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Families covered: Wedderburn of Gosford, Wedderburn of Rosslyn, Halkett of Pitfirrane

Sir Peter Wedderburn of Gosford (b 1612, d 11.11.1659, Lord of Session as Lord Gosford)
m1. (01.02.1649) Christian Gibson
1. James Wedderburn (d young)
m2. (1653) Agnes Dickson (dau of John Dickson of Hartree, judge)
2. John Wedderburn of Gosford (b 1657, d 26.05.1688, Colonel)
3. Sir Peter Wedderburn, 1st Bart of Gosford, later Halkett of Pitfirrane (b 1660, d 20.03.1746)
  m. (1695) Janet Halkett (dau of Sir Charles Halkett of Pitfirrane, 1st Bart)
A. Sir Peter Wedderburn, later Halkettt of Pitfirrane, 2nd Bart (d 09.07.1755)
  m. (by 15.02.1738) Amelia Stewart (d 18.05.1781, dau of Francis Stewart, Earl of Moray)
  i. Sir Peter Halkettt of Pitfirrane, 3rd Bart (d unm 1779)
  ii.+ other issue - Francis (d unm 1760, major), James (d 09.07.1755)
  B. Charles Wedderburn of Gosford
  m. Mary Wardlaw (dau of Sir Henry Wardlaw, Bart)
  i. Sir John Wedderburn of Gosford, later Halkett, 4th Bart of Pitfirrane (d 1793)
  m1. (1758) Elizabeth Fletcher (dau of Andrew Fletcher of Salton, Senator)
  a. Elizabeth Wedderburn (b c1759, d 06.02.1850)
  m. Lally Tollendall, Marquess of France (d 1830)
m2. Mary Hamilton (dau of Hon. John Hamilton)
  b. Sir Charles Halkett of Pitfirrane, 5th Bart (dsp 26.01.1837)
  c. Sir Peter Halkett of Pitfirrane, 6th Bart (d 10.1839, Admiral RN) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Todd (dau of William Todd)
  d. John Halkett, Governor of the Bahamas (4th son) had issue
  m1. Anne Todd (dau of William Todd)
  m2. (06.07.1815) Katherine Douglas (d 31.03.1848, dau of Dunbar Hamilton, later Douglas, 4th Earl of Selkirk)
  e. Sir Alexander Halkett (d 24.08.1851, General)
  m. _ Sprowel
  (1)+ 3 sons and 1 daughter
  f. Sholto Charlotte Halkett (d 08.10.1853)
  m1. General _ Pringle
  m2. Stewart Inglis
  g. Jane Margaret Halkett (d 03.05.1857) probably of this generation
  m. Richard Kirwan Hill (b 18.11.1794, d 02.12.1842, Captain)
  h.+ other issue - Henry (d 1818, captain), Thomas, Margaret (d 17.08.1846), Helen (b c1777, d 23.12.1867)
ii. son, later of Gosford
  a. daughter
4. Alexander Wedderburn
  m. Mary Daes (dau of John Daes of Colding Knows)
  A. Peter Wedderburn of Chesterhall (d 11.08.1756, lord of session as Lord Chesterhall)
  m. Janet Ogilvy (d 06.1771, dau of Captain David Ogilvy)
  i. Alexander Wedderburn, Lord Loughborough, 1st Earl of Rosslyn (b 13.02.1733, dsp 03.01.1805, Lord Chancellor)
  It appears that Alexander chose Rosslyn as his title because he intended for his earldom to be inherited by his nephew who had inherited Rosslyn through his father's mother.
  m1. (31.12.1767) Anne Dawson (d 15.02.1781, dau of John Dawson of Morley)
  m2. (12.09.1782) Charlotte Courtenay (b 21.01.1750, d 1826, dau of William Courtenay, 1st Viscount of Powderham)
a. son (d 02.10.1793, d infant)
  ii. David Wedderburn (d Barrock unm 1773, Brig. General)
  iii. Janet Wedderburn (d 06.1797)
  m. (1761) Sir Henry Erskine, 5th Bart of Alva (d 07.08.1765, Lt. General)
  Their elder son became 2nd Earl of Rosslyn.
  B. Mary Wedderburn probably of this generation
  m. (1716) George Cheape (b 1688)
  C. daughter
5. Agnes Wedderburn
  m. (mcrt 09.1674) (David) Halliburton of Pitcur
6.+ other issue - James (b 1663, d young), George (b 1665, d young), Margaret, Susannah, Agnes (d infant)
m3. (1677, sp) Elizabeth Goldman (widow of Robert Cheplane)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Rosslyn), BP1870 (Halkett)
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