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Families covered: Villiers of Anglesey, Villiers of Brokesby, Villiers of Buckingham, Villiers of Clarendon, Villiers of Grandison, Villiers of Jersey, Villiers of Tynemouth
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Sir George Villiers of Brokesby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (d 04.01.1605)
m1. Audrey Sanders (d 1576-7, dau/heir of William Sanders of Harrington)
1. Sir William Villiers, 1st Bart of Brokesby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b c1575, d 12.06.1629)
  The following is supported by BEB1841 (Villiers of Brooksby), TCB (Villiers of Brokesby).
  m1. Anne Griffin (dspm, dau of Sir Edward Griffin)
  m2. (c1614, sp) Elizabeth (sb Anne?) Fiennes (dau of Richard Fiennes, Lord Saye and Sele)
  m3. (by 1618) Rebecca Roper (d 1661, dau of Robert Roper of Heanor (by Elizabeth, dau of William Nott), m2. Francis Cave of Ingarsby)
A. Sir George Villiers, 2nd Bart of Brokesby (b 02.1619-20, d 1682)
  BEB1841 only mentions 1 wife for Sir George: Penelope, dau/coheir of Sir John Denham of Blechington. TCB identifies his 1st wife as Margaret, dau of Sir George Dynham of Boarstall by Penelope Wenman. In fact she was ...
  m1. (17.06.1641) Margaret Dynham (d 07.1668, dau of Sir John Dynham of Boarstall by Penelope Wenman)
  i. Sir William Villiers, 3rd Bart of Brokesby (dsp)
  ii. Penelope Villiers
  m. Sir William Jesson of Newhouse
  m2. Mary Golding (dsp 1699, dau of Thomas Golding)
B. Catherine Villiers (d 25.02.1677-8)
  m. (1649) Philip Herbert, 5th Earl of Pembroke, 2nd Earl of Montgomery (bpt 20.02.1620-1, d 11.12.1669)
  C. Mary Villiers (bur 15.09.1688)
  m. (25.02.1655/6) Sir George Sondes, Bart of Lees Court, 1st Earl of Feversham (b 11.1599, d 16.04.1677)
  Apparently of this generation but by which wife is unknown was ...
  D. Audrey Villiers
  m. Sir John Chernocke, 1st Bart of Hulcote (b c1619, d 03.1680)
2. Sir Edward Villiers (d 07.09.1626, President of Munster)
  m. Barbara St. John (bur 16.09.1672, dau of Sir John St. John of Lidiard Tregoze, niece of Oliver St. John, 1st Viscount Grandison)
  A. William Villiers, 2nd Viscount Grandison (d 08.1644)
  m. Mary Bayning (dau of Paul Bayning, 1st Viscount of Sudbury)
  i. Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland (d 09.10.1709)
  m1. (14.04.1659) Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemaine (bpt 04.09.1634, d 28.07.1705)
  m2. (25.11.1705) Robert Feilding, 'Beau Feilding'
  p. Charles Stuart, King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland (b 29.05.1630, d 06.02.1685)
B. John Villiers, 3rd Viscount Grandison (dsp 09.11.1659)
  m. Catharine Clarke (bur 16.01.1683-4, dau of John Clarke of Ardington)
  C. George Villiers, 4th Viscount Grandison (b c1617, d 16.12.1699)
  m1. (c1652) Mary Leigh (d 07.07.1671, dau of Sir Francis Leigh, Earl of Chichester)
  The following is supported by 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford' (Robert Clutterbuck, vol 2, 1821, 'Pedigree of the Families of Boteler and Villiers', p47).
  i. Edward Villiers, later FitzGerald (dvp before 15.02.1693, Brig. General)
m. (1677) Catherine FitzGerald (d 26.12.1725, dau of John FitzGerald of Dromans)
  a. John Villiers, 5th Viscount Grandison, Earl Grandison of Limerick (d 14.05.1766)
  m. Frances Cary (d 17.02.1768, dau of Edward Cary of Caldecot)
  (1) James FitzGerald-Villiers (dvp 12.12.1732)
  m. (11.07.1728) Jane Butler (d 12.1751, dau of Richard Butler of London, m2. Lucius Carey, Viscouint Galkland)
  (A)+ issue - John (b c05.1731, d 02.02.1732, Mary (d 05.1738), another (d infant)
  (2) Elizabeth FitzGerald-Villiers, 1st Countess Grandison (new creation) (d 29.05.1782)
m1. (12.06.1739) Aland John Mason (MP)
  Their son George (Mason-Villiers) became 2nd Earl Grandison.
  m2. Charles Montague Halifax (General)
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - William (b 10.01.1715, bur 16.12.1739), Anne, Catherine (d 05.1738)
  b. Mary FitzGerald-Villiers (d 24.12.1725)
  m. Brig.Gen. Stuart (d 03.06.1726)
  c. Harriet FitzGerald-Villiers (d 21.10.1736)
  m. (09.07.1703) Robert Pitt of Boconnock (d 21.05.1727)
  d.+ other issue - William (dsp), Katharine (d unm), Elizabeth (d unm)
ii. William Villiers (d 07.09.1723, Colonel)
  m. (1702) Catherine Villiers (dau of Sir Edward Villiers) @@ below
  iii. Audrey Villiers (b c1653, bur 27.01.1715)
  m. (28.04.1668) Richard Harrison of Balls (bur 17.01.1725)
  iv. Mary Villiers
  m. (09.06.1677) Skinner Byde of Ware Park (dvp bur 06.03.1684-5)
  v. Barbara Villiers probably the Barbara who married ...
m. Sir William Heveningham of Ketteringham
  vi. Anne Villiers probably the Anne who married ...
  m. Edward Rumbould (bpt 05.06.1665, dsp 19.08.1729)
  vii.+ other issue (d young?) - Francis, Charles, George, Elizabeth
  m2. (14.11.1674) Mary Garford (dau of Richard Garford)
  D. Christopher Villiers (bpt 08.04.1619, d young)
  E. Sir Edward Villiers of Richmond & Tynemouth (bpt 15.04.1620, bur 02.07.1689)
  m1. Frances Howard (bur 27.11.1677, dau of Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk)
  i. Edward Villiers, 1st Earl of Jersey (b 1656, d 25.08.1711)
  m. (17.12.1681) Barbara Chiffinch (d before 13.12.1735, dau of William Chiffinch of Fibbers by Barbara Nunn)
a. William Villiers, 2nd Earl of Jersey (b c1682, d 13.07.1721)
  m. (22.03.1704/5) Judith Herne (d 22.07.1735, dau/heir of Frederick Herne, son of Sir Nathaniel, Sheriff of London by ?? Lile)
  (1) William Villiers, 3rd Earl of Jersey (d 28.08.1769)
  m. (23.06.1733) Anne Egerton (d 16.06.1762/15.04.1763, dau of Scroop Egerton, 1st Duke of Bridgewater)
  (A) Frederick William Villiers (b 25.03.1734, bur 11.10.1742)
(B) George Bussy Villiers, 4th Earl of Jersey (b 09.06.1735, d 22.08.1805)
  m. (26.03.1770) Frances Twysden (d 23.07.1821, dau of Philip Twysden, Bishop of Raphoe)
  (i) George Child Villiers, 5th Earl of Jersey (b 19.08.1773, d 03.10.1859) had issue
  m. (23.05.1804) Sarah Sophia Fane (d 26.01.1867, dau of John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmorland)
  (ii) William Augustus Henry Mansel (b 15.11.1780, d unm 1813)
  (iii) Charlotte Anne Villiers (d 31.08.1808)
  m. (11.07.1789) Lord William Russell (b 20.08.1767, d 06.05.1840)
  (iv) Anna Barbara Frances Villiers (d 21.04.1832)
  m1. (19.06.1791) William Henry Lambton of Lambton (b 16.11.1764, d 30.11.1797)
  m2. (1801) Charles William Wyndham (b 08.10.1760, dsp 08.07.1828, of Egremont family)
  (v) Caroline Elizabeth Villiers (d 16.06.1835)§R§
  m1. (25.07.1795, div 1810) Henry William Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey (b 17.05.1768, d 29.04.1854)
  m2. (29.11.1810) George William Campbell, 6th Duke of Argyll (b 22.09.1766, dsp 22.10.1839)
(vi) Sarah Villiers (d 25.05.1852)
  m. (1800) Charles Nathaniel Bayly
  (vii) Frances Villiers (d 14.04.1866)
  m. (13.01.1803) John Ponsonby, 2nd Lord of Imokilly, 1st Viscount (dsp 21.02.1855)
  (viii) Harriet Villiers (d 18.10.1870)
  m. (21.10.1806) Richard Bagot, Bishop of Bath and Wells (d 15.05.1854)
  (ix)+ other issue - Georgiana (d infant), Elizabeth Catherine (d unm 1810)
  (2) Thomas Villiers, 1st Earl of Clarendon (d 11.12.1786)
  The following comes from BP1934 (Clarendon). Charlotte's mother was Jane Hyde, daughter of Henry, 4th Earl of Clarendon.
  m. (30.03.1752) Charlotte Capel (d 03.12.1790, dau of William Capel, 3rd Earl of Essex)
(A) Thomas Villiers, 2nd Earl of Clarendon (b 26.12.1753, d unm 07.03.1824)
  (B) John Charles Villiers, 3rd Earl of Clarendon (b 14.11.1757, d 22.12.1838)
  m. (05.01.1791) Maria Eleanor Forbes (d 18.03.1844, dau of Admiral Hon. John Forbes)
  (i) Mary Harriet Villiers (dvp unm 20.01.1835)
  (C) George Villiers (b 23.11.1759, d 21.03.1827)
  m. (17.04.1798) Theresa Parker (bur 10.01.1856, dau of John Parker, 1st Lord Boringdon)
  (i) George William Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon, Secretary of State (b 26.01.1800, d 27.06.1870) had issue
  m. (04.06.1839) Katherine Grimston (d 04.07.1874, dau of James Walter Grimston, 1st Earl of Verulam)
  (ii) Edward Ernest Villiers (b 23.03.1806, d 30.10.1845, 4th son) had issue
  m. (01.08.1835) Elizabeth Charlotte Liddell (d 15.04.1890, dau of Thomas Henry, 1st Lord Ravensworth)
(iii) Henry Montagu Villiers, Bishop of Durham (b 04.01.1813, d 09.08.1861) had issue
  m. (30.01.1837) Amelia Maria Hulton (d 05.02.1871, dau of William Hulton of Hulton Park)
  (iv) Maria Theresa Villiers (d 09.11.1865)
  m1. (06.11.1830) Thomas Henry Lister of Armytage Park (b 1800, d 05.06.1842)
  m2. (25.10.1844) Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Bart (dsp 13.04.1863)
  (v)+ other issue - Thomas Hyde (d 1832), Charles Pelham (b 01.1802, d unm 1898), Augustus Algernon (b 14.04.1817, d 07.1843)
  (D) Charlotte Barbara Villiers (b 27.03.1761, d 09.04.1810)
  (3) Barbara Villiers (d 11.06.1761)
  m1. (20.09.1725, sp) Sir William Blacket, 2nd Bart of Newcastle (d 25.09.1728)
  m2. (13.03.1728-9) Bussy, 4th Lord Mansell of Margam (d 29.11.1750)
b. Henry Villiers (dsp 05.1743)
  c. Mary Villiers (d 17.01.1734-5)
  m1. Thomas Thynne of Old Windsor (b c1687, d 24.04.1710)
  m2. (1711) George Granville of Bideford, Lord Lansdowne (d 30.01.1734-5)
  ii. Henry Villiers, Governor of Tynemouth Castle (d 11/18.08.1707)
  The following is supported by 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 8, H.H.E. Craster, 1907, 'Villiers of Tynemouth Castle', p202).
  m. Ann (a 04.1709)
a. Henry Villiers of Tynemouth 'of Chelsea' (d 29.05.1753)
  m1. (13.02.1726/7) Arabella Rossiter (d 13.10.1733, dau of John Rossiter of Somerby)
  m2. (05.02.1736/7) Mary Fowke (d 07.01.1767, sister of Lt. Gen. Thomas Fowke)
  b. Catherine Villiers (d 01.10.1772)
  m. (17.01.1726-7) John Craster of Craster (d 31.12.1763)
  c.+ other issue - William (bpt 14.06.1691), Edward (bpt 20.07.1693), James (bpt 20.07.1703, bur 26.02.1703/4), Mary (bpt 20.05.1685, bur 13.11.1688), Barbara (bpt 12.05.1686), Charlotte (bpt 24.06.1692, bur 19.01.1703/4)
  iii. Elizabeth Villiers (d 19.04.1733)
  m. (25/6.11.1695) George Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney (d 29.01.1737)
  iv. Catherine Villiers
  m1. (20.07.1685) Louis James Le Vasseur, Marquess de Puissar (d 1701)
  m2. (1702) William Villiers (d 07.09.1723) @@ above
  v. Barbara Villiers (d 19.09.1708)
  m. John Berkeley, 4th Viscount FitzHardinge (d 19.12.1712)
  vi. Frances (Anne) Villiers (d 30.11.1688)
  m. (01.02.1678) Hans William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (b 20.07.1649, d 23.11.1709)
  vii. Henrietta Villiers (d 01.02.1719-20)
  m. (23.05.1695) John Campbell, 2nd Earl of Breadalbane (b 19.11.1662, d 23.02.1752)
viii. Mary Villiers (d 17.04.1753)
  m. (04.1691) William O'Brien, 3rd Earl of Inchiquin (d 24.12.1719)
  m2. (25.02.1683-4) Martha Love (d 1738)
  F. Barbara / Anne Villiers (bpt 01.06.1622, d 13.12.1680/1)
  m1. Richard Wenman (b c1622, dvpsp bur 20.06.1646, son of 2nd Viscount)
  m2. Sir Richard Wentworth
  m3. (13.02.1650) James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk, 3rd Lord de Walden (bpt 10.02.1619-20, d 07.01.1678-9)
G. Elizabeth Villiers (d 12.1654)
  m. Robert Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton (d 12.11.1649)
  H. Ellen Villiers (d unm 16.07.1685)
3. Elizabeth Villiers
  m. (1604) John Boteler, Bart of Hatfield Woodhall, 1st Lord of Bramfield (d 1637)
4. Anne Villiers
  m. Sir William Washington of Packington (b after 1590, d 22.06.1643)
5. Frances Villiers (d unm)
m2. Mary Beaumont, Countess of Buckingham (b 1569/70, d 19.04.1632, dau of Anthony Beaumont of Glenfield)
6. Sir John Villiers, Viscount Purbeck (b c1591, dsp 1657)
  m1. (29.09.1617) Frances Coke (b c1601, bur 04.06.1645, dau of Sir Edward Coke, Chief Justice)
  There was a major scandal concerning the son born to Frances during her marriage to Viscount Purbeck. The son was deemed illegitimate, sired by Sir Robert Howard (son of the Earl of Suffolk). The son did not claim the Viscountcy but a grandson did. More information on this is given on Howard02.
  m2. Elizabeth Slingsby (b c1619, bur 23.01.1695/6, dau of Sir William Slingsby of Kippax)
7. George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham (b 28.08.1592, d 23.08.1628)
  m. (16.05.1620) Katherine Manners (dau of Francis Manners, 6th Earl of Rutland)
  A. Charles Villiers (b 17.11.1625, d 16.03.1626/7)
  B. George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham (b 30.01.1627-8, dsp 16.04.1687)
  m. (15.09.1657) Mary Fairfax (b 13.07.1638, d 20.10.1704, dau of Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord of Cameron)
  C. Francis Villiers (bpt 21.04.1629, d unm 07.07.1648)
D. Mary Villiers, 'Duchess of Buckingham' (bpt 16.03.1622, d 11.1685)
  m1. (08.01.1634-5) Sir Charles Herbert, 'Lord Herbert of Shurland' (dvpsp 1635, of Pembroke family)
  m2. (03.08.1637) James Stuart, 4th Duke of Lennox and Richmond (b 06.04.1612, d 13.03.1655)
  m3. Thomas Howard (dsp 1678, brother of Carlisle)
8. Christopher Villiers, 1st Earl of Anglesey (d 1630)
  m. Elizabeth Sheldon (dau of Thomas Sheldon of Houby, m2. Benjamin Weston of Walton)
  A. Charles Villiers, 2nd Earl of Anglesey (dsp 1659)
  m. Mary Bayning (dau of Paul, Viscount Bayning)
  B. Anne Villiers
  m1. (after 11.1640) Thomas Savile, 1st Earl of Sussex (bpt 14.09.1591, d c1659/1646)
  m2. Richard Pelson of St. George's-in-the-Fields
  i. Anne Pelson (d 06.1733)
  m. James Touchet, 5th Earl of Castlehaven (d 09.08.1700)
9. Susan Villiers
  m. (c1607) William Fielding, 1st Earl of Denbigh (d 08.04.1643)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Jersey), BE1883 (Villiers - various)
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