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Families covered: Vaudin of Jersey

'Armorial' (p343) reports that this family's name "has been variously written Vaudlyn, De Vauldin, and Vaudin; and it is by some said to have been anglicized as De Walden."
Ranulphus de Vauldin (a 1260)
1. Ranulphus Vauldyn (a 1292)
  A. Geoffroy Vauldyn (a 1331)
  i. Pol Vauldyn (a 1373)
  a. Pol Vauldyn (a 1401)
  (1) ?? Vauldyn (a 1440)
  (A) Helyer Vauldin (a 1483)
  (i) Paul Vaudyn (a 1504)
  (a) John Vaudin (b c1550) - continued below



John Vaudin (b c1550) - continued above
1. John Vaudin (Captain) this line from p344
  m. Elizabeth Hamon (b 1608, dau of Edward Hamon)
  A. Edward Vaudin (b 1610-1)
  m. (1635) Collette De Gruchy (dau of Peter De Gruchy of La Herupe, osn of John)
  i. Edward Vaudin (b 1639-40)
  m. Jane Le Brun (dau/heir of Nicholas Le Brun of Trinity)
  a. Nicholas Vaudin (b 1679, dsp)
  m. (1710) Susan Barbet
  b. John Vaudin (b 1682, Captain)
  m. Sarah Bisson (dau/coheir of _ Bisson of Trinity)
  (1) John Vaudin (b 1733)
  m. Ann Pirouet (dau of Francis Pirouet)
  (A) John Vaudin (b 1769, 2nd son)
  m. (1793) Elizabeth Sohier (dau/coheir of George Sohier)
  (i) George Joshua Vaudin (b 1797, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Mary Valpy (dau of John Valpy)
  (ii)+ other issue - John (b 1795, d young), John Philip (b 1798), Elizabeth (b 1794)
  (B) Margaret Mary Vaudin (b 1780)
  m. (1798) William Wallace
  (C)+ Cther issue - John (b 1763, d young), Philip (b 1771), Dunaresq Henry (b 1773), Francis (b 1775), Mary (b 1765), Elizabeth (b 1766), Jane (b 1767), Ann (b 1777)
  (2)+ other issue - Philip (b 1735), Elizabeth (b 1731, d young), Elizabeth (b 1737-8)
  c. Edward Vaudin
  m. (1714) Mary Le Brun
  (1) Edward Vaudin (b 1714-5)
  m. Elizabeth Grandin (dau of James Grandin)
  (A) Elizabeth Vaudin (b 1748-9)
  m. James Perchard
  (B)+ other issue - Edward (d unm), Mary (b 1751)
  d. Jane Vaudin
  m. James Grandin
2. Philip Vaudin this line from p345
  m. Andrine Le Boutillier (dau of John Le Boutillier)
  A. Philip Vaudin (d before 1639)
  m. Elizabeth Romeril
  i. Noah Vaudin (a 1675, Deacon of S. Trinity)
m. (c1650) Mary Mahier
  a. Noah Vaudin (b 1640)
  b. Philip Vaudin (b 1658)
  m. (1682) Ann Messervy
  (1) Noah Vaudin (a 1696)
  m. Margaret Marett (dau of John Marett of S. Trinity)
  (A) Noah Vaudin (a 1727, Deacon of S. Trinity)
  m. Jane Contanche (dau of John Contanche)
  (i) Noah Vaudin (b 1742)
  m. (1740) Susan Blampied
  (a) Noah Vaudin (d c1781)
  m. Anne Giffard (dau of John Giffard of S. Trinity)
  ((1)) John Vaudin (dsp)
  ((2)) Jane Vaudin
  m. Charles Bisson
  ((3)) Elizabeth Vaudin
  m. Noah Arthur
  (b) Philip Vaudin (Captain RJM)
  m. (c1762) Douce De Gruchy of Rozel, S. Trinity
  ((1)) Charles Vaudin (b 1767) had issue
  m. Ann Elizabeth Richardson (dau of Philip Richardson of S. Martin)
  B. Rachel Vaudin
  m. James Grandin
  C. Appolina Vaudin
  m. John Le Riche
  D.+ other issue - Noah, John, Moses

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Vaudin of S. Helier' (p344) & 'Pedigree of Vaudin of La Houguette' (p345))
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