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Families covered: Weaver of the Above Eign, Weaver of Aymestrey, Weaver of Hereford, Weaver of Presteigne, Weaver of Stepleton (Stapleton)

Walter Weaver of Herefordshire
1. Walter Weaver
  m. Joane Bohun (dau/heir of Gilbert Bohun of Salop by Margaret, dau/heir of Thomas Wastneys of Salop)
  A. Walter Weaver
  B. Thomas Weaver
  m. Margaret Wysham (dau of Sir Richard Wysham)
  i. Walter Weaver
  m. Maud Burghill (dau of John Burghill)
  a. Thomas Weaver
  m. Anne Delabere
  (1) John Weaver
  m. Jane Apleby (dau of James Apleby)
  (A) Jenkin Weaver
  m. Margaret Nanton (dau of Robert Nanton)
  (i) John Weaver
  m. _ Baker
  (a) Ellen Weaver
m. Oliver Roe of London
  (ii) Griffith Weaver of Presteigne, Radnorshire
  m. Ellen Sadler (dau of John Sadler)
  (a) John Weaver of London (a 1568)
  The following is supported by Visitation (London, 1568, Weaver).
  m. Alice Anton (dau of Thomas Anton, clerk of the court of Wards)
  ((1)) George Weaver (3rd son)
  m. Anne Wood (dau of Richard Wood of Hollingbourne) mentioned in Visitation (London, 1633-4, Weaver)
((2))+ other issue - John, Thomas, James, Anne, Catharine
  (iii) Hugh Weaver of Stepleton in Presteigne
  (a) John Weaver of Stepleton, Sheriff of Radnorshire
  m. _ Blashfeild (dau of Thomas Blashfeild of Ludlow)
  ((1)) Thomas Weaver of Stepleton
  m. Joyce Boyle (dau of James Boyle of Hereford)
  ((A)) Richard Weaver of Stepleton
  m. Anne Rudgeley of Haukes-yard
  ((i)) Joyce Weaver
  m. (1655) Walter Pye, later of Stepleton
  ((B))+ other issue - James, Robert
  (b) Edmund Weaver of Aymestrey (a 1575) - continued below
  m. Margaret Burhope of Byton
  (iv) Ellen Weaver
  (B)+ other issue - Griffith, Walter, Henry



Edmund Weaver of Aymestrey, Herefordshire (a 1575) - continued above
m. Margaret Burhope of Byton
1. Robert Weaver of Aymestrey, Sheriff of Radnorshire (d before 07.10.1646)
  m. Margaret Davies (a 1641, dau of Hugh Davies of Coxall (Coxhall))
  A. Thomas Weaver of Aymestrey (bpt 08.09.1601, d before 28.10.1647)
  m. Anne Lewis (dau of Hugh Lewis of Harpton)
  i. Robert Weaver of Aymestrey
  Robinson reports that Robert's line "became extinct" at the death of the undermentioned Robert. Not identifying the last Robert as son of the first Robert leads us to presume that there was an intermediary generation but the dates could support the last Robert being the son of this one.
  a. ?? Weaver presumed intermediary generation
  (1) Robert Weaver (b c1658, d 03.11.1728)
  ii.+ other issue - Sampson of Elton, Thomas, Nicholas of Aymestrey (a 1670), Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, Bridget (a 1634)
  B. Robert Weaver of Hereford
  m. Margaret Philpots (dau of Richard Philpots of Hereford)
  i. Richard Weaver
  C. John Weaver
m. Martha Buggs
  i.+ daughters
  D. Anne Weaver
  m. _ Davies
  E.+ other issue - Isaac of the Broom (a 1638), Edmund, James, Sarah, Lucretia, Martha, Patience
2. Richard Weaver of the Above Eign, Mayor of Hereford (bpt 01.05.1575, d 16.05.1642, MP)
  m. Catherine Fox (d 27.08.1631, dau of Edmund Fox of Leighton's Court)
  A. Edmund Weaver of the Above Eign (b 02.02.1610, d before 11.03.1672, of the Inner Temple)
  m. Mary Elton (d before 1672, dau of Ambrose Elton of the Hasles)
  i. Edmund Weaver of the Above Eign (b 28.11.1637, bur 16.07.1720)
  m. (25.09.1666) Sarah Norris (bur 03.01.1720, dau of _ Norris of Eye)
  a. Bridstock Weaver of the Above Eign (bpt 03.07.1686, d before 27.02.1767, 4th son?)
  m. Sarah (d before 12.12.1767)
  (1) Francis Watkins Weaver of Hereford (b 14.10.1749, d 10.02.1820, youngest son)
  m. Ann Gascoyen (d c1857, dau of _ Gascoyen of Stanwick Hall)
  (A) Francis Weaver (b 14.08.1775, d 1822, 2nd son) had issue
  m. _ Neville
  (B) John Weaver of Wolverhampton (b 08.02.1784, d 06.05.1849) had issue
  m. Eliza Mander of Wolverhampton
  (C) James Weaver of Oswestry had issue
  m. Hannah Maria Hill (d 30.11.1861, dau of Thomas Hill of Guilsfield)
  (D) Ann Weaver
  m. Christopher H. Hebb of Worcester
  (E) Catherine Weaver
  m. John Garrett of Hereford
  (F) Mary Ann Weaver
  m1. Charles Alsager
  m2. Charles Mann
  (G) Leonora Weaver
  m. John White James
  (H)+ other issue - William Gascoyen (b 21.02.1774, dsp 25.02.1804), Harriet of Hereford (a 1872)
  (2) Catherine Weaver
  m. _ Watkins of Hay
  (3) Elizabeth Weaver
  m. David Richards
  (4) Sarah Weaver
  m. (17680 John Eckley of Hereford
  (5)+ other issue (dsp) - Bridstock, John, Bridstock, Edmund, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah, Deborah (bur 1745)
  b. (Gertrude?) Weaver
  m. _ Bickerton
  c. Sarah Weaver
  m. James Edwards of Bristol
  d. Elizabeth or Jane Weaver
  m. W. Havard of Hereford
  e. Rebecca Weaver
  m. (1711) Edward Phillips of Hereford
  f.+ other issue - Edmund (a 1686, dsp), Richard (dsp), James (bpt 1679, dsp), Thomas (bpt 09.06.1668 (1688?))
  ii. John Weaver (cleric)
  B. Thomas Weaver (Captain)
  m. Dorothy Bennet (d 06.04.1692, dau of Leonard Bennet of Shelwick Court)
  C.+ other issue - Richard, James, Anne, Margery, Elizabeth

Main source(s): Robinson (Hereford, Weaver of Aymestrey, Eyton, and Hereford) with a little input/support from Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Weaver of Stapleton and Aymestrey', p68+)
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