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Families covered: Turner (Page-Turner, Dryden) of Ambrosden, Turner of London, Turner of Sheffield, Turner of Sutton Coldfield, Dryden of Canons Ashby

We are not aware of there being any connection between the families shown on this page. They share the page for our convenience.
Henry Langley of Slievardagh (d 1666-7, Lt., to Ireland)
Hugh Turner of Sutton Coldfield (d before 07.1560)
1. Richard Turner of Sutton Coldfield (d 15.08.1578, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Masterson (bur 17.05.1609, dau of Richard Masterson of Winnington)
  A. William Turner
  m. (10.09.1567) Margaret Breton (dau of Christopher Breton of Teeton by Christian, dau of Thomas Saunders of Sibbertoft)
  i. Edward Turner of Leicester and Bramcote (bur 14.09.1628)
  m1. Joice Chamberlain (bur 28.10.1626, dau of Lybias Chamberlain, Mayor of Leicester)
  a. John Turner of London and Prittlewell (bpt 13.10.1622, bur 1694, 4th son)
m. Mary Cartwright of Leicester (bur 02.03.1689)
  (1) John Turner of London and Stepney (bpt 17.10.1650, bur 20.08.1708, younger son)
  m. Elizabeth Caplin (bur 15.07.1747, dau of Nicholas Caplin of Stanmore Magna and London)
  (A) John Turner of Salisbury (dsp 28.12.1760)
  m. Anne Manners
  (B) Sir Edward Turner, 1st Bart of Ambrosden (bpt 06.10.1691, d 19.06.1735, chairman of H.E.I.C.S.)
  m. (05.1718) Mary Page (d 05.02.1723, dau of Sir Gregory Page, 1st Bart)
  (i) Sir Edward Turner, 2nd Bart of Ambrosden (b 28.04.1719, d 31.10.1766, 3rd son)
m. (08.09.1739) Cassandra Leigh (d 18.10.1770, dau of William Leigh of Addlestrop)
  (a) Sir Gregory Turner, later Page-Turner, 3rd Bart of Ambrosden, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (b 16.02.1747/8, d 04.01.1805)
  m. (08.09.1739) Frances Howell (d 12.02.1828, dau of Joseph Howell of Elm)
  ((1)) Sir Gregory Osborne Page-Turner, 4th Bart of Ambrosden (b 28.09.1785, dspms 06.03.1843) had issue
  m. (28.04.1818) Helen Eliza Cholmondeley (d 21.11.1858, dau of Joseph J.G. Cholmondeley)
((2)) Sir Edward George Thomas Page-Turner, 5th Bart of Ambrosden (b 12.09.1789, d 10.10.1846) had issue
  m. (01.12.1818) Sophia Williams (d 14.11.1854, dau of Andrew Williams)
  ((3)) Anna Leigh Guy Page-Turner (d 22.11.1852)
  m. (01.05.1822) Sir Henry Winston Barron, 1st Bart (d 19.04.1872)
  ((4))+ other issue (d unm) - Francis William Martin (d 28.04.1818), Frances Stacpole (b 15.01.1787, d 14.03.1804)
  (b) Sir John Turner, later Dryden, Sheriff of Northamptonshire, 1st Bart of Ambrosden and Ashby Canons (bpt 11.11.1752, d 14.08.1797)
  m. Elizabeth Dryden (b 18.07.1758, d 05.11.1824, dau of Bevile Dryden of Ore)
  ((1)) Sir John Edward Dryden, 2nd Bart of Ambrosden and Ashby Canons (b 17.09.1782, d unm 29.09.1818)
  ((2)) Sir Henry Dryden, 3rd Bart of Ambrosden and Ashby Canons (b 07.07.1787, d 17.11.1837, vicar of Ambrosden and Leek Wootton) had issue
  m. (31.07.1817) Elizabeth Hutchinson (d 22.11.1851, dau of Rev. Julius Hutchinson)
  ((3)) Leopold Erasmus Dryden (b 25.09.1792, d 21.01.1846, Rev.) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (12.06.1839) Emily Vavasour (dau of Rev. R.F. Vavasour)
  ((4)) Charles Beville Dryden (b 04.04.1796, d 28.12.1883, 5th son) had issue
m. (28.10.1842) Eliza Barnard Skopttowe (d 04.07.1903, dau of Capt. George Augustus Frederick Skottowe)
  ((5))+ other issue - Lempster George Gregory (b 24.02.1794, d 23.01.1866, vicar of Ambrosden), Eliza Maria Cassandra, Harriott Eliza, Caroline Julia Eliza (d 09.01.1872), Matilda (d infant)
  (c) Elizabeth Turner (bpt 19.02.1740/1, d 01.04.1816)
  m. (14.12.1767) Thomas Twisleton, 13th Lord Saye and Sele (b c1735, d 01.07.1788)
  (d) Cassandra Turner (b 28.02.1746, d 19.11.1813)
  m. (06.02.1771) Martin Bladen Hawke, 2nd Lord (b 20.04.1744, d 27.03.1805)
  (ii)+ 2 sons (dvp)
  (C) Mary or Elizabeth Turner
  m. _ Guy
  (D) Elizabeth or Mary Turner
  m. _ Withers
  (E)+ other issue - William, 2 sons, daughter
  (2) Elizabeth Turner
  m. Abraham Dawes (Captain)
  (3) Mary Turner
  m. Charles Atherstone
  (4)+ other issue - Elias, Edward, William, 3 daughters
  b.+ other issue - William (a 1619), Edward (a 1619), son, Elizabeth (a 1619), 3 other daughtes
  m2. Bridgit (widow of Sir Parr Lane of Horton)
  ii. Joice Turner
  m. Edward Hume of Marston Trussel
  iii.+ other issue - Richard, John
  B.+ 2 sons and 3 daughters
2.+ 3 sons and 3 daughters



John Turner of Cold Aston, Derbyshire (d before 23.04.1742)
m. Mary
1. ?? Turner
  A. Robert Turner (d unm)
  B. Samuel Turner of Sheffield (b c1730, d 04.10.1791)
  m. (28.04.1768) Margaret Burton (b 25.01.1747, d 11.08.1798, dau of William Burton of Royds Mill by Margaret Bamforth)
  i. Samuel Turner of Sheffield then Chesterfield (d 17.01.1832) had issue
  m. Catherine Green (dau of William Green of Thundercliffe Grange)
  ii. William Turner of Sheffield (b c1780, d 12.1836)
m. (09.10.1806) Charlotte Heron (dau of Rev. Thomas Heron of Pontefract)
  iii. Esther Turner
  m. Thomas Johnson of Sheffield
  iv. Ann Turner
  m. Joseph Brooke of Huddersfield (banker)
  v. daughter
  m. _ Dyson of Huddersfield
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas of Sheffield (ironmonger), ?? of Huddersfield, ?? of Huddersfield
  C. daughter
  m. John Kent of Kimberworth & Yooton Roberts
2. John Turner of Sheffield (d before 16.04.1776, woollen draper)
  m. Sarah Langley (b 1694-5, d 22.05.1791, dau of William Langley of Rotherham)

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(1) For upper section (uploaded 07.10.05) : BP1934 ('Dryden'), BLG1952 ('Page-Turner of Ambrosden') with just a little input/support from MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), p231)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 18.04.16) : FMG (vol 2, MS284, 'Turner-Langley', p700)
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