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Families covered: Warwick (Warwyke, etc.) of Warwick (Cumberland), Warwick of Westminster

Odard de Corkeby (a 1130)
m. Anna
1. William de Corkeby of Warthwyke (d c1195)
  m. Osanna
  A/B. Sir Robert 'de Corkeby' (a 1225)
  m. Alicia de Lascels
  i. Isabella
  m(1). Roald de Richmond
  B/A. John de Warthwyke (Warthwic) (a 1201)
  m. Aliva
  i. William de Warthwyke (Warthwic) (a 1259)
  a. Robert de Warthwyke (Warthwic) (a 1293)
  m. Idonea (a 1269)
  (1) William de Warthwyke (Warthwic) (a 1310, verderer)
  (A) John de Warthwyke (Warthwic) of Warwick (a 1323, dsp, verderer, coroner)
  (B) Edmund de Warthwyk
(i) John de Warthwyke (Warthwic) of Warwick (d 1387-8)
  (a) George de Warthwyke (Warwyke) (d 1439)
  ((1)) John de Warwyke (Warthewyk) of Warwick (a 1455)
  ((A)) ?? Warwyke
  The Visitation shows a solid line between the John just above and Lancelot just below. We presume that the line did in fact continue from John to Lancelot. We are uncertain on the number of intervening generations.
  ((i)) ?? Warwyke
  ((a)) Lancelot Warwyke or Warwike (d 1537) - continued below
2.+ other issue - Adam (had issue), Osbert (dsp c1167)



Lancelot Warwyke or Warwike (d 1537) - continued above
1. Richard Warwyke or Warwike (d 1545)
  A. Christopher Warwike (d 1596)
  m. Frances Salkeld (dau of _ Salkeld of Corby) ## see here ##, confusion with next generation?
  i. Richard Warwyke or Warwick (d c1634)
  m1. Frances Salkeld (dau of ?? Salkeld of Whitehall)
  a. Thomas Warwick, Mayor of Carlisle (dvp 1624-5)
m. _ Brathwaite (dau of Gawen Brathwaite of Ambleside)
  (1) Thomas Warwick of Warwick (d 1654)
  m. Frances Skelton (dau of John Skelton of Armathwaite Castle)
(A) Thomas Warwick of Warwick (b 1643, d 1689) the last generation mentioned by Visitation
  m. Frances Dalston (dau of John Dalston of Acorn Bank)
  (i) John Warwick of Warwick (d 1720)
  m. Mary Howard (dau of Francis Howard of Corby)
  (a) Francis Warwick of Warwick (dsp 1772)
  m. Jane Howard (dsp 1778, dau of Thomas Howard of Corby)
  The following comes from BHO ('Magna Brittania, vol 4, Cunberland, 'Parishes: Thursby-Workington').
  (b)+ daughters (dsp?)
  (ii) daughter
  m. _ Maddison
  (a) ?? Maddison
  ((1)) Ralph Maddison of Warwick (dsp)
((2)) John Maddison of Warwick (dsp)
  ((3)) Sarah Maddison
  m. Thomas Bower
  ((A)) Robert Bower, later Warwick of Warwick Hall (a 1792)
  ((i)) Jane Warwick (d 19.05.1832, "2d da.") probably of this generation
  m. (15.11.1821) Sir Frederick Treise Morshead, 2nd Bart (b 01.1783, d 07.1828)
  Possibly of this generation was ...
  (iii) Lucy Warwick
  m. (04.1699) William Thirlwall of Newbiggin & Thirlwall
  (B) Maria Warwick
  m. Rowland Nichols (rector of Acton)
  (C)+ other issue - John (d unm), Catherine
  b. George Warwick (dsp)
  m2. ??
  c. John Wareyke of Lockwayt juxta Hartley Castrum, Westmoreland



Descended from the Warwicks of Wartham, Cumberland, was ...
Thomas Warwick of Hereford
1. Thomas Warwick of Westminster (d 1651, organist)
  m. Elizabeth Somerville (dau/coheir of John Somerville of Somerville Aston by Ellen, dau of Edward Arden of Park Hall)
  A. Sir Philip Warwick of Westminster & Frognal (b 24.12.1609, d 15.01.1682/3, MP)
  m1. (1683) Dorothy Hutton (d 06.08.1644, dau of Thomas Hutton of Marske)
  i. Philip Warwick (dsp 12/26.03.1683)
  m. Elizabeth Frecheville (dau/coheir of John, Lord Frecheville of Staveley, m2. Earl of Holderness)
  m2. (1647) Joan Fanshaw (dau of Sir Henry Fanshaw of Ware Park, widow of Sir William Boteter of Teston, Bart)
  B. Arabella Warwick
  m. _ Chester
  i.+ other issue - Henry, Philip, Edmund, Ellen
  C. Joyce Warwick
  m. Sir Christopher Turner (Baron of the Exchequer)
  i.+ issue - Charles, Edmund

Main source(s):
(1) For upper & middle sections : Visitation (Joseph Foster, Cumberland and Westmorland, 1615-1666, 'Warwyke of Warwyke', p139), 'Pedigree of de Warthwic' From 'The Parish of Warwick' by T.H. B. Graham (1912, 'Art. VII', p93, found at archaeologydataservice.ac.uk)
(2) For lower section : FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Warwick of Hereford', p150)
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