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Families covered: Walker of Hunshelf, Walker of Normanton, Walker of Wakefield, Walker of Westgate

Thomas Walker of Wakefield (d before 19.10.1545)
1. John Walker of Wakefield (d before 22.10.1574, cloth merchant)
  A. William Walker of Westgate, Wakefield (but 08.03.1620, woollen merchant)
  m. Alice (bur 18.01.1625/6)
  i. Edward Walker of Westgate, Wakefield (bur 15.09.1652, woollen merchant)
  m. (12.04.1602) Dorothy Rayner (bur 06.02.1669/70)
a. William Walker of Wakefield (bpt 01.11.1604, bur 09.9.1657)
  m. Martha Maunsell (dau of Robert Maunsell (protonotary of Wales) by Mary, dau of Thomas Browne of London)
  (1) John Walker of Wakefield & Hillingdon (Middlesex) (b 07.10.1627, d 10.11.1679)
  m. Mary Fountayne (d 27.02.1680/1, dau of Peter Fountayne of London)
  (A) John Walker of Hillingdon (b 02.1652, d 29.09.1734, Usher of the Exchequer)
  m. Elizabeth Clarke (dau of SirWilliam Clarke, Bart of Shubbington, by Elizabeth, dau of William Muschamp of Barnes)
(i)+ issue - John (a 1715), Elizabeth, 3 daughters (d young)
  (B) William Walker of Westgate, Wakefield (b 16.09.1654, d 07.06.1740, surgeon)
  m1. (08.11.1682) Margaret Kaye (b 21.01.1653/4, d 04.05.1724, dau of William Kaye of Wakefield by Mary Naylor)
  (i) John Walker of Westgate, Wakefield (b 27.04.1686, d 20.08.1720, woollen merchant)
  m. (01.11.1709) Elizabeth Shuttleworth (b 29/30.08.1682, d 12.05.1728, dau of Jonathan Shuttleworth of Wakefield by Katherine, dau of John Thomson)
  (a) William Walker of Normanton (b 15.10.1710, d 10.12.1775)
  m. (31.08.1740) Deborah Furness (b 05.08.1715, d 08.05.1794, dau of Joseph Furness of Emley Woodhouse by Deborah)
  ((1)) Thomas Walker of Upper Wood Hall, Darfield (b 12.01.1743/4, d 21.09.1817)
  m. (29.08.1768) Ann Balgue (bpt 03.12.1747, d 01.04.1819, dau of Matthew Malgue of Whitwood by Sarah Littlewood)
  ((A)) John Walker of Kexborough Hall, Darton (b 23.02.1784, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (16.01.1816) Hannah Milnes (bpt 11.11.1785, dau of William Milnes of Nabbs Manor House by Ellen, dau of John Smirthwaite of Wakefield)
  ((B)) William Walker (b 04.1787, d 11.12.1865)
  m. Catherine Fallowes
  ((C))+ other issue - Thomas (b 1775, d 21.04.1838), "several daughters"
  ((2)) William Walker of Normanton (bpt 15.02.1746/7, d 23.04.1813)
  m. (04.05.1773) Betty Denton (bpt 11.06.1784, bur 23.06.1793, dau of William Denton of Normanton by Elizabeth Morton)
  ((A)) William Walker (bpt 08.05.1777)
  m. (02.04.1812) Ann Smith of Wakefield
  ((B)) Samuel Denton Walker of Woodhouse, Normanton (bpt 29.09.1783) had issue
  m. Sarah Rayner (b 17.08.1781, dau of John Rayner of Wath by Mary, dau of William Walker of Normanton)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Walker (b 1775)
  m. (30.10.1797) Robert Scholey of Normanton (b 1759)
  (b)+ other issue - Anne (b 12.11.1711, bur 03.11.1745), Sarah (b 12.07.1715)
  (ii) Thomas Walker of Wakefield (bpt 10.11.1688, d 19.11.1775, surgeon)
  m. (13.08.1745) Mary Wheatley (bpt 26.10.1720, d 20.07.1764, dau of Thomas Wheatley of Wakefield)
  (a) Katherine Walker (bpt 23.09.1756, d 23.01.1780)
  m. Charles Farrer
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 19.11.1748, a 08.1774), William (bpt 20.08.1751, a 1798), Walter (bpt 15.11.1758, a 08.1774), Standish (b 03.07.1760, d 09.03.1763), Joseph (b 24.08.1761, d young), John (bpt 27.12.1762, bur 01.03.1763), Mary (bpt 05.07.1749, a 08.1774), Ann (bpt 01.12.1746, a 08.1774), Bridget (bpt 23.07.1764, a 08.1774), Elizabeth (bpt 24.07.1752, a 08.1774), Susannah (bpt 24.07.1754, a 08.1774)
  (iii) Ann Walker (b 02.01.1683/4)
  m. (03.10.1721) Thomas Burrow of Wakefield (son of Thomas)
  (iv) Mary Walker (bpt 04.01.1690/1, d 11.12.1695)
  m2. (09.06.1728) Hannah (d 19.08.1742, widow of William Coppindale of Wakefield)
  (C) Mary Walker (b 1657)
  (2)+ other issue - William (b 03.05.1617, bur 22.04.1626), Margaret (bpt 30.04.1625)
  B. John Walker of Wakefield (d before 04.10.1593, clothier)
  m. Agnes
  i. Mary Walker
2. Thomas Walker of Wakefield (d before 20.04.1575, cloth merchant)
  m. Elizabeth
  A.+ issue - Agnes, Sibell



Richard Walker alias Slater of Hunshelf, Yorkshire (a 1570) probably father of ...
1. John Walker alias Slater of Hunshelf father of Ann, possibly also of ...
  A. Richard Walker of Hunshelf (bur 28.07.1651)
  m. ?? (bur 22.09.1653)
  i. George Walker of Hunshelf (bur 28.11.1689)
  FMG reports that George's wife Jane is identified in the will of Ralph Beighton of Nether Bradfield as his sister "which makes me doubt the marriage as here shewn" but nevertheless identifies her as ...
  m. Jane Thompson (dau of Reginald Thompson of Brightholmlee)
  a. George Walker of Hunshelf (bpt 01.05.1657, bur 1.06.1712)
  m. Ann Scoles (dau/heir of Thomas Scoles of Kippax)
  (1) George Walker of Hunshelf (bpt 17.05.1687, bur 10.11.1757)
  m1. Ann Blackburn (bpt 28.12.1678, bur 26.11.1717)
  (A) George Walker of Hunshelf & Middlewood (b c1715, d 27.12.1772)
  m1. Mary Bristow (b 1734-5, d 09.02.1761, dau/heir of Francis Bristow of Messingham)
  (i) Margaret Walker of Hunshelf & Middlewood (b 1758-9, d unm 13.05.1798)
  (ii)+ other issue (d unm) - George (b c10.1755, d 28.12.1755), Ann (b 1751-2, d 27.07.1771)
  m2. (29.08.1770) Mary Leeds (b 1741-2, d 29.03.1803, dau/coheir of Edward Rookes Leeds of Rodes Hall & North Milford)
m2. Alice (bur 30.06.1733, sister-in-law of Josh. Bever)
  m3. Mary Smith (bur 23.06.1770)
  (2) Thomas Walker of Leeds (bpt 01.07.1698)
  (A)+ issue (a 1789) - Ann, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane
  (3) Ann Walker (bpt 24.10.1689)
  m. Gerard Kirke
  (4) Jane Walker (bpt 30.11.1693, d 1747)
m. (12.11.1726) Dennis Browne of Sheffield (apothecary)
  (A) Fanny Browne (b c1430, d 17.02.1743-4)
  (5) Alice Walker (bpt 19.12.1695)
  m. (15.03.1717) Benjamin Steer of Sheffield
  (6)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 01.07.1698, bur 10.07.1698), Mary (bpt 01.06.1691, bur 07.11.1703), Elizabeth (bpt 31.12.1702), Mary (bpt 23.07.1708, d unm)
  b. Richard Walker (bpt 31.01.1660)
  m. Ann Greenwood (dau of John Greenwood)
  c. Jane Walker (bpt 22.01.1652)
  m. John Stead (of Combes?)
  d. Alice Walker (bpt 03.09.1654)
  m. Ralph Ward of Whitwell
  e. Ann Walker (bpt 03.01.1666, bur 29.07.1667)
  B. Ann Walker or Slater
  m. (28.08.1604) Francis Morton of Spout House

Main source(s):
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(2) For lower section (uploaded 11.02.14) : FMG (vol 2, MS314, 'Walker', p313+)
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