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Families covered: Toketon of Sileham, Tufton of Coston, Tufton of Northiam, Tufton of Thanet, Tufton of the Mote, Tufton of Vintners

Elfege de Toketon (a 1199)
1. Osmere de Toketon (b c1175)
  A. Sir William de Toketon (d after 1250)
  m. Lucie
  i. John de Toketon
a. Roger de Toketon of Sileham (b 1250, d after 1280)
  m. Lucie
  (1) Roger de Toketon of Sileham (d 1302)
  m. Julian Chaumpaine (sister of Sir John Chaumpaine)
  (A) Roger de Toketon of Sileham
  (i) Roger de Toketon of Sileham (a 1365)
  (a) Symon de Toketon of Tufton in Northiam, Sussex (b c1370, d 1406) the first mentioned by CountyGen (Kent)
  m. Joane
  ((1)) William de Tufton of Tufton (Sussex) and Northiam (b 1405)
  ((A)) William Tufton of Northiam
  ((i)) Nicholas Tufton of Northiam - continued below
  m. Margaret Heaver (dau/heir of John Heaver of Cranbrook)
  (B)+ other issue - Joan (b c1299, a 1318), John (b c1303, a 1318)
B. Cicelie de Toketon



Nicholas Tufton of Tufton in Northiam (b c1475, d 30.12.1539) - continued above
m. Margaret Heaver (dau/heir of John Heaver or Hever of Cranbrook)
1. John Tufton of Hothfield, Sheriff of Kent (d 10.10.1567)
  m. Mary Baker (dau of Sir John Baker of Sisinghurst)
  A. Sir John Tufton, 1st Bart of Hothfield, Sheriff of Kent (d 02.04.1624)
  m1. Olympia Blower (dau/heir of Christopher Blower of Sileham in Rainham)
i. Anne Tufton
  m. Francis Tresham of Rushton
  ii. Elizabeth Tufton (d young)
  iii. Mary (not Margaret) Tufton
  m. Sir Thomas Carill or Carell or Carryl of Bentons in Shipley
m2. (10.12.1575) Christian Browne (dau/coheir of Judge Sir Humphrey Browne of Ridley Hall (by Agnes Hussey) son of Thomas of Langhouse by Mary/ dau/heir of Thomas Charleton (son of Thomas) by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Sir Adam Francis, Mayor of London)
  iv. Sir Nicholas Tufton, 1st Earl of Thanet (bpt 19.01.1577/8, d 01.07.1631/2)
  m. (before 03.09.1602) Frances Cecil (bpt 28.02.1580/1, d 12.06.1653, dau of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter)
  a. William Tufton (bpt 06.02.1604/5, d young)
  b. John Tufton, 2nd Earl of Thanet (b 15.12.1608, d 07.05.1664)
  m. (21.04.1629) Margaret Sackville (b 02.07.1614, d 14.08.1676, dau of Richard Sackville, 3rd Earl of Dorset)
  (1) Nicholas Tufton, 3rd Earl of Thanet (b 07.08.1631, dsp 24.11.1679)
  m. (11.04.1664) Elizabeth Boyle (b c1637, d 01.09.1725, dau of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Burlington, 2nd Earl of Cork)
  (2) John Tufton, 4th Earl of Thanet (b 07.08.1638, d unm 27.04.1680)
(3) Richard Tufton, 5th Earl of Thanet (b 30.05.1640, d unm 08.03.1683/4)
  (4) Thomas Tufton, 6th Earl of Thanet (b 30.08.1644, d 30.07.1729)
  Thomas successfully claimed the Baronies of Clifford and Vesey through his mother's mother.
  m. (14.08.1684) Catharine Cavendish (b 14.01.1665, d 20.04.1712, dau of Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle)
  (A) Catherine Tufton (b 24.04.1693, d 13.02.1733/4)
  m. (21.03.1709) Edward Watson, Viscount Sondes (b c1687, dvp 21.03.1721-2)
(B) Anne Tufton (d 22.03.1757)
  m. (12.02.1708-9) James Cecil, 5th Earl of Salisbury (b 08.06.1691, d 09.10.1728)
  (C) Margaret Tufton (b 16.06.1700, d 28.02.1775)
  m. (03.07.1718) Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester (b 17.06.1697, d 20.04.1759)
  (D) Mary Tufton (d 12.02.1785)
  m1. Anthony Grey, 'Earl of Harold', Lord Lucas of Crudwell (dvpsp 1723, son of Duke of Kent)
  m2. (16.05.1736) John Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Gower (b 10.08.1694, d 25.12.1754)
(E) Isabella Tufton
  m1. Lord Nassau Paulett (d 1741)
  m2. Sir F. Blake-Delaval (dsp 07.08.1771)
  (F)+ other issue - John (b/d 29.04.1686), Thomas (b/d 19.11.1690), John (b/d 23.09.1691)
(5) Sackville Tufton (b c1647, d 30.03.1721, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Wilbraham (dau of Ralph Wilbraham of Newbottle)
  (A) John Tufton (b 25.05.1687, d 23.02.1689/90)
  (B) Sackville Tufton, 7th Earl of Thanet (b 11.05.1688, d 04.12.1753)
  m. (11.06.1722) Mary Saville (b 28.09.1700, d 30.07.1751, dau of William Saville, 2nd Marquess of Halifax)
(i) John Tufton (b 1724, d 02.06.1734)
  (ii) Sackville Tufton, 8th Earl of Thanet (b 08.1733, d 27.03.1786)
  m. (30.07.1767) Mary Sackville (b 01.04.1746, d 30.09.1778, dau of John Philip Sackville)
  (a) Sackville Tufton, 9th Earl of Thanet (b 30.06.1769, dsp 24.01.1825)
  m. (28.02.1811) Anne Charlotte de Bojanovitz (d 15.02.1819, from Hungary)
  (b) Charles Tufton, 10th Earl of Thanet (b 10.09.1770, d unm 20.04.1832)
  (c) Henry Tufton, 11th Earl of Thanet (b 02.01.1775, d unm 12.06.1849, 4th son)
(d) Caroline Tufton (d 03.11.1832)
  m. (26.07.1792) Joseph Foster Barham (d 28.09.1832)
  (e)+ other issue - John (b 22.11.1773, d unm 28.05.1799), Elizabeth (d 16.09.1849)
  (iii) Mary Tufton (d 1806)
  m. Sir William Duncan, Bart (physician)
  (iv) Charlotte Tufton (d 1803)
  (6) Anne Tufton (d young)
  (7) Margaret Tufton (b 13.07.1636, a 07.1687)
  m. (18.07.1653) George Coventry, 3rd Lord of Aylesborough (b c1628, d 15.12.1680)
  (8) Frances Tufton (dsp)
  m. Henry Drax of Boston
  (9) Cecilie / Cicely Tufton (b 02.06.1648, d 30.12.1672)
  m. (12.02.1666/7) Christopher Hatton, 1st Viscount of Gretton (b 1632, d before 24.09.1706)
  (10) Mary Tufton (bur 07.02.1673/4)
  m. (by 1671) Sir William Walter, 2nd Bart of Saresden (b c1635, d 05.03.1693)
  (11) Anne Tufton (d 22.11.1713)
  m. Sir Samuel Grimston, 3rd Bart (b 07.01.1643, d 10.1700)
  c. Sir Cecil Tufton of Coston
  The following came from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 1, 1795, p144).
  m. _ Ayliffe
  (1) Cecil Tufton of Coston (dsp 08.1728)
  m. (1720) Elizabeth Knightley (d 1748, dau of Richard Knightley)
  (2) Thomas Tufton of Coston Hall (d 1748)
  m. Frances
  (A) Ayliffe Tufton
  m. Abraham Phelps of Heathfield (clerk)
  (i)+ issue - Charles Tufton (dvm), James (later of Coston), Jane
  (3) Elizabeth Tufton
  m. _ Gray
  (A) Tufton Gray (cleric)
(B) Christiana Gray
  m. Edward Webb
  (4)+ other issue - Ayliffe, Diana, Charlotte, Christiana
  d. Elizabeth Tufton
  m. (29.11.1619) Sir Edward Dering, Bart (b 28.01.1598, d 22.06.1644)
  e. Dorothy Tufton
  m. Sir Ralph Assheton, 2nd Bart of Whalley (dsps 1680)
f. Mary Tufton (d 1653)
  m. (c1626) Sir Edward Bishopp, Sheriff of Sussex, 2nd Bart of Parham (b c1601, d 04.1649)
  g. Diana Tufton
  m. (Sir) Robert Curzon of Water Pery (dvpsp)
  h. Christian Tufton
  m. William Milward of Chilcote (of Eaton family)
  v. Sir Humphrey Tufton, 1st Bart of The Mote & Bobbing Court (b c1583, d 10.1659)
  The following came from BEB1841 (Tufton of the Mote) & TCB (vol 2, Tufton of the Mote).
  m. Margaret Morley (dau/coheir of Herbert Morley of Glynd by Ann Lennard)
a. Sir John Tufton, 2nd Bart of The Mote & Bobbing Court (b 1623, dsp 11-14.10.1685, 2nd son)
  m1. Margaret (dau of Thomas, Lord Wotton)
  m2. Mary Altham (dau of Sir James Altham of Markhall)
b. Olimpia Tufton
  m. Sir William Wray, Bart of Ashby
  c.+ other issue - Humphrey (dvp unm 03.08.1641), Charles, Francis, Henry of Gray's Inn (d unm), Christian (d unm), Cecilia (d unm)
  vi. Richard Tufton (4th son)
  m. Chrisogan Morley (dau/coheir of Herbert Morley of Glynd)
  vii. Sir William Tufton of Vintners in Boxley, Governor of Barbadoes, 1st Bart (d 1650)
  The following came from TCB (vol 1, Tufton of Vintners).
  m. (30.01.1620/1) Ann Cave (d 1649, dau of Cecil Cave of Leicestershire)
  a. Sir Benedict Tufton of Sittingbourne, 2nd Bart (dsp c1655)
  b. Sir Charles Tufton of Vintners, 3rd Bart (d unm bur 12.0.1663/4)
c. Vere Tufton
  m1. Sir Thomas Beaumont, 3rd Bart of Gracedieu (d 07.07.1686)
  m2. George Lane
  viii. Cecila Tufton
  m1. Sir Edward Hungerford (dsp)
  m2. Francis Manners, 6th Earl of Rutland (b 1578, d 17.12.1632)
  ix. Mary Tufton (d 1659)
  m. (c1615) Henry Constable, 1st Viscount Dunbar (d 1645)
  x.+ other issue - John (d young), Thomas, Anne (d young), Elizabeth (d young)
  B. Cecily Tufton (d 18.06.1584)
  m. Sir Thomas Sondes of Northiam 'of Throwley'
2. Joan Tufton
  m. William Haye
3. Alice Tufton
  m. Richard Sharp of Northiam
4. Agnes Tufton (d 1588)
  m. William Denne of Kingston
5.+ other issue - Isabel, Margaret, Joan, Anne, Joane, Nicholas

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