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Families covered: Swillington of Swillington

(1) 'H&G', used mainly for the lower section, starts its article on the Swillingtons with "The village of Swillington, whose name a once powerful and important knightly family adoped as their surname, stands upon the southern brow of the last range of hills which forms the northern boundary of the Vale of Aire. Its distance from Leeds, five miles eastward, is sufficently great to separate it from all the evil influences of a great manufacturing town; and Swillington yet remains a quiet rural village of pretty aspect and delightful situation." 'H&G' indicates that they may have descended from one or other or both of 2 Saxons, Dunstan and Odo, who lived "In the Confessor's time" (1042-1066).
(2) We do not know whether the 2 families reported below overlapped, such that one tree is contradicting the other for the earlier generations (the most likely?), or they had branched from each other at an early date or they were independent of each other, both happening to derive their name from the same village. For both families, the arms are given as "Argent, a chevron azure" (for the upper section by BE1883; for the lower section by both 'H&G' and Walker). 'H&G' reports confusion in its pedigree. We were close to releasing this page as DRAFT rather than as 'properly in the database' but, whilst we hope to revisit it in due course, must admit that we are not sure that we will be able to improve it without a level of research that is beyond our available time & resources. Accordingly, this page should be view as not fully reliable.
Hugh de Swillington
1. Robert de Swillington (a 1180)
  A. Hugh de Swillington
  i. William de Swillington (d by 07.1240)
  a. Hugh de Swillington (d 1304)
  m. Helewise de Pirnhow (possibly the same person as Alice, dau of William de Pirnhow)
  (1) William de Swillington (dsp before 14.08.1316)
  (2) Sir Adam de Swillington of Swillington, 1st Lord (d c07.1328)
  (1) BE1883 ('Swillington') mentions this Adam but gives nothing on his parentage and reports that, after his summons to parliament in March 1328, "nothing further is known of his lordship or his descendants".
(2) 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of Swillington of Kirkby, Somersby and Newhall', p227) supports much of the following but shows Robert (as eldest son), Adam & Elizabeth as children of Robert de Swillington, not mentioning their mother. Provisionally, we follow TCP and assume that Nichols was wrong regarding the name of their father.
  m1. Joan (probably dau/coheir of John Dyve of Kingerby & Owersby)
  (A) Adam de Swillington of Swillington, 2nd Lord (a 1348) presumed of this marriage
  (i) Robert de Swillington of Swillington, 3rd Lord (d before 06.02.1379/80)
  m1. Christiane m2. Alice (a 1379)
  (a) Thomas de Swillington of Swillington, 4th Lord (a 11.1404)
  ((1)) Elizabeth de Swillington (b c1405, a 1429)
  m.(by 1429) Robert Sampson
(b)+ other issue - Joan, Isabel
  (ii) William de Swillington possibly illegitimate
  (B) Sir Robert de Swillington presumed of this marriage
(1) TCP reports that Robert obtained the manor of Thorp Perrow from his brother and that he inherited Pirnhow, Norfolk,
(2) Nichols reports that he was "lord of the manors of Kirkby, Somerby, and Newhall".
(3) This appears to be the Sir Robert de Swillington of Ryvers Hall (d 1391-2) reported, with his family, in the section on De Ryvers within Commoners (vol 4, 'Whatton of Leicestershire', p231).
  m. Margaret Beler (dau/heir of Sir Roger Beler of Criche (by Margaret de Ryvers), m2. John de Aylesford)
  (i) Sir Roger de Swillington
  m1. Joan Scrope (d 1427?, dau of Stephen Scope, widow of William le Pert?) see reference below ## to Joan Scrope
  m2. Joan Neville (d 1427, dau of Robert Neville of Horneby)
  (a) John de Swillington (dsp 1418-9)
  m. Jane (m2. Sir John Bertram)
  (b) Sir Robert de Swillington (dsp 1420-1)
  (c) Margaret de Swillington (dsp 07.10.1429)
  m. Sir John Grey of Ingleby
  (C) Elizabeth de Swillington presumed of this marriage
  m. Thomas Routh
  (i) Thomas Routh
  (a) Thomas Routh (a 1429)
  m2. (by 09..05.1323) Margery (widow of Roger de Pilkington)



Most of the following section was first uploaded to SZmisc06 on 08.03.08 using Walker. It was moved here to facilitate comparison with the section above and review using the article in 'H&G'.
John Swillington of Swillington (a 1176)
1. Adam Swillington
  A. Sir Hugh Swillington
  i. Robert Swillington
  a. Sir Hugh Swillington of Swillington (a 1282)
  (1) Sir Adam Swillington (a 1282, d 1327)
  m. Margery Reyner
  (A) William Swillington
  (i) Hugh Swillington of Swillington, Preston, Garforth, etc.
  (a) Sir Roger Swillington of Swillington
m. ?? (dau of _ Fosse of Wissett?, m2. Sir John Grey)
  ((1)) Margaret or Anne Swillington
Walker shows Sir Roger's sole heir Margaret as married to William Hopton and mother of Sir Arthur Hopton (a 1541). That date makes that connection look wrong. The Hopton records show a Sir John Hopton of Swellington or Swillington married to Anne, dau of Sir Roger Swellington or Swillington by a dau of _ Foose of Wissett, several generations before Sir Arthur. Note that Sir John was son of Sir Thomas Hopton by _ Pert, probably Margaret Pert whose mother Joan Scrope is shown above ## as having married a differrent Sir Roger Swillington.
  m. Sir John (not William) Hopton
  (ii) Thomas Swillington of Thorpe-super-montem (Thorpe on the Hill)
  (a) Elizabeth Swillington
  m. John Gascoigne
  (B)+ other issue - Reyner, Robert
  (2)+ other issue - William, Agnes
2. Joan Swillington
  m. William (or Walter?) Calverley (Scott?) of Calverley ## see here ##

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : TCP ('Swillington') with input/support as reported above
(2) For lower section (see the note at top of the section) : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, 'Swillington of Sillington in Skyrack Wapentake'), 'The Herald and Genealogist' (vol 4, 1867, 'Swillington of Swillington', p225+), referred to above as 'H&G'
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