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Families covered: Umphray of Asta, Umphray of Berrie, Umphray of Bressay, Umphray of Reawick, Umphray of Sand, Umphray of Voe

Andrew Umphray of Berrie (a 1597, "master mariner and indweller")
Grant reports of Andrew that "By him the shipwrecked sailors of the El Gran Grifon, the flagship of the Spanish Admiral, Don Juan Gomez de Medina, were conveyed from Shetland to Dunkirk in 1588." We presume that it was this Andrew, rather than an eponymous son, who d 09.11.1621 having married ...
m. Jean Sinclair
1. Andrew Umphray of Berrie (d 1661)
  m. Janet Umphray (dau of William Umphray, minister of Bressay) @1@ below
  A. Jean Umphray
  m. John Mitchell of Westshore
  B. Janet Umphray
  m. (mcrt 09.08.1661) John Redland of Airing (son of Thomas of that ilk)



Probably connected to the above family in some way was ...
John Umphray in Scalloway (a 1565)
m. Ignane Adamsdaughter (a 1565) possibly parents of ...
1. Hierome Umphray (a 1589)
  m. Margaret Murray (a 1589) probably parents of ...
  A. Patrick Umphray of Sand (d c1654)
m. Helen Sinclair (dau of James Sinclair of Quendale)
  i. Laurence Umphray of Sand & Unzefirth (d c1680)
  m. Elizabeth Black (dau of Thomas Black of Strom by Jean Bruce)
  a. Patrick Umphray of Sand (a 1666)
  m1. Ursula Neven (dau of Ninian Neven of Scousburgh)
  m2. Elizabeth Chesser
Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Laurence Umphray of Sand & Reawick (d 20.08.1755)
  m. Elizabeth Umphray (dau of John Umphray of Asta) @2@ below
  (A) Andrew Umphray of Reawick (d 25.10.1795)
  m. (18.03.1764) Elizabeth Cuming (dau of John Cuming of Garderhouse, son of John (minister of Aithsting & Sandsting))
  (i) Lewis Francis Cuming Umphray of Reawick (bpt 06.06.1771, d 11.05.1823, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (16.12.1812) Margaret Greig (dau of Archibald Greig of Happyhansel)
  (ii) Ann Umphray (b 26.09.1764, d 09.06.1791)
  m. (07.07.1785) James Hay of Laxfirth
  (iii) Sinclair Umphray (bpt 05.06.1766)
  m. David Macdonald
  (iv) Barbara Umphray (bpt 24.12.1770)
  m. James Moodie
  (v) Elizabeth Umphray
  m. George Sutherland
  (vi)+ other issue - Andrew (bpt 20.12.1768, d young), Mitchell (bpt 24.12.1773), Scott (bpt 28.10.1775, to America), John (bpt 01.11.1778, d young)
  (2) George Umphray (a 1699)
  b. Thomas Umphray of Voe
  m. Barbara Tait
  (1) Laurence Umphray of Voe
  m. Margaret Umphray
  (A) John Umphray
(2)+ other issue - Thomas, Patrick
  ii. John Umphray of Asta (d before 1680)
  m1. Elizabeth Grot
  a. John Umphray of Asta (a 1694)
  (1) Barbara Umphray
  m. Thomas Hendrie of Forratwatt
  (2) Janet Umphray
  (3) Elizabeth Umphray (d 27.01.1749)
  m. Laurence Umphray of Reawick @2@ above
  (4) Lilias Umphray (d 1771)
  m. John Cuming (d 21.05.1732, minister of Sandsting)
  (5) Isobel Umphray
  m. Robert Farquhar of Lerwick
  m2. Barbara Sinclair (dau of Laurence Sinclair of Goat, m2. Erasmus Mains or Mense of Whitsness)
  b. Thomas Umphray (a 1702)
  B. Andrew Umphray of Asta



Probably connected to the above families in some way was ...
William Umphray (a 1581, 1637, minister of Bressay & Burra) probably father of ...
1. William Umphray (d 1663, minister of Bressay)
  m. Janet Umphray (dau of John Umphray of Asta)
  A. Theodore Umphray of Garth, later in Leith (b c1630, d 09.04.1711, minister of Nesting)
  m. Janet Cowper (dau of Thomas Cowper, minister of Montrose)
  B. Laurence Umphray of Whitsness (d before 1674, minister of Walls)
  i. William Umphray possibly the William (d 12.1700, minister of Walls) who married ...
  m. Margaret Hunter (dau of Robert Hunter of Lunna)
  ii. Elizabeth Umphray
  m. Andrew Mouat of Garth
  C. Katherine Umphray (b c1621, d 03.1691)
  m. Gilbert Neven of Scousburgh
  D. Janet Umphray
  m. Andrew Umphray of Berrie @1@ above
  E. Barbara Umphray

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