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Families covered: Skippon of Foulsham, St. Mark (Semark) of Thornhaugh, Sone of Wantisden, Shepey of Shepey, Shepey of Smithesby

Carthew starts with 2 brothers, shown as sons of ...
_ Skippon
1. William Skippon of Tavistock, Foulsham & Bintry, Norfolk (d 01.01.1633-4)
2. Luke Skippon of West Lexham (d 20.09.1638)
m. Ann (a 1638)
  A. Philip Skippon of Foulsham (b c1598, d 1600-1, Major General)
  m1. (14.05.1622) Maria Comes (d 24.01.1655-65, "a Dutch lady")
  i. Sir Philip Skippon 'of Wrentham' of Foulsham (b 28.11.1641, bur 14.08.1691)
  m1. Amy Brewster (d 23.12.1676, dau of Francis Brewster of Wrentham)
  a. Philip Skippon, last of Foulsham (b 12.07.1675, d unm bur 10.09.1716)
m2. (1679) Ann Barnardiston (bur 11.10.1683, dau of Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Ketton)
  b.+ other issue - Mary (b 24.03.1679-10, bur 14.08.1691), Ann (b 11.08.1681)
  ii. daughter
  m1. _ Rolfe (Colonel)
  m2. _ Bragge
  iii. Susanna Skippon
  m. (1655) Sir Richard Meredith of Leedes, Bart
  iv. daughter
m. _ Fowell
  v.+ other issue - daughter (married?), daughter (d unm?)
  m2. Katherine Philips
  B. Luke Skippon (d 1676, Vicar of South Lynn, Rector of Whissonsett)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Frances Skippon (d 28.02.1687)
  m. (13.02.1666) John Franklin (Rector of Tittleshall)
  ii. Susanna Skippon mentioned by MGH (p37 & p65) but not by Carthew
  m. Clement Heigham or Higham (Rector of Scalthorp)
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - Luke (d 1647), Elizabeth (bur 28.04.1655), Ann (d 1694), Mary (b c1642, d 1713)
  C. Mary Skippon mentioned by MGH (p64) but not by Carthew
  m. Christopher Shene (Rector of Cockley Cary)
  i.+ issue - William, Luke, Christopher



Nicholas St. Mark (or Semark) of Thornhaugh
m. Elizabeth Tame (dau/heir of John Tame of Flore, m2. (?) John Brewe)
1. Thomas St. Mark (or Semark) of Thornhaugh (a 1451)
  m. _ Laxham (dau/coheir of William Laxham)
  A. Elizabeth St. Mark (or Semark)
  m1. Sir William Sapcote (a 1483)
  m2. Sir David Phelip (a 1502)
2. Elizabeth St. Mark (or Semark)
  m. Thomas Pigge of Boston
3. Alice or Egidia St. Mark (or Semark)
  m. Henry Ridel of Wittering
4. Margaret St. Mark (or Semark)
  m. Thomas Vincent of Barnack ## see here ##



HoP ("Richard Sone (Soone)") reports that the undermentioned Richard Some "was presumably related to the 1559 Orford MP" (i.e. Francis Sone) " but his identify has not been established". We speculate that they were connected as shown below.
?? Sone
1. ?? Sone
  A. ?? Sone
  i. Richard Sone of Halesworth, Suffolk (d c1597, MP for Dunwich)
m. Prudence
  a. George Sone of Wissett
  m. ?? (m2. John Jener of Laxfield)
  (1) John Sone of Ubberston Hall (aka Harefield House) (b c1593, bur 25.10.1641)
  m. (26.05.1635) Mary Dade (b 07.08.1615, d 19.06.1685, dau of William Dade of Tannington by Mary Wingfield)
  (A) Mary Sone (b 07.08.1615, d 19.06.1685)
  m. (20.11.1657) Sir Robert Kemp of Gissing, 2nd Bart (b 02.02.16247. d 26.09.1710)
(B)+ other issue - Dorothy (b 1640, bur 24.08.1640), Elizabeth (b 1641, bur 19.10.1642)
  b. son
  c. daughter
  m. Francis Birkes of Dunwich
2. John Sone of Wantisden, Suffolk (d 06.01.1551/2)
  A. Francis Sone of Wantisden (b c1518, d 11.11.1561, MP for Orford)
  m1. Alice Spelman (dau of Sir John Spelman of Narborough)
  m2. Margaret Wingfield (dau of Sir Anthony Wingfield of Letheringham)
  Not known which wife was mother of which child.
  i. John Sone (b c1554, a 1593) probably the John of Wantisden who married ...
  m. Margaret Wingfield (dau of Richard Wingfield of Crowfield & Wantisden, son of Sir Anthony of Letheringham)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert, William, 3 daughters



Nichols identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, two cheverons Sable, within a border Azure".
Walkelinus de Shepey of Shepey (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. Walkeline de Shepey
  A. Sir Robert de Shepey (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  m. Anabell
  i. Geoffrey de Shepey (a 1297, 1303)
a. John de Shepey (a 1303, 1318)
  m. Agnes
  (1) William de Shepey
(A) William de Shepey (a 1347, 1392)
  m. Agnes Burdet (dau/heir of John Burdet of Shepey)
  (i) Nicholas de Shepey of Shepey (a 1392)
  (a) John de Shepey of Great Shepey (a 1429)
  ((1)) Margaret Shepey
  m. (1429) Richard Whithull (a 1436, m2. Margaret Flanders)
  (ii) Joan de Shepey
  m. Robert de Temple (son/heir of Nicholas de Temple)
  b. William de Shepey (a 1318)
  (1) William de Shepey of Smithesby, Derbyshire
m. Joan Comin (d 1347, dau/heir of _ Comin of Smithesby, m2. Sir William Bakepuiz)
  (A) William de Shepey of Smithesby
  (i) John de Shepey of Smithesby
  m. Alice Walcote (a 1424, dau/coheir of Sir John Walcote by dau/heir of John Walleise of Swithland)
  (a) John Shepey of Smithesby & Swithland
  ((1)) Edward Shepey of Great Shepey, etc. (a 1510, dsp 1568!?)
  ((2)) Margaret Shepey (b c1450, a 1510)
  m. Bartholomew Kendall of Twycross

Main source(s):
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