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Families covered: Tilghman of London, Tilghman of Snodland

(1) We thank CV whose schedule on this family helped us work through the article in 'The Pedigree Register' that corrects Vistiation's article on this family. Had it not been for that schedule, our own work on this family would probably have led us to repeat Vistation verbatim, not least because it is supported by CountyGen (Berry, Kent, p70).
(2) Visitation provides 2 unconnected trees on the family, the second of which is used as the basis of the tree shown below. The first one provides the following: John father of Richard father of (William and) Nicholas father of (William dsp and) Richard of Faversham father of (Thomas + Nicholas and) William father of Richard. It is arguable that the inference is that the last Richard might have been the same person as (or an ancestor of) the first Richard mentioned below.
(3) Visitation identifies the arms of this family as " Per fesse sable and argent a lion rampant reguardant, doiuble-queud, crowned or, counterchanged".
Richard Tilghman (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
m. Dionisia
1. Thomas Tilghman (a 1493)
  m. Joan
  A. William Tilghman of Snodland, Kent (d before 11.11.1543, younger son?)
  'The Pedigree Register' indicates some uncertainty as to whether William's children were by his 1st wife (given as Isabel, dau of John by Joan) or his 2nd wife (Joan, not mentioned by Visitation). CV follows Visitation in showing them as by his 1st wife, identifying her as ...
  m1. Emma Avery (dau of Thomas Avery)
  i. Richard Tilghman of Snodland (dvp by 1540?)
  'The Pedigree Register' does not name Richard's wives. CV follows Visitation in naming them as below.
  m1. _ Pordage (dau of Wiliam Pordage)
  a. William Tilghman of Snodland (d before 14.04.1594)
Visitation shows that William married 4 times, with Maria being the 4th and the others being (no order given) Joana Amias, Maria Beere (mother of Edward) & Susanna Whetenhall (mother of Francis). However, Visitation also shows Susanna Whetenhall as wife of his son Edward. 'The Pedigree Register' indicates that he married 2 times but does not name the mother of Edward whilst showing Susanna Whetenhall as mother of Whetenhall, Oswald, Charles & Dorothy. It appears that Visitation confused the generations.
  m1/2. Joanna Amias (dau of Andrew Amias)
  m2/1. Mary Beere (dau of John Beere of Rochester)
  (1) Edward Tilghman of Snodland (d before 24.04.1612)
  m. Margaret Brewer (dau of _ Brewer of Ditton)
  (A) Francis Tilghman of Snodland (a 1619)
m. Margery Sprackling (dau of Sir Adam Sprackling of Ellington)
  (i)+ issue - Francis (d infant), Catherine (a 1619)
  (2) Jane Tilghman (a 1548)
  m3/4. Maria
  m4/3. Susanna Whetenhall (dau of Thomas Whetenhall of Peckham)
  (3) Whetenhall Tilghman of Maling (a 1593)
  m. Hellena Remeking (dau of Richard Remeking of London)
Visitation shows them as parents of Isaac, Nathaniel, Samuel & Mary. FMG (vol 4, MS627, 'Renching', p1300) shows their children as follows.
  (A)+ issue - Samuel (d by 1619?), Isaac (b c1615, a 1619), Nathaniel (b c1616, a 1619), Samuel (b 1617-8, a 1619), Samuel, 2 others, Mary (a 1619)
  (4) Charles Tilghman of London (d by 06.08)
  (5) Oswald Tilghman of London
  m. Elizabeth
  (A)+ issue - Richard (a 1628), Abigail (d before 09.10.1648)
  (6) Dorothy Tilghman (b 11.01.1578, d 18.09.1605)
  m. (after 1593) Thomas St. Nicholas of Ash
  m2. _ Newman
  m2. Joan (a 06.1548)
  B. Margaret Tilghman (a 1493)
  m. _ Barbour
  C.+ other issue (a 1493) - John, Ralph, Agnes
2. William Tilghman of London (d after 08.1493)
  m. Margaret (d by 1493, widow of Thomas Saunder)

Main source(s): Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Tilghman'), 'The Pedigree Register' (vol 2, No. 18 (September 1911), 'Tilghman of Snodland', Kent', p169+) with input (shown in italics) from a schedule ('Tilghman') kindly provided by a regular contributor (CV, 08.09.22)
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