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Families covered: Thornton of Netherwitton, Thornton of Witton

Hodgkin Thornton
1. Roger Thornton of Newcastle, later of Alcome & Kirklevington in Cleveland (d 02.01.1430)
(1) Commoners reports that Roger "a merchant in Newcastle ... from a very humble beginning raised the largest fortune ever previously accumulated by trade in that part of the kingdom."
(2) Marshall shows this Roger as husband of Elizabeth Greystoke but Commoners shows that that was his son. We follow Commoners partly because the dates make it more likely that her husband was of the next generation and partly because it would have been very rare in those days for any tradesman to be allowed to marry the eldest daughter of a Lord. For the son of a very wealthy man to marry a Lord's daughter was less rare. Commoners shows that this Roger married ...
  m. Agnes Wanton
  A. Roger Thornton of Witton Castle, Northumberland
  m(1). Elizabeth Greystoke (dau of John, 6th Lord Greystoke)
  i. Johanna Thornton (dsp)
  m. Richard de Ogle
  ii. Elizabeth Thornton
  m. George Lumley, 3rd Lord (d 11.1507)
  p/(m2). Johanna Law
  iii. Sir Roger Thornton (2nd son)
  m. _ Carlyngton (dau of John Carlyngton)
  a.+ 2 sons (d young)
  iv. John Thornton
  m. _ Mitford
  a. Nicholas Thornton of Witton (Wytton-by-the-Water) (a 1530)
m. _ Grey (coheir)
  (1) Roger Thornton of Witton (a 1552)
  m. Margaret (dau or widow of _ Lawson)
  (A) Roger Thornton (d unm)
(B) Nicholas Thornton 'of Long Witton'
  m. Catherine Carnaby (dau of Sir Reginald Carnaby)
  (i) Cuthbert Thornton (dsp 1520)
  (C) Mary Thornton
  m. John Heron
  (D) Dorothy Thornton
  m. Richard Fenwick of Stanton
  (E) Felice Thornton
  m. _ Bradford
  (F) Barbara Thornton
m. John Thornton @@ just below
  (2) Laurence Thornton of Witton (a 1571)
  m. Elizabeth Collingwood
  (A) John Thornton 'of Witton'
  m. Barbara Thornton (dau of Roger Thornton) @@ just above
(i) Nicholas Thornton of Witton (d c1633)
  m1. Dorothy Collingwood (dau of Cuthbert Collingwood)
  (a) Margaret Thornton
  m2. Jane Radcliffe (dau of Cuthbert Radcliffe of Blanchland)
(b) Sir Nicholas Thornton 'of Netherwitton' (b c1611)
  m. Anne Widdrington (sister of William, 1st Lord Widdrington)
  ((1)) John Thornton of Netherwitton (a 1652)
  m. Mary Tempest (dau of Sir Thomas Tempest, 2nd Bart of Stella) wife of John, possibly mother of ...
  ((A)) Nicholas Thornton 'of Netherwitton' (d 1700)
m. (1687) Anne Swinburne (dau of Sir John Swinburne of Capheaton, Bart)
  ((i)) John Thornton of Netherwitton (a 1716)
  m. Margaret Eyre (dau of Rowland Eyre)
  ((a)) Thomas Thornton 'of Nether Witton'
m. Mary Meaburn (dau/coheir of Anthony Meaburn, m2. Thomas Swinburne (son of Sir William, of Capheaton, Bart))
  (((1))) Anne Thornton (d unm)
  (((2))) Catherine Thornton
m. (1758) William Salvin of Croxdale
  ((b)) James Thornton of Netherwitton (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Meynell (d 1762, dau of Roger Meynell of North Kilvington)
  (((1))) Margaret Thornton (b 08.10.1747)
m. (14.07.1772) Walter Trevelyan (son of Sir George of Nettlecombe (Bart), m2. Margaret Hitchen of Penzance)
  (((2))) Mary Thornton (d 1793)
  m. Thomas Witham of Headlam
  ((c)) Mary Thornton
  m. John Fenwick of Morpeth
  ((d))+ other issue - Nicholas (a 1733), Rowland, Margaret (d unm), Anne
  ((B)) Dorothy Thornton probably of this generation
  m. William Charlton of Hesleyside
((2)) Frances Thornton who married ...
  m. (mcrt 07.1669) Alan Swinburne of Tone (b 1652, bur 24.08.1691)
  ((3))+ other issue - William, son, Mary
  (c) Mary Thomas
  m. Thomas Metcalfe of Otterington
  (d)+ other issue - John (Colonel), Cuthbert, Roger, Henry
  (ii) Dorothy Thornton
  m. Edward Charleton
  (B) James Thornton mentioned by Marshall but not by Commoners
  m. Anne Fenwicke
  (i)+ issue - Robert, John, William, Ursula, Barbara, Margaret
  (C) George Thornton
  m. _ Pierson
  (D) Henry Thornton
  m. Barbara Fenwicke
  (i)+ issue - Nicholas, William
  v.+ other issue - Giles (a 1435), Thomas

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, 'Trevelyan of Netherwitton', p329+) with support from Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Thornton')
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