thomas Western 'of Great Abingdon' this line followed by BLG1847
  m. Catherine le Gross (dau/coheir of Charles Harman le Gross of Crosthwaite)
  (1) Thomas Western
  The following is partly supported by Burke's 'Royal Families' (vol 2 (1851), Pedigree CXCV, 'Charles Maximilian Thos. Western').
  m. Jane Calvert (dau of John Calvert of Albury Hall)
  (A) Charles Western (b 70, d 08.1825/1835, rector of Kingham)
  m. Mary Peniston Goostrey (d 15.01.1849, dau of William Goostrey (Captain RN))
  (i) Charles Maximilian Thomas Western (b 04.06.1790, dvp 14.05.1824) had issue
  m. Mary Harriet Clarke (d 1846, dau of Christopher Clarke of Twickenham in King's County)
  Their son, Charles Maximilian Thomas Western, was the subject of the above-mentioned article in Burke's 'Royal Families'.
(ii)+ other issue - Charles (d infant), Maximilian (d infant), Thomas (d infant), Anna or Hannah Maria (a 1839)
  (B) Thomas Western of Tattingham Place (Suffolk) & Aldham (d 12.1814, Rear Admiral RN)
  m. (1794) Mary Burch (dau of Thomas Burch or Birch of Bermuda)
  (i) Thomas Burch Western of Tattingham Place, Rivenhall & Felix Hall (b 22.08.1795) had issue
  m. Margaret Laetitia Bushby (dau of William Bushby of Kirkmichael)
  (ii) Caroline Western
  m. James Bradley-Dyne (RN, son of Andrew Hawes of Gore Court)
  (iii) Eliza Western
  m. William Trevor Taylor
  (iv) Mary Western
  m. John Dolphin (rector of Antingham & Thorp, of the family of Eyford)
  (v)+ other issue - George Edward (dsp 1825, RN), Maximilian James (Major), William Charles (captain), Richard Roger (RN), Charlotte White, Jane (d infant)
  (C) James Western (of Gray's Inn)
m. Charlotte Hallifax (dau of Rev. Robert Hallifax of Standish)
  (i) Edmund Western (younger son?) had issue
  m. Frances Young (dau of John Adolphus Young of Hare Hatch)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas Hallifax, George, James Roger, William John, Charles Francis, John Octavius, Charlotte, Anne (b c1805, d 11.1824), Caroline Jane
  (D) Roger Peter Western (dsp 11.1834, 6th son)
  m1. Hellie Hook
  m2. Ann Wiggett of Crudwell (dau of William Wiggett)
(E) Anne Western (d 04.1835)
  m1. Rev. Chaloner Byng Baldock
  m2. Rev. Edward Valpey @@ see here @@
  (F) Caroline Western (dsp 11.1837)
  m. Edward Knipe of Epsom
(G)+ other issue - George (d unm), John (d Williamstadt 21.03.1793, RN), William Brydges (d unm), Jane (a 1839), Mary (d infant), Charlotte, Mary (a 1839)
  (2) Anne Western (d 1761)
  m. (1750) Richard Townley of Foulmire
  (3) Frances Western
  m. (1767) E(lisha) Biscoe
b. Maximilian Western 'of Cokethorpe'
  m. _ Tahourdine
  (1) Maximilian Western 'of Cokethorp Park'
  m. _ Fowkes of Norfolk @@ see here @@
  (A) Maximilian Western (dsp)
  m. _ Loder
  (B) Elizabeth Western
  m1. Francis Sackville Lloyd Wheate of Glympton Park
  m2. (William) Way
  (C) Frances Western (d 23.04.1836)
  m. (31.08.1803) W(alter) Strickland
  (2) Frances Western
  m. _ Larpont
  (3) Dorothy Western (d 07.01.1807)
  m. (12.05.1796, sp) Sir Edmund Head, Bart
  (4) Olive Western
  c. Anne Western
  m. P. Johnson (MD)
  d. Elizabeth Western
  e. Mary Western
  m1. Richard Sheldon
  m2. W. Jones
  f. Frances Western
m. W. Dawe
  g. Martha Western
m. Sir John Lock
  h. Olive Western
  m. T. White
  iv. Robert Western of London (b c1667, d 06.1728, youngest son)
  m. (c12.1698) Anne Shirley (d 1712, sister/coheir of Sir Richard Shirley of Preston, Bart)
  a. Thomas Western (a 1706, d by 1717)
  b. Judith Western
  m. John Norris
  c. Sarah Western (d 28.03(05?).1740)
m. (1735) Sir Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn, Bart
  d. Anne Western (d 09.05.1747)
  m. (05.1731) Hugh Hume-Campbell, Earl of Marchmont
  v. Frances Western
  m. Henry Featherston
  vi. Martha Western (d 11.02.1732)
  m. (c07.1677) Peter Gott of Fairchurch
  vii. Mary Western
  m. (30.12.1686) Francis Tyssen of London
  viii. Sarah Western
  m. (sp) Francis Brydges (brother of the Duke of Chandos)
  ix.+ other issue - William of Rivenhall (d unm 1706), Elizabeth (d infant), Elizabeth

Main source(s): 'Pedigrees of Essex Families' (William Berry, 1838, 'Western, Lord' (Visitations (Essex), Appendix, p747)) with some support from BLG1847 ('Western of Tattingstone Place and Felix Hall')
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