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Families covered: Wedgwood of Blackwood, Wedgwood of Burslem, Wedgwood of Etruria, Wedgwood of Haracles, Wedgwood of Mowle

Stephen de Wegewood of Brerehurst (a 1358)
1. Richard Wegewood (a 1393)
  m(1). Margaret
A. Stephen Wegewood of Blackwood (d 1469)
  m. Cicely
  i. John Wedgwood of Blackwood (d 1494)
  m. Margaret Shaw (dau of John Shaw of Haracles)
  a. Richard Wedgwood of Blackwood and Haracles
  (1) John Wedgwood of Blackwood and Haracles (d by 1556)
  m. Anne Bowyer (dau of William Bowyer of Knypersley)
  (A) John Wedgwood of Blackwood and Haracles (d 1572)
  m. Agnes
(i) John Wedgwood of Haracles
  Grazebrook reports that the Visitation shows the mother of the next John (and wife of this John) as the following Margaret Bowyer but that the mother was definitely Mary Egerton. Grazebrook does accept the this John's 1st wife may have been ...
  m1. (??) Margaret Bowyer (dau of William Bowyer of Knypersley)
  m2. Mary Egerton (dau of Thomas Egerton of Wall Grange)
  (a) John Wedgwood of Haracles (d 04.1656)
  m. Margaret Forde (dau of William Forde of the Mosse)
((1)) John Wedgwood (b c1605, dvp)
  m. Jane Haselrigg (dau of Sir Thomas Haselrigg of Nowsly)
  ((A)) William Wedgwood of Haracles (b 1634-5, a 04.1663)
  ((B)) Frances Wedgwood
  m. (before 04.1663) Richard Cowper of Newcastle-under-Lime
  ((C))+ other issue - John, Arthur, Egerton, Margaret, Anne
  ((2)) Egerton Wedgwood of Cambridge
  m. Catherine Whitehalgh (dau of John Whitehalgh of Whitehalgh)
  ((3)) William Wedgwood of Coventre
  m. Bridget Hopkins of Coventre
  ((4)) Mary Wedgwood
  m. Sampson Hopkins of Coventre
  ((5)) Hester Anne Wedgwood
  m. Edward Jolley of London
  ((6)) Elizabeth Wedgwood
  m. John Jodrell of Moorehouse (b 1619-20, a 04.1663)
  ((7)) Ann Wedgwood
  m. Joseph (not James) Whitehall of Whitehall
  (b) Mary Wedgwood
  m. Ambrose Auden of Longcroft
(c) Margaret Wedgwood
  m1. _ Smith (goldsmith in London)
  m2. Richard Rand of London
  (d) Elizabeth Wedgwood
  m1. Richard Foxe
  m2. William St.Andrew of Gotham
  (e) Felix Wedgwood
  m. _ Eldershaw
  (ii) Richard Wedgwood (d by 1588) had issue
  (iii) Margery Wedgwood
  m. William Keelinge
  (B) Richard Wedgwood of Mowle (d 1589)
  m. Agnes
  (i) Richard Wedgwood of Mowle (d 12.1626) - continued below
  m. (14.09.1567) Margaret Boulton
  ii. Thomas Wedgwood (a 1470)



Richard Wedgwood of Mowle (d 12.1626) - continued above
m. (14.09.1567) Margaret Boulton
1. Gilbert Wedgwood of Burslem (b 1588, d 1678, master potter, youngest son)
  m. (1612) Margaret Burslem (d 1655, dau of Thomas Burslem of Burslem Overhouse)
  A. Thomas Wedgwood of Burslem Overhouse (d 1679, master potter, 2nd son)
  m. (09.04.1653) Margaret Shaw (dau of John Shaw of The Churchyard House, Burslem)
  i. Thomas Wedgwood of The Churchyard House, Burslem (b 1660, d 1716, master potter, 2nd son)
  m. (28.06.1684) Mary Leigh (d 1718, dau of Thomas Leigh of Burslem)
  a. Thomas Wedgwood of The Churchyard House, Burslem (b 1686, master potter)
  m. Mary Stringer (d 1766, dau of Josiah Stringer)
(1) Josiah Wedgwood of Etruria (bpt 30.08.1730, master potter & founder of the famous pottery, 7th son)
  m. (25.01.1764) Sarah Wedgwood (d 15.07.1815, dau of Richard Wedgwood of Spen Green)
  (A) John Wedgwood (b 28.03.1766, d 1844) had issue
  m. (12.01.1794) Louisa Jane Allen (dau of John Bartlett Allen of Cresselly)
  (B) Josiah Wedgwood (d 03.01.1795)
  (i) Josiah Wedgwood of Maer Hall & Etruria (b 12.01.1795, master potter)
  m. (28.12.1792) Elizabeth Allen (d 31.03.1846, dau of John Bartlett Allen of Cresselly)
  (a) Josiah Wedgwood of Leith Hill Place (b 12.01.1795, d 11.03.1880, master potter) had issue
  m. (01.08.1837) Caroline Sarah Darwin (d 05.01.1888, dau of Robert Waring Darwin)
  (b) Henry Allen Wedgwood of Hermitage (b 06.04.1799, d 07.10.1885) had issue
  m. (26.10.1830) Jessie Wedgwood (d 1872, dau of John Wedgwood, cousin)
(c) Francis Wedgwood of Barlaston and Etruria (b 24.11.1800, d 02.10.1888, mater potter) had issue
  m. (26.04.1832) Frances Mosley (d 19.03.1874, dau of Rev. John Peploe Mosley)
  (d) Hensleigh Wedgwood (b 22.01.1803, d 01.06.1891) had issue
  m. (10.01.1832) Frances Emma Mackintosh (d 15.05.1889, dau of Sir James Mackintosh, cousin)
  (e) Charlotte Wedgwood (b 10.11.1797, d 01.1862)
  m. (22.03.1832) Rev. Charles Langton (d 1886, son of George of Lincolnshire)
  (f) Emma Wedgwood (b 02.05.1808, d 02.10.1896)
  m. (29.01.1839) Charles Robert Darwin of Downe (d 19.04.1882, naturalist)
(g)+ other issue (d unm) - Sarah Elizabeth (b 08.125.1793, d 07.11.1880), Mary Anne (b 14.06.1796, d 10.1798), Frances (b 24.04.1806, d 20.08.1832), 3 daughters
  (C) Susannah Wedgwood (b 03.01.1765, d 15.07.1817)
  m. (04.1796) Robert Waring Darwin (d 13.11.1848)
  (D)+ other issue including Thomas (b 14.05.1771, d unm 10.07.1805)
  (2) Catherine Wedgwood
  m. (1754) William Willet
  (3)+ other issue
  ii. Josiah Wedgwood of Burslem possibly fits here
  a. Margaret Wedgwood
  m. Thomas Byerley (d 1761)

Main source(s): BP1999 (Wedgwood) with input from Visitation (H. Sydney Grazebrook 1885, Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Wedgwood of Haracles)
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