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Families covered: Welleby (Welby) of Fosdyke (Fossdyke), Welleby (Welby) of Multon

Roger de Wellebi (a 1218, 1225)
1. Roger de Wellebi of Multon (d before 1256)
  A. Richard de Welleby of Multon (d c1286)
  m. Ada de Kyme (dau of Jordan de Kyme of Multon)
  i. Roger de Welleby of Multon (d 1299)
  m. Elizabeth (widow of Roger Fox of Kirkton & Butterwick)
  a. Richard de Welleby of Multon, Kelvedon & Lamburn (d 1333-4)
  m. Juliana de Multon (dau/heir of Henry de Multon by Agnes, m2. Thomas de Lavyngton of Multon)
  (1) Margaret de Welleby, heiress of Lamburn (Essex)
  m. John de Ristoft (a 1347)
  (2) Joan de Welleby
  m. John de Hagh (m2. Agnes Clour)
  (A) John de Hagh in Kelvedon had issue
  (3)+ other issue - Elizabeth (d by 1347), Ada (d by 1347), Beatrice (a 1349)
  b. Thomas de Welleby of Kirton
  The following comes from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Welby of Kirton-in-Holland).
  (1) Thomas de Welleby (a 1348)
  (A) Richard de Welleby (d 1382?)
  m. Elizabeth
  (i) Thomas de Welleby (d 1404?)
  m. Eleanor
  (a) Thomas de Welleby (d by 1420)
  m. Margaret Beaumont (dau of John Beaumont)
  ((1)) Thomas de Welleby
  (b) Robert de Welleby
  (2) Roger de Welleby
  (A) Thomas de Welleby (a 1341)
  (3) John de Welleby
  (A) Thomas de Welleby (d 1355?)
  ii. Adlard de Welleby of Multon (d 1305?)
  m. Margaret
  a. Richard de Welleby of Multon (d 1332?)
  m. Margaret (m2. Fulco FitzWilliam)
(1) Richard de Welleby of Multon (d 1369?)
  (A) Richard de Welleby of Multon & Welby (d 1387)
  m. Beatrice Mayson (dau of Symon Mayson of Spalding, widow of John de Kelsay)
  (i) Roger Welby of Multon & Welby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1410)
  m. Margaret (d by 1419)
  (a) Richard Welby (d c1449?, MP)
  m. Grace
  ((1)) Richard Welby (d 1465)
  m. Joan or Agnes
  ((2)) John Welby (d c1470, Chaplain)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Welby
  m. _ Haw (d by 1471)
  ((4)) Katherine Welby
  m. _ Pulvertoft
  (b) Athelard Welby (b 1388, a 1443, rector of Ardelthorp then Surfleet)
  (c) Matilda or Margaret Welby
  m. Richard Pynchebeck of Pynchebeck & Boston (d 1441)
  (B) John de Welleby (Chaplain of Donyngton)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1337) - Thomas, John
  b. William de Welleby of Multon (d 1402?)
  iii. Alexander de Welleby (a 1303)
  B. Roger de Welleby of Fosdyke (a 1288)
  (1) In the section on Welby of Multon, Maddison shows a Roger in this generation and refers to the section of Welby of Fossdyke. In that section, the first mentioned is Roger of Fosdyke "probably son of Richard de Welleby of Multon". We follow the first section (and show Roger as brother rather than son of Richard of Multon) because in the first section there is another son called Roger (see above).
(2) The following comes from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Welby of Fosdyke in Algarkirk).
  i. Athelard de Welleby (d 1327)
  m. Ellena de Wigtoft (dau of Stephen de Wigtoft)
  a. Richard de Welleby of Fosdyke, later of Swyneshead & Wigtoft (d 1384)
  m1. Algerkirka (d 1355)
  m2. Cecily de Wigtoft (dau of Sir Stephen de Wigtoft)
  (1)+ issue (dvp) - Stephen, Joan, Elizabeth, Maragreet, Catherine, Alice
  b. Stephen de Welleby of Fosdyke (d c1386)
  (1) Roger de Welleby (a 1377, dvpsp)
  c. John de Welleby of Algarkirk (d c1388)
  (1) John de Welleby of Fossedyke or Fosdyke probably father of ...
  (A) Joan de Welleby (heiress)
  m. Sir Robert Willoughby
  d. Thomas de Welleby of Algarkirk
  (1) Thomas de Welleby or Welby of Algarkirk
  (A) Roger Welby of Fossdyke (a 1428)
  (i) Richard Welby of Fossdyke (a 1436)
  (a) Richard Welby of Fossdyke (a 1471)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((1)) Roger Welby of Fossdyke (d by 1546, yeoman)
  m. Anne
  ((A))+ issue (a 1546) - Thomas (b 1517), Richard, Nicholas, Anne
  (B) Athelard Welby of Algarkirk (d 1436)
  (i) Thomas Welby of Fossdyke (husbandman)
  (a) Thomas Welby of Fossdyke
  m. Joan (dau of Simon son of Thomas & Elizabeth Hunning of Algakirk)
  ((1)) Thomas Welby of Fossdyke (a 1560)
  ((A)) Richard Welby of Fossdyke (d by 1549)
m. Alice
  ((i)) Roger Welby (a 1549)
  ((B)) Thomas Welby (d by 1576)
  m. Alice Gelson (d 1578, sisetr of R. Gelson, widow of _ Procter)
  ((i)) Humfrey Welby (d 1590)
  m. Alice (probably dau of _ Quarles of Ufford) ## see here ##
  ((ii)) Alice Welby
  ((C)) Nicholas Welby
  ((D)) Humfrey Welby of Wranby (d by 1561)
  m. Margaret (d before 1573)
  ((i)) John Welby
  (ii) Nicholas Welby of Fossdyke (husbandman)
  ii. Thomas de Welleby of Pinchbeck (a 1332) had issue
  iii. John de Welleby of Wrangel
  C. Agnes de Welleby

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Welby of Multon) with input as reported above
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