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Families covered: Lords of Cochwillan, Lords of Penrhyn
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Sir Tudor of Nant & Llangynhafal ap Ednyfed Vychan
m. Adlais (dau of Richard ap Cadwallader ap Griffith ap King Cynan)
1. Heilin or Heilyn (d 1298)
  m. Agnes/Ann (dau of Bleddyn, lord of Dinmael, ap Owen Brogyntyn of Edeirnion, Dinmael & Abertanat, son of Madoc, last Prince of Powys)
  A. Gruffydd or Griffith of Cochwillan in Penrhyn (a 1353)
  m. (c1330) Eva (dau/coheir of Griffith of Cochwillan, son of Tudor ap Madoc of Penrhyn)
  i. Gwyllym of Penrhyn
  m. (c1360) Gwenhwyfer or Hwyfa (dau of Ievan ap Griffith ap Madoc Ddu)
  a. Blethin or Bleddyn
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Gwylgre (Golden Grove), p314) with support from MGH (vol 1, 1868, p189).
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Ieuan ap Adda ap Awr Trevor)
  (1) Gruffydd
  m. Angharad (dau/heir of Dafydd Llwyd ap Tudor ap Ithel Vychan of Englfield)
  (A) Edward
m. Angharad (dau of John ap Ieuan, of Trecastell)
  (i) Thomas
  m. Catherine (dau of Ieuan Vychan (ap Ieuan ap Iolyn ap David ap Griffith Ddu (descended from "Stephen Earle of Derby, in Ireland")) by Katherin (dau of Madock Vychan (of Abergeley) ap Howell Vychan, descended from Yarddur (ancestor of Owens of Abergeley, etc.)))
  (a) Morgan
  m. Elin (dau of Hugh ap John ap Cynwrig)
  ((1)) Edward Morgan (d 24.02.1611, of the Middle Temple)
  m. Catherine Davies (dau of John Davies of Gwysanau)
b. Griffith of Cochwillan & Penrhyn (d 1405)
  m. Generis Vychan (dau/heir of Madoc ap Grono Vychan, of Penrhyn)
  (1) Robert (Robin) of Cochwillan (a 1439)
  m1. Angharad (dau of Rhys ap Griffith ap Grono)
  (A) Griffith of Cochwillan
  m. (1428-9) Mall (dau of Griffith Derwas of Nanney family)
  (i) William of Cochwillan '& Penrhyn', Sheriff of Carnarvonshire (a 1485)
  m. Angharad (dau of David ap Ifan ap Einion, Constable of Harlech Castle)
  (a) William Williams of Cochwillan (d 1588-9)
m. Lowry Salusbury (dau of Henry Salusbury of Llanrhaladr)
  (b) Thomas Gethin in Bangor (d before 03.08.1558)
  partner unknown
  ((1)) Gwen
  m. Rhys Wynn of Clegyr
  (c) Dafydd Vychan
  m. Gwen (dau of Morris Wynn of Rhiwaedog)
  ((1)) Angharad (d 1605)
  m. Owen ap Robert, of Bodsilin
  ((2)) Annes
  m. Dafydd Lloyd of Llwydiarth
  ((3)) Jane
  m. Robert Owen ap Meyrick, of Bodeon
  (d) Robert of Conway (194)
(e) Morgan
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Bodafon Ucha, p86).
  ((1)) William
  ((A)) William
  m. Ellen (dau of Gruffydd ap Dafydd ap John)
  ((i)) Jane
  (f) Marsli
  m. Rhydderch ap Daffyd, of Myfyrian
(g) Angharard
  m. Dafydd ap Ifan
  (h) Maude or Mallt
  m1. Reginald Conway of Bryneuryn
  m2. Evan ap Gruffydd, of Cwmbwy
  (i) Agnes
  m1. Ffoulke Salusbury of Plas Isa
  m2. Edmund Llwyd of Glynllifon (a 1541)
  (k) Alice
  m. Meredith ap Ievan, of Cesail Glyfarch (d 1525)
  (l) Marianna
  m1. Humphrey Kynaston of Hordley
  m2. Meredydd ap Ifan, of Cwmbwy
  (m) Gwenllian
  m. Dafydd ap Meredydd ap Tudur
  (n) Margaret
  m. Edward ap Madog, of Erlys
(o) Elizabeth
  m. Madog Vychan of Lleyn
  ((1)) Angharad
  m. Ifan Goch ap Rhys ap Meredydd
  ((A)) Robert Vychan of Penmachno
  (ii) Gwenllian
  m. Madog ap Llewelyn Vychan, of Llwyndurys
  (B) Howel
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Penhesgin Ucha, p113).
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Llewelyn ap Hwlkin ap Dafydd ap Evan Wyddel, of Bryncelli)
(i) John
  m. Elin (dau of Rhys ap Howel ap Madog ap Ifan ap Einion, of Abercain)
  (a) William of Gwnwnog
  m. Jane (dau of Hugh ap Llewelyy ap Ifan, of Plas Coch)
  ((1)) Morris probably of this generation
  ((A)) Jane
m. Edward of Maes y neuadd
  (b) Hugh
  m. Margaret (dau of John Griffith of Llanddyfnan)
  (c) Owen 'of Penhesgin ucha'
  m. Mawd (dau of Rowland ap Dafydd Wynn, of Penhesgin)
  ((1)) John Wynn
  m. Jane (dau of Humphrey ap Dafydd ap Rhys, "a younger son of Llwydiarth")
  ((A)) Anne Wynn
  m. John Jones (son of William of Castellmarch by Margaret)
  (ii) Hugh of Bryncelli
  (a) Richard
  ((1)) Dafydd
  ((A)) Richard
  ((i)) Robert
((a)) Mallt Wen
  m. William Thomas of Llangwnadl
  ((B)) Lowry
  (iii) Richard
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Gwnwnog, p86).
  m. Grace (dau of Rhys ap Evan ap Llewelyn, of Trefeilir)
(a) Hugh
  m. Margaret (dau of David ap Rhys ap David ap Gwillim, of Llwydiarth)
  ((1)) Owen 'of Gwenwynog'
  m. Jane (dau of Hugh ap Howel ap Llewelyn ap Ithel)
  ((A)) Hugh Owen 'of Gwenwynog' (captain)
  m. Ellin Bulkeley (dau of Thomas Bulkeley of Groesfechan (of Porthamel family) by Jonet, dau of Hugh Gwyn of Bodewryd)
  ((i)) Mary
m. William of Bodelwyn (ap David ap Rhys ap David ap Howell ap Meredydd ap Rhys)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Hugh, Margaret, Jane
  ((B)) Ann
  m. Robert Griffith of Tal y Bont (ap William ap Edmund Griffith)
  ((C)) Elizabeth probably of this generation
m. David Lloyd of Yspylltir
  m2. Lowry (dau of Grono ap Ievan ap Einion, of Efionydd)
  (C) Thomas (d 1466)
  m. Gwenhwyfer (dau of Ifan ap Meredydd, of Gwydir)
  (i) Gruffydd
  (a) William
  ((1)) Elizabeth
  m. Edmund ap Meyrick (d 1605, Archdeacon of Merioneth)
  (2) Gwilym ap Griffith of Penrhyn (d 1431)
  m1. Morfydd (dau/heir of Goronwy Fychan, son of Sir Tudor ap Goronwy of Penmynydd)
  m2. Janet or Jane Stanley (dau of Sir William Stanley of Hooton)
  (3) Bleddyn of Golgref
  (4) Rhys of Nant, Flintshire
  BP1934 identifies Rhys as ancestor of the Hughes of Prestatyn & Feydor and of the Lloyds of Nant "whose line terminated with John Lloyd, of Nant, who left two daus. and co-heirs" Janet & Catherine. Griffith's Pedigrees (Tribe of Ednyfed Vychan, p389) shows that John Lloyd as grandson of this Rhys leaving us thinking either that BP1934 misphrased the description of Rhys or that Griffith omitted some generations. The date given by BP1934 for Catherine's husband is not inconsistent with the number of generations shown by Griffith.
  (A) William
  (i) John Lloyd of Nant
  (a) Jonet (Janet)
  m. Henry Wynne Conway of Nant
  (b) Catherine
  m. Cadladder ap Morris Gethin of Voelas (Sheriff of Denbighshire in 1548)
(5) Jonet
  m. Rhys ap Ifan Lloyd, of Gorddinog
  (6) Eleanor
  m. Ithel ap Grono
  B. Grono mentioned by BP1934 but not by Griffith
  i. Griffith
  a. Robert
  (1) Catherine
  m. Hoel Vychan y Malai
  C. Llewelyn mentioned by Griffith but not by BP1934
  D. Angharad
  m1. Iorwerth y Penwyn of Bettws
  m2. David Goch, lord of Penmachno (natural son of David, lord of Denbigh)
2. Robert

Main source(s): BP1934 (Williams-Bulkeley), Griffith's Pedigrees (Penrhyn (pp184-5) & Cochwillan & Penrhyn (p186))
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