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Families covered: Vaux (de Vallibus) of Bottisham, Vaux of Gilsland, Vaux of Harrowden

BP1934 starts with 2 brothers, Hubert & Robert. Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Vaux of Steresby) names their father Fulco but the section on 'Family of Vaux' in Commoners (vol 4, Martin of the Wilderness) identifies him as Harold de Vaux, lord of Vaux in Normandy. On Gyll1 is suggested an alternative ancestry.
?? de Vallibus or Vaux
1. Hubert de Vallibus or Vaux of Gilsland (a 1149, d 1165?)
  The following comes from TCP (vol IX, Multon).
  m. Grecia
  A. Robert de Vaux of Gilsland (d 1195)
  m1. Isabel
  m2. Ada Engaine (dau of William Engaine (by Eustacie), widow of Simon de Morvill)
  partner unknown
i. William de Vaux
  B. Ranulph de Vaux of Gilsland (d 1195)
  m. Alice
  i. Robert de Vaux of Gilsland (b after 1178)
  m. Maud (m1/2. William Everard)
  a. Hubert de Vaux of Gilsland
  m. Aline (m2. Geoffrey de Say)
  (1) Maud de Vaux (d before 28.05.1293)
  m. Thomas de Multon of Gilsland (d before 14.01.1270/1)
  ii. Grecia de Vaux
  m. Geoffrey (Falconer of Gosford)
2. Robert de Vallibus or Vaux (a 1154)
  A. William de Vaux (a 1155)
BP1934 shows William as father of just Robert (father of Robert & Oliver). Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Vaux of Steresby) shows that he had 4 sons - the eldest is not named but then there was William (father of Sir John), Robert (father of Oliver) and Henry. Commoners (vol 4, Martin of the Wilderness) shows that he had 3 sons - Robert (father of Robert + Sir John + Philip + Oliver), Adam & William (prior). Provisionally, we follow Commoners.
  i. Robert de Vaux
  a. Robert de Vaux (dsp 1211)
  b. Sir John Vaux (a 1166)
  c. Philip de Vaux
d. OIiver de Vaux or Vallibus (d after 1244)
  m. Petronilla
  (1) Robert de Vaux (dsp)
  (2) William de Vaux (dsp before 1254)
  m. Eleanor Ferrers (dau of William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby)
  (3) John de Vaux, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk (d 1288)
  BP1934 identifies John's wife as just Sibilla but some web sites identify her as ...
  m. Sibel de Longchamp (d before 1261, dau of Roger de Longchamp)
  (A) Petronilla de Vaux
  m. William de Nerford
  (B) Maud de Vaux
  m. William de Ros, 2nd Lord (d 1316)
  (4) Roger de Vaux probably father of ...
  (A) Elias de Vaux
  m. Elizabeth (widow of Sir John Joce) probably parents of ...
  (i) William Vaux of Bottisham (d before 1373)
m. Joan
  (a) William Vaux of Bottisham
  m. Joan Thirling (dau of John Thirling)
((1)) William Vaux of Bottisham & Northampton (d 1405)
  m. (before 1399) Eleanor Drakelowe (dau of Sir Thomas Drakelowe of Wileby)
  ((A)) William Vaux of Harrowden, Sheriff of Northants (d c1460)
  m. Maud Lucy (sister of Sir William Lucy)
  ((i)) Sir William Vaux of Harrowden (d Tewkesbury 14.05.1471)
  m. Catherine Peniston (dau of George Peniston of Courtesellas)
  ((ii)) Philippa Vaux possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh
  ((B)) Eleanor Vaux
  m. Thomas Gifford of Twyford
  ((C)) Isabel Vaux
  m. Sir William Tresham
  ((D)) Margaret Vaux (d 20.08.1486) probably of this generation
  m. William Harwedon of Harrowden & Plumpton (d 1448)
  (5) Eleanore de Vaux
  ii.+ other issue - Adam, William (prior of Pentney)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Vaux of Harrowden) with input as reported above
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