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Families covered: Strelley of Beaucliff, Strelley of Hempsell, Strelley of Strelley, Strelley of West Langton, Strelley of Woodborough

Sir Walter or William Strelley of Strelley
1. Sir Robert Strelley of Strelley (d 1283-4) the first mentioned by MGH
  A. Sir Robert Strelley of Strelley (a 1301)
  m. Elizabeth Vavasor (dau of William Vavasor of Haslewoode)
  i. Robert Strelley (dvp 1298-9)
  a. Sir Sampson Strelley of Strelley (d 1389-90)
  m. Elizabeth Hercye (dau of Sir John Hercye)
(1) Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley
  m. Elizabeth Perpointe (dau of Sir Edmond Perpointe)
  (A) Sir Robert Strelley of Strelley (d 1438-9)
  m1. Agnes or Jane Harcourt
  m2. Joan Stanhop (dau of Richard Stanhop)
  (i) Sir Robert Strelley of Strelley
  m. Isabel Kemp (dau of Thomas Kemp, sister of Cardinal John, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  (a) John Strelley of Strelley
m. Sara (Sanchia or Sence) Willoughby (dau of Sir Richard (sb Robert?) Willoughby, sister of Sir Henry)
  ((1)) John Strelley (dsp)
  ((2)) Isabel Strelley
  m1. Clement Low
  m2. Richard Paynell
  ((3)) Margaret Strelley
  m. John Powtrell of West Hallom
((4)) Elizabeth Strelley
  m. William Ayscough
  ((5)) Anne Strelley
  m1. Sir Richard Stanhope (b 1502, d 21.01.1583)
  m2. Sir John Markham (a 1547)
(b) Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley
  m. Catherine West (dau of Thomas West, Lord Delaware)
  ((1)) Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley
  m1. Sara or Grace Digby (dau of Simon Digby, Lt. of the Tower)
  m2. Ellen Gresley (dsp, dau of Sir Thomas Gresley)
  m3. Elizabeth (sb Isabel?) Spenser (dau of Sir John Spenser)
  ((A)) Sir Anthony Strelley of Strelley (a 1569)
  m. Joan Baynham (dau of Sir George Baynham of Clorewall)
((i)) Sir Philip Strelley of Strelley (a 1589)
  m. Elizabeth Garneys (dau of Thomas Garneys or Garnishe of Norfolk)
  ((a)) Nicholas Strelley (dsp)
  ((ii)) George Strelley (5th son)
  m. Anne Aldredg
  ((a)) Nicholas Strelley of Strelley
  m. Elizabeth Rossell (she m2. Richard Biron)
  (((1))) George Strelley
  ((iii)) Francis Strelley (dsp)
  m. _ Willoughby (she m2. Sir George Peckham)
((iv)) Elinor Strelley
  m. Sir John Michell of Austley
  ((a)) John Michell
  m. Judith Hill (dau of John Hill of Honingleigh)
  (((1))) Catherine Michell
  m. John Balston
(((A))) Mary Balston apparently of this generation
  m. John Thynne of Egham (son of Thomas, Viscount Weymouth)
(((B)))+ other issue - Dorothy, Mary
  ((b))+ 7 children (dsp)
  ((v))+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, Anthony, Nicholas, Mary
  ((B)) Nicholas Strelley of Beaucliff
  m. Bridget Thwaites (dau of Anthony Thwaites of Hardingham)
  ((i)) Gervase Strelley of Beaucliff
  m. Dorothy Burrell (dau of William Burrell of Winckborne (Burnell of Winkburn))
  ((a)) William Strelley of Beaucliff (a 1614)
  m. Gertrud Eyre (dau of Adam Eyre, son of Rowland of Hassop)
(((1))) Gertrude Strelley (d 1634) who married ...
  m. Edward Pegge of Beauchief
  ((ii)) William Strelley
  ((a))+ issue - Nicholas, John
((iii)) Jane Strelley probably of this generation
  m. James Barley of Barley
  ((iv))+ other issue - Anthony, Nicholas, Nicholas
  ((C)) John Strelley
  m. Anne Baynham (dau of Sir George Baynham of Clorewall)
  ((i)) John Strelley of Hamsell (a 1630)
  m. Anne Sacheverell (dau of Patrick Sacheverell of Hamsell)
  ((a)) Henry Strelley of London 'of Hampsall' (a 1638)
  m. Rosamond Parker (dau of John Parker of Norton Lees)
  (((1))) John Strelley
  ((b)) Patrick Strelley
  m. Mary Thornbury (dau of Thomas Thornbury of Thornbury)
  (((1))) Patrick Strelley
  ((c)) George Strelley of London
  m. Elizabeth Reding (dau of Thomas Reding of Cluer)
  (((1))) John Strelley
  ((d)) Mary Strelley
  m1. John Martin of Wilcot
  m2. Richard Holland of Estwood
((D)) Henry Strelley of Hempsell
  m. Joan Sherley (dau of George Sherley of Sherley of Charnley)
  ((i)) John Strelley of Hempsell (a 1614)
  ((a))+ issue (a 1614) - John (b c1592), Henry, Patrick, George, Francis
  ((ii)) Jane Strelley possibly of this generation
  m. John St. Amand of Norwich (d 1622)
  ((E)) Alice Strelley
  m. Sir John Byron
  ((F)) Alice Strelley
  m1. Sir Hugh Willoughby
  m2. Thomas Shelton of Suffolk
  ((G))+ other issue - Isabel, Margaret
((2)) Robert Strelley of West Langton (d 1595) possibly of this generation
  The following comes from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John NichoÏs, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Strelley of West Langton', p663) which identifies Robert as son of Sir Nicholas "third son of the family of Strelley, co. Derby".
  m. Johanna Rowell (dau of Nicholas Rowell of Oxfordshire)
  ((A)) John Strelley (d 1596)
  ((B)) Nicholas Strelley of West Langton (a 1619)
  m. Katharine Fransam (dau of Thomas Franksam)
  ((i)) Elias Strelley of West Langton (b c1579, d 1634)
  m. (19.07.1599) Grace Leise (d 26.09.1623, dau of John Leise of Stamford)
  ((a)) Henry Strelley (b 1603)
  m1. Dorothy Jarvis (d 08.1641, dau of George Jarvis, sister of William of Great Peatling)
  (((1))) Richard Strelley (bpt 25.07.1629)
  (((A)))+ issue - Richard (bpt31.08.1666), Samuel (bpt 01.02.1668)
  (((2)))+ other issue - Jerveis (bpt 18.02.1630), Andrew (bpt 22.04.1638), Susanna (bpt 04.02.1626, bur 22.10.1677)
  m2. Elizabeth (bur 1670)
  (((5)))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 1649), Henry (bpt 1652), John (bpt 1659), Susan (bpt 1654)
  ((b))+ other issue - Nicholas (b 1600, bur 1683), Margery (b 1591), Jane (b 1595)
  ((ii)) Sarah Strelley
  m. John Gotts of East Langton
  ((iii)) Frances Strelley
m. Edmund Clarke of Church Langton
  ((iv)) Katharine Strelley
  m. Maurice Bradgate of West Langton
  ((C)) Elizabeth Strelley
  m. Edward Chapman of Foxton
  ((D)) Margaret Strelley
  m. Henry Stone of Thornton
(c) Joyce Strelley apparently of this generation
  m. Humphrey Salwey of Kanke & Stanford (a 1443)
  (B) John Strelley
  m. Joan Hunt (dau of John Hunt of Lynby)
  (i) John Strelley of Lynby (Linby), Nottinghamshire
  m. Elizabeth Meering (dau of William Meering)
(a) Sir Nicholas Strelley of Linby (dsp)
  (b) Isabel Strelley
  m. George Staveley of Bignill
  (c) Anne Strelley
  m. Richard Bingham of Watnoll
  (d)+ other issue - Sir Henry (dsp), Jane
  B. Sampson Strelley of Woodborough (a 1361)
  Visitation (1569+1614) shows this Sampson 2 generations earlier and married to Lucia (dau of Sewallus le Fone by Avice, dau of Hugh de Capella of Gyton & Oxton). He is not mentioned at all by MGH. We follow Visitation (1662-4) which shows Sampson as married to ...
  m. Philippa Sampson (dau of Sir William Sampson of Woodborough)
  i. Stephen Strelley of Woodborough
  a. daughter
  m. _ Eland of Baseford
  b. daughter
  m. _ Basil of Radcliff uppon Trent
  ii. Richard Strelley (a 1345)
  m. Helen or Elianor Waldeshefe (dau of John Waldesheffe by Lucy, dau of Sewald de la Fowne of Oxton)
  a. William Strelley of Woodborough
  (1) Robert Strelley (dsp 1385-6)
  (2) Helen Strelley (dsp)
  m. Ivon Jekes of Prestwould
  b. Thomas Strelley (d 1399-1400)
  m1. Joane
  (1) Richard Strelley of Woodborough (d 1494-5)
  m. Katherine
  (A) John Strelley of Woodborough
  (i) Robert Strelley of Woodborough (a 1508)
  m. Agnes White, lady of Tuxford
  (a) Robert Strelley of London (goldsmith)
  ((1)) Henry Strelley of London (goldsmith)
  ((A)) Phillip Strelley of London (a 1598, goldsmith)
  m. Helen Christian (dau of Nicholas Christian of London)
(b) Miles Strelley of London
  (c) John Strelley of Woodborough
  m. Elizabeth Barwick (dau of "Alman Barwick", alderman?)
  ((1)) Henry Strelley of Woodborough
  m. _ Eyre
  ((A)) Richard Strelley (dspm)
  ((B)) Christopher Strelley of Woodborough
  m. Mary Wigly (dau of Henry Wigly of Middleton)
  ((i)) William Strelley of Woodborough (b 1608-9, a 03.1662)
  m. Frances Cartrwright (dau of Fouke Cartwright of Ossington)
  ((a)) Mary Strelley (b 09.04.1636)
  m. Matthew Plowman of Egham
((b))+ other issue - Frances (b 07.06.1639), Catherine (b 17.02.1639)
  ((2)) John Strelley (a 1595)
  ((3)) Jane Strelley
  m. Henry Wood of Enfield
  ((4)) Elizabeth Strelley probably of this generation
  m1. Marmaduke Constable of Wassand
  m2. Sir Thomas Carleton of Carleton (b 19.06.1568, dsp 1638-9)
  (ii) John Strelley
  (a) Margaret Strelley
  m. John Pouhell of West Halam
  (iii) Elizabeth Strelley possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Whalley
  m2. Mary

Main source(s): Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, 'Strelley'), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662-4, 'Strelley of Woodborough'), MGH (vol 1, 1868, 'Srelley Pedigree', p144+)
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